markilux awnings promote a uniform cityscape

Inspirierende Referenzen aus dem öffentlichen Raum

Uniform sun shading systems in the town centre of Ochtrup

The town of Ochtrup approached the markilux team : project with a request for uniform shading in the town centre. After initial discussions, markilux developed a uniform concept for shading the outdoor seating areas for three gastronomic businesses between 2019 and 2021. An ice cream parlour, a pub and a pub were each to be equipped with the same awning system in a uniform frame and fabric colour. The aim was to create a harmonious overall appearance.

The markilux pergola classic was chosen for its appearance. As a filigree alternative to sunshades, the pergolas blend in perfectly with the surroundings. In order to provide shade for larger outdoor areas, multi-span systems were installed here in some cases. The key requirements for the project in Ochtrup were high product quality and comprehensive service, in other words exactly what the markilux team : project offers in close cooperation with the local specialist partner.

markilux pergola classic creates a harmonious look for outdoor dining in Ochtrup

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  • mx pergola classic Ref Ochtrup 21
  • mx pergola classic Ref Ochtrup 3
  • mx pergola classic Ref Ochtrup 14
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Awnings as a design element for shops in Mohnheim shopping arcade

Another public space project was implemented in Mohnheim. As part of the redesign of the local shopping arcade, the shops were fitted with uniform awnings. The shading concept was integrated into the architectural design of the arcade at an early stage. This made it possible to create a harmonious overall image. All shops received a markilux 5010. Dimensions and colour selection vary according to the size and colour concept of the shop. Coordinated with the building materials, the awning covers were chosen in matching, warm colours.

In addition to the uniform design of the sun protection, the focus when choosing the awning manufacturer was on quality and service, so markilux was awarded the contract here. It was important to the decision-makers and planners that the products have a long service life and that a reliable after-sales service is guaranteed by a specialist company.

Which awning model is suitable for shading communal spaces?

The question of which awning is best suited as sun protection for public spaces cannot be answered in such a general way. Depending on the requirements for form, function and appearance, the models and equipment options offer different advantages.

Articulated arm and window a wnings for shop windows

If the shading concept of a municipality is aimed at making shops and shopping centres shine in a uniform splendour, articulated arm or window awnings are particularly suitable. This ensures sun protection for the shop. Unlike cafés or restaurants, retail customers tend to stay indoors, so there is no need for extensive external shading. Articulated arm and window awnings therefore provide the protection that is needed.

Even though a uniform design of the shopping street is a priority, the identity of the shop should not be completely lost. To make the shop's branding visible to the outside world, we offer individual textile prints for the awning covers. The markilux team : project will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

  • markilux 1600 730 Ref Bad Doberan CE677-010 202106
  • markilux 1600 730 Ref Bad Doberan CE677-306 202106
  • markilux 1600 730 Ref Bad Doberan CE677-095 202106

pergola models for outdoor catering in the city centre

As the reference from Ochtrup makes clear, the right choice of awning helps to create a harmonious overall image in the city centre. The right combination of model, colour, fabric design and additional features such as heat and light creates a unique ambience. With a well thought-out sunshade concept, the city not only shines in a beautiful light during the day. Even in the evening, in wind and weather and even in the rain, the outdoor gastronomy remains attractive and attracts customers. Thus, the sunshade not only provides shade, but also indirectly revitalises the city centre.

Our pergola models, which can be supplemented with vertical awnings if required, are particularly suitable for the catering trade. This creates a cosy atmosphere that invites you to linger in the city centre for a long time.

  • pm_markilux_construct_syncra_eckig_FM_2017_Pergola_syncra_RonGastrobar_01
  • markilux pergola stretch Ref St Peter-Ording 12
  • mx pergola classic Ref Köln 002

sunvas fabric perla FR: flame retardant and waterproof

In public building matters, there are often special aspects to be considered that must be implemented as a mandatory requirement of the city. If specific fire protection regulations have to be complied with, this should be taken into account when choosing the appropriate awning fabric. The flame-retardant and waterproof sunvas fabric is suitable here. In addition, the special fabric protects against rain. Thus, the perla FR fabric offers several advantages for public sun protection.


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