markilux pergola awnings.

Protection in many facets.
Pergola awnings are particularly suitable for protecting outdoor areas from sun, rain and wind. Thanks to various configuration options, it is possible to shade both small and large areas. Due to the attachment to the building and additionally by means of support posts, pergola models are particularly wind-resistant and safe.

With the highest level of quality and comfort, every single member of the markilux pergola family is impressive. The multi-award-winning pergola awnings transform outdoor areas into unique favorite places and whet the appetite for the new "outdoor experience".

markilux pergola style

The markilux pergola style is already a feast for the eyes in daylight. When illuminated, this pergola transforms into a true object of light.

Your advantages

Clear design, simple elegance

Smart LED lighting options

Large-scale thinking: Can be coupled for even more shade

markilux shadeplus: vertical sun protection

mx pergola style cube detail cassette 202310.Detailed view of the profile of the cubic cassette of the markilux pergola style. The white pergola is attached to a modern concrete building.
Side view of a modern cube building made of concrete and wooden elements. A markilux pergola style pergola awning with white awning cover covers the terrace right up to the adjacent pool.
View below a white markilux pergola style with a view of the spacious garden with pool adjacent to the terrace. Shadeplus is integrated into the front profile of the pergola to protect against low sun.

markilux pergola classic

The pergola classic is a pergola awning with a round cover cassette. It casts wide shade and fits perfectly into the architecture of classic buildings.


Classic round cover cassette

Couplable plant

markilux tracfix: lateral fabric guidance (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

Variety of comfort and design options

profile view of pergola classic with wall connection on a white house with wood applications
markilux pergola Classic in gray with white cloth on a terrace
combination of markilux syncra and markilux pergola classic on a roof terrace

markilux pergola cubic

The pergola cubic is a pergola awning with an angular cover cassette. It casts wide shade and fits perfectly into the architecture of modern, cubist buildings.


Square cover cassette

Couplable plant

markilux tracfix: lateral fabric guidance (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

Variety of comfort and design options

markilux pergola cubic with green cloth at a finca/summer feeling through sun and pool
markilux pergola cubic on a house by the lake

markilux pergola compact

The pergola compact is a compact pergola awning with angular cover cassette. Its filigree shape makes it the ideal sun protection for small terraces and balconies.


Square cover cassette

Compact and space saving

markilux tracfix: lateral fabric guidance (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

Wide range of comfort and design options

side view of pergola compact on a white house wall
markilux pergola compact in silver with yellow cloth on a terrace
Pergola awning for small patios and balconies: markilux pergola compact

markilux pergola stretch

The pergola stretch is a modern pergola awning with a protective roof for the retracted fabric cover. Its equipment options make it the ideal sun and weather protection for a comfortable and relaxed outdoor season.


Shading of large areas

Space saving fabric cover folding technique

Slim appearance: design reduced to the essentials

Variety of comfort and design options

markilux pergola stretch on the terrace of a penthouse at dusk - equipped with lights, infrared heaters and vertical blinds with panoramic window.
markilux pergola stretch with light fabric cover on a penthouse terrace with a view of the skyline, combined with lateral wind/privacy protection.
Weather protection awning for large terraces: markilux pergola stretch

Advantages of pergola awnings

Our markilux pergola awnings are shapely and stable, convince with the proven pergola sun protection advantages and integrate harmoniously into today's modern architecture. With markilux shadeplus as well as a wide range of lighting options and column variants, you have every opportunity to design your favorite outdoor space as you wish. The guide tracks on the sides always ensure optimum cover tension. classic, cubic, compact or stretch - you are guaranteed to find the right markilux pergola awning that perfectly meets your requirements.

This means that the markilux pergola awnings are not only an absolute eye-catcher, but also have a wide range of equipment options: For better rainwater drainage, the front post of the markilux pergola awnings can be lowered between 20 and 40 cm in the blink of an eye, depending on size - with a motors if desired, of course. To turn night into day, LED-Lines can be integrated into the guide tracks and/or the cover support tube. Where fixing the columns in the foundation is not desired or not possible, our stabilisation boxes provide the necessary support. markilux shadeplus rounds off the equipment options. The vertical sun and privacy protection creates a private and special atmosphere.

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about pergola awnings

A pergola awning is an awning system with lateral guide tracks on slim support posts. Unlike classic awnings, the fabric cover is not stretched by folding arms. Pergola awnings are therefore particularly suitable for shading large areas and also serve as weather protection.

Pergola awnings offer the possibility to cover large areas and thus provide a lot of shade. In addition, a pergola with the appropriate equipment serves as rain and wind protection. Thanks to the lateral fabric guidance without gap between fabric and guide track, markilux tracfix, and the stable construction, markilux pergola models can be used up to wind strength 6.

Our classic awning models are folding-arm awnings, i.e. the awning cover is stretched by means of folding arms. However, pergola models do not have folding arms. The cover tension is provided by a sophisticated counter-tensioning system. This ensures optimum cover tension in every extension position. Due to the design of the pergola awnings, large widths and draws are also possible, so that a larger area can be shaded.

Thanks to the sturdy construction of the pergola models can withstand wind strength of 6 (wind resistance class 3).

Depending on the model and the selected awning fabric, pergola awnings are waterproof. If you choose the fabric perla FR, the pergola is waterproof. In addition, the rain run-off is favored by rain gutters. Through the front gutters the rainwater is led from the awning cover through the support post to the ground. This prevents the water from collecting on the fabric cover. Depending on the model, the support posts can be lowered to ensure optimized water drainage at all times.

If it is not possible to fix the columns on concrete foundations, there is an option to fix the pergola by means of stabilisation boxes. In addition to the standard version, the stabilisation boxes are also available as a bench or as a flower pot.

Whether a pergola requires approval depends on various factors. It is best to seek advice from a qualified markilux specialist partner . After a product configuration, this question can be answered.

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