Restaurant terrace weatherproof roofed: pergola stretch for boat house Mannheim

Reference story: restaurant and café "bootshaus"
markilux pergola stretch Ref Mannheim CE716-225

team : project equips event location with markilux pergola stretch

The restaurant and café "bootshaus" in Mannheim has had its outdoor terrace covered with a large awning, the markilux pergola stretch. The sun protection project was implemented with markilux team : project, the planning service for business customers.

The boathouse is located at the Luisenpark in Mannheim, in the immediate vicinity of the telecommunications tower, overlooking the Neckar River. The gastronomic business is also an event location that hosts events for up to 500 people.

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Planning reliability in every season

In order to be able to offer such capacity regardless of the weather, the owner had his approximately 160 square meter restaurant terrace covered with an awning system from markilux. To ensure that the terrace remains usable even when it rains, a pergola stretch with a special awning cover was installed. The fabric cover consists of a rainproof fabric so that guests can use the outdoor space flexibly. This gives the restaurateur better planning security, both financially and in terms of staff capacity and food requirements.

All around protected from sun, rain and wind

The system consists of four awning fields with a total length of a good 23 meters and a draw of seven meters. The terrace can also be closed at the sides with two vertical awnings of the type markilux 776 . The side awnings include panoramic windows so that the view is not restricted. Combined with the side element markilux format triangle, which is flush with the awning roof, the system provides good protection from rain and wind. LED installations provide an inviting light in the evening and a cozy atmosphere on the terrace.

Fast implementation thanks to cooperation in partnership

After the operator of the restaurant wanted to redesign the outdoor area and contacted the markilux team : project, the first consultations began. After several months of preliminary planning, the outdoor terrace of the boathouse was equipped with our model markilux pergola stretch the following fall.

The awning system was assembled by a qualified markilux specialist partner - supported by the markilux team : service. Due to the conditions on site, all components for the installation were delivered by crane. Thanks to a good team effort and close coordination between markilux and specialist dealer, the installation was completed in just over a week. The team : service worked hand in hand with the specialist partner as installation support, so that the guests did not experience any significant disruptions during their visit to the café.

Impressions from the outdoor terrace of the Bootshaus Mannheim

  • markilux pergola stretch Ref Mannheim CE716-144
  • markilux pergola stretch Ref Mannheim CE716-249
  • markilux pergola stretch Ref Mannheim CE716-076
  • markilux pergola stretch Ref Mannheim CE716-435
  • markilux pergola stretch Ref Mannheim CE716-404
  • view of a restaurant terrace at dusk: markilux pergola stretch with light fabric cover and white frame - equipped with light and wind protection elements.

Customized sun protection - equipment options for the pergola stretch

High-quality awning accessories make your markilux awning unique and meet exactly the requirements you have for your sun protection. The markilux pergola stretch scores especially with a variety of different additional options that can be integrated into the awning system. Whether vertical blinds, lighting or infrared heaters, the pergola stretch can be configured according to your wishes.

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