markilux pergola stretch
Reference image Gastronomy business on jetty GastroAmSee is equipped with four pergola stretches

Pergola awning markilux pergola stretch

The markilux pergola stretch offers generous weather protection. A special drive increases the size of the model even further: the sun protection fabric is transported in a kind of canopy via special profiles in guide tracks. Even the single-span system is impressive with a maximum size of seven by seven meters. And as a multi-span system, it can protect up to 25 x 7 meters from wind and weather. Each field has a separately controllable radio-controlled motor that drives an innovative gearwheel technology.

Product advantages

Ideal for large areas

Waterproof fabric covers protect against rain

Light and heat options for year-round use

Can be optionally extended with wind protection

Restaurant terrace by the lake, covered with a markilux pergola stretch with gray frame and white fabric cover. Completed with white vertical blinds.
markilux pergola stretch: detailed view of the front profile with integrated gutter.
markilux pergola stretch penthouse detail cassette wall mounting retracted
Restaurant terrace by the lake, covered with markilux pergola stretch with gray frame and white fabric cover. Scene in the evening with LED lighting and infrared heaters.

of the markilux pergola stretch

The markilux pergola stretch is a high-quality sunshade that is particularly suitable for commercial use. Thanks to its ability to cover large areas, this model is often used in the catering industry. As weather protection, the patio cover creates an extended dining area that can be used regardless of the weather and seasons. Equipped with accessories such as lighting, radiant heaters and combined with external blinds or side elements, the outdoor area is effectively protected from sun, wind, rain and darkness.

Comfort and safety are at a high level with the pergola stretch. Don't leave the control of the awning to chance. Equipped with weather-dependent sensors, the awning retracts as soon as safe use is no longer guaranteed, for example in the event of strong storms that exceed the model's permissible wind strength. The motorized pergola can also be operated via remote control, wall switch or smart home. If you opt for a multi-panel system, the individual panels can be controlled either separately or individually.

The pergola stretch has a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing design that suits a variety of architectural styles. This can help to enhance the appearance of your business and create inviting, comfortable outdoor areas. If desired, the pergola stretch can be customized in your corporate design and branded with your logo.

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Suitable accessories
for your commercial sun shading

When using an awning system commercially, overall concepts are often of great importance. The use of sun protection is therefore not limited to just one season, but allows the outdoor season to be extended. Bad weather is of secondary importance thanks to the combination of awning and side elements. With all-round protection, outdoor areas can be used at almost any time. Supplemented with lighting options and radiant heaters, days are extended and the season expanded.

In addition to accessories for more comfort, we offer our business customers further options for making the most of sun protection. Choose the colour of your awning system with color on demand from 1625 RAL colours - individual preferences and corporate design are taken into account. In addition to the frame colour and shade of the awning cover, the fabric cover can also be printed on request.

Technical information
markilux pergola stretch

Awning type

Pergola awning

Maximum width x extension

700 x 700 cm


LED lighting options

coupled awning

folding fabric cover attached to track-guided support profiles

Area to be shaded

49 sqm

Cassette depth x height

163 x 125 mm


radio-controlled motor

smart home

Cover guidance system

folding fabric cover attached to track-guided support profiles

available fabric covers

perla FR

Fixture type

face / top / roof

wall sealing profile

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

3 | 6 → 38 – 48 km/h

Lighting options

LED Line

LED Spots

Coupled awnings

coupled awning

frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

metallic aluminium, RAL 9006

grey brown, similar to RAL 8019

off-white textured finish, 5233

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

havana brown textured finish, 5229

non-standard RAL colours


German Design Award Special Mention 2021

R+T Innovation Award Winner 2021


wind protection / extra privacy

Cross beam with heaters / LED lighting

panorama windows

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