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Reference picture of an anthracite pergola classic in Karlsruhe at a golf course

Large awning systems
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Outdoor sports are very popular today. Golf is also gaining more and more fans and is now considered a popular sport that is a great way to work up a sweat in summer. Players are all the happier when they can take a breather after their round of golf on a terrace of the clubhouse or club restaurant that is protected from the heat, wind and rain. Our product portfolio includes special awnings that cover large areas and are therefore perfect for golf courses. markilux project supports you in the planning and implementation of your individual large area shading.

markilux sun shading systems for
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What are the advantages of
awnings for golf clubs and golf courses?

Customized commercial sun shading
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Complete concepts for business customers are the core competence of markilux project, which is why our experts support you with your sun protection project. markilux project is your reliable partner for commercial sun protection and accompanies you through all phases of awning planning - from the beginning to completion and beyond: from determining your needs and the local conditions, through planning to implementation and finally project completion.

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about awnings for golf courses

Awning systems are often used on golf courses in the catering area, as golfers want to relax and enjoy some shade after their game. Awning systems and pergola awnings, which can be supplemented with side elements for all-round protection, are ideal for creating a sheltered area for sunny days as well as rain and wind. This creates an outdoor space that can also be used for award ceremonies and events in bad weather, for example. Equipped with lighting options and radiant heaters, the golf season can be extended. For areas away from the clubhouse, free-standing solutions such as the markilux syncra upright systems or the markilux planet awning parasol can be installed.

High-quality weather protection for your golf course has various advantages. First and foremost, your guests are protected from intense sunlight and can enjoy their stay without compromise. After all, players are often exposed to the sun for a long time during a round of golf. In the shade, it is possible to stay longer on the restaurant terrace, which means you can expect a higher turnover per guest. Equipped with lighting and infrared heaters, the outdoor season for golf course catering can also be extended. You can also increase the value of your property with a high-quality awning system.

Our awnings can be customized to match your brand image. In addition to the fabric patterns of collection one, the colour of the awning cover can be freely selected thanks to the "colour on demand" service. It is also possible to print lettering or logos on the fabric cover. Individual branding is particularly useful for stores, restaurants, hotels or other commercial establishments that want to use their awnings as advertising space. Use fabric printing to strengthen the brand of your golf club.

Yes, markilux awnings can usually protect you from light rain. We offer a wide range of awning models, including those made with water-repellent or waterproof materials. For commercial awnings in particular, it makes sense to use waterproof fabric as the awning cover to increase rain protection compared to standard fabrics. This means that the outdoor area can also be used in the rain without any problems. This not only provides protection from the sun, but also from the weather.

For all-round protection, it is advisable to choose a markilux awning system that can be combined with side elements. The side elements provide good protection from the wind and can even be fitted with panoramic windows. This leaves the view unobstructed and gives the patio an open character. The team at markilux team : project can advise you on the products that can be configured for panoramic windows. Get in touch without obligation.

In addition to the design plans and technical drawings of the sun protection system, we also produce 3D visualizations. The visualizations give you an impression of the desired awning system for your golf club.

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