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Image of the Gasthof zur Sonne with the mx 5010, mx pergola and mx striking awnings. The awnings match the color of the inn's half-timbering and provide shade and a relaxed atmosphere.

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In addition to classic awnings for the home, our portfolio also includes systems for the catering and hotel industry to meet the special requirements of large outdoor areas. More and more people are being drawn outside during their leisure time - and this naturally also applies to visits to restaurants and cafés. In summer, indoor seating often remains unoccupied as the good weather draws people outside. But if the sun shines incessantly, it quickly becomes too hot on the terrace. To create a cozy atmosphere, a good shading concept is therefore of great importance. If guests feel comfortable, they are happy to spend longer on the terrace of their favorite café and will be happy to return.

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Sun protection for the restaurant and hotel industry is an important component for a successful outdoor season. By using awnings in beer gardens, restaurants, hotels or cafés, you create added value for your guests. The markilux sun shading systems offer various advantages to meet different needs. Wind protection is just as important for the hospitality industry as sun protection. After all, your guests will only be happy to stay seated for longer if the outdoor area is pleasant and comfortable. The awning with matching awning cover can also provide protection in the event of rain.

To extend the outdoor season, choose additional useful equipment options that enhance your sun protection for the catering trade. For colder days, it is worth integrating radiant heaters. With LED lighting, you can create an inviting atmosphere and extend the day. Even in autumn or winter, the lighting options bring light into the dark and ensure a cozy atmosphere.

No matter how large your catering area is, we offer you solutions for your outdoor catering that promise protection for different weather conditions.

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Complete concepts for business customers are the core competence of markilux project, which is why our experts support you with your sun protection project. markilux project is your reliable partner for commercial sun protection and accompanies you through all phases of awning planning - from the beginning to completion and beyond: from determining your needs and the local conditions, through planning to implementation and finally project completion.

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about sun shading for the catering and hotel industry

We offer the markilux project service for business customers. With markilux project, you receive expert advice and first-hand competence. Thanks to our many years of experience in planning and implementing sun protection concepts for restaurants, cafés, beer gardens, hotels and vacation resorts, we know exactly what is important. In addition to sun shading, wind protection is often also required for restaurants to increase the length of guests' stay. This can also be achieved by integrating LED lighting and infrared heaters. An overall concept can often bring many advantages. Whether you already have ideas about your new shade provider or would like advice from our experts, please get in touch using the contact form, by phone or email.

Our models from the large area shading range, e.g. pergolas and free-standing solutions, are particularly popular. This is because these awnings are ideal as sun protection for the catering industry due to the wide range of configuration options and additional features. In addition to shade, they offer protection from rain, wind and cold. Equipped with lighting options, days and seasons can be extended. Free-standing solutions such as the markilux syncra and markilux planet upright systems are suitable for open areas, e.g. by the hotel pool area.

Yes, we also offer wind protection for restaurants. You can either protect your outdoor restaurant from the wind with a side screen or combine awning systems such as markilux pergola or markilux markant with vertical blinds. This provides your guests with all-round protection and gives your outdoor catering area a feel-good atmosphere.

Sun protection has various advantages for catering establishments. In addition to the most obvious protection - from heat and UV radiation - restaurant terraces can be made weatherproof with the help of markilux awning systems. This allows the day to be extended on the one hand and the outdoor season on the other. This in turn leads to a more or less permanent increase in your seating capacity. By increasing your capacity, you can increase your turnover and benefit financially from the investment in sun protection in the long term. The weather protection makes outdoor catering less dependent on the weather, meaning you can plan with greater certainty and allocate tables more reliably. It also simplifies staff planning.

In addition to the positive effects for your business, your building will experience an increase in value with the installation of a high-quality gastronomy awning.

In principle, you can start planning the renovation of your outdoor area at any time. However, in order not to disrupt daily business too much, it is advisable to install the awning system at less busy times. Depending on the volume of business at markilux project and the complexity of your sun protection solution, the planning will require a certain lead time. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are thinking of planning a sun protection system, we will be happy to advise you promptly.

Due to the advantages mentioned above (increase in the value of your building, increase in capacity, increase in turnover and better, weather-independent planning), investing in high-quality sun protection for your restaurant is definitely worthwhile. With the help of our amortization calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the additional income you can expect from the roofing of your outdoor restaurant.

If you are wondering how quickly the purchase of sun protection for your restaurant will pay for itself, we recommend our amortization calculator. A few details are all you need to calculate the expected additional turnover.

Yes, after the design planning and technical drawings have been made, we offer you the service of a 3D visualization of your sun protection solution. This gives you the opportunity to better visualize your future outdoor area so that you have a good basis for decision-making.

Yes, markilux offers customized solutions for special installation situations. We have years of experience in the manufacture of individual sun shading solutions and can adapt products to the specific requirements and conditions of a location.

Awnings can be tailored to the exact dimensions of your site to ensure that they fit perfectly. If the area to be shaded is not completely undeveloped, but is interrupted by trees or similar, for example, it is possible to work out special solutions. Awnings can be built around the existing infrastructure. Please feel free to contact us. Together we will find the perfect solution for every situation.

The use of awning systems can help to significantly extend the outdoor catering season by providing protection from various weather conditions:

- Sun protection: Awning systems offer effective sun protection, which means that guests can sit outside even in intense sunlight without being exposed to the heat and harmful UV radiation.

- Rain protection: Some awning systems, especially those with waterproof fabrics, also protect against rain. This allows guests to eat outside even in bad weather conditions without getting wet.

- Wind protection: Awnings can serve as wind protection. This is particularly advantageous in cooler seasons.

- Radiant heaters and lighting: By integrating radiant heaters and lighting into the awning system, you can also create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the colder evening hours and in spring and fall.

Seasonal transitions can be better utilized with the help of awnings: Awning systems allow restaurants to make the transitions between seasons smoother. They can be used in spring and fall to keep guests outside in changeable weather.

Extending the outdoor dining season by using awning systems not only improves the guest experience, but also helps to increase your restaurant's revenue and profitability.

Various lighting options are available for markilux awnings, depending on the model. Integrating lighting and radiant heaters into markilux awnings is a great way to make the most of your restaurant or terrace's outdoor area after dark and during the colder seasons. These features help to increase comfort for your guests and extend the outdoor dining season.

Our awnings can be customized so that they blend in perfectly with your restaurant's external appearance. We offer you the service of printing lettering or logos on the fabric cover. Individual branding is particularly useful for cafés, restaurants or hotels that want to use their sun protection as advertising space. With our "color on demand" service, you also have the option of choosing the awning cover in your company color.

Yes, markilux awnings can usually protect you from light rain. We offer a wide range of awning models, including those made with water-repellent or waterproof materials. For outdoor catering use in particular, it makes sense to use waterproof fabric as the awning cover to increase rain protection. This means that the outdoor area can be used without any problems even when it rains. This gives your patio not only protection from the sun, but also from the weather.

Yes, wind protection elements can be equipped with panoramic windows to avoid obstructing the view and to maintain the open character of the patio. The markilux project team will advise you on the products for which panoramic windows are available. Please contact us without obligation.

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