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The markilux online awning configurator enables you to plan your desired awning quickly and easily yourself in advance. Regardless of whether you want to configure an folding-arm, conservatory, window or pergola awning, every awning model from the standard markilux range for private use can be designed according to your wishes online with our configurator.



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What are the parts of an awning called? – Small awning lexicon

In order to successfully configure your individual awning, you need some basic knowledge of the structure of awnings. If you are not yet familiar with the matter, our little awning lexicon may help you:


1. Valance

The valance is located on the front profile (2.) of the awning and usually takes up the fabric of the awning fabric (3.). With markilux, you can choose from four different valance shapes, from straight to wavy.

2. Front profile

The front profile can normally be found right at the front of an awning. The outer end of the cover is attached to it and it is connected to the rest of the awning by the folding arms. In full cassette awnings, the front profile also neatly closes the cassette and in so doing protects the awning cover from the elements.

3. Awning fabric

The awning fabric forms the most dominant feature of an awning. The fabric creates the mood even more than the cassette and front profile. Awning fabrics from markilux are available in numerous different versions, each with their own special features: water-repellent, self-cleaning or flame-retardant. And also as far as the choice of colours and patterns is concerned, markilux is just about unbeatable. In addition, we offer the option of ordering or printing the awning fabric in RAL colors as required.

4. Folding arm

The folding arms sit underneath the awning fabric between the cassette and the front profile and ensure that the awning fabric is always taut. We use twin steel-link chains or our patented markilux bionic tendon for our folding arms.

5. Cassette

In cassette awnings we differentiate between full cassette and semi-cassette awnings. In the case of a full cassette awning, the cassette encloses the rolled up awning fabric and, if necessary, houses the motor as well as integrated spotlights and other lighting elements. When closed the front profile closes tightly against the cassette and in so doing protects both the cover and the mechanical components from the elements. Semi-cassette awnings on the other hand are open to the bottom. In addition, there are also open style awnings which have no cassette at all.

6. End cap and panel

With some awnings from markilux it is possible to select individual end caps and panels for the cassette. These are available in various colours and materials. A special feature, for example, is the stainless steel mesh that is used in the markilux 6000.

7. Roller tube

Roller tubes are the rotatably mounted shafts on the upper edge of the awning on which the awning fabric is wound. It is sometimes also known as the barrel. The more a roller tube sags, the more the cover itself will sag. <div>The objective therefore when designing a costly and complex awning is to incorporate a roller tube that is as stiff as possible.</div> This is usually achieved by increasing its diameter. With the folding arm awnings from markilux, fabric shafts with a diameter of 85 mm are used.

8. Operation

Awnings can now be operated in a variety of ways: In addition to the classic crank, there is the motorized operation by push button on the wall, by remote control or by smartphone. With the help of Somfy CONNEXOON, for example, it can be integrated into a smart home system.

9. Brackets

You will find the right type of installation for your awning for almost every living situation. Depending on whether it is niche, wall, rafter or ceiling installation, brick, wood or subsequently insulated house wall: Our specialist partners will install your new markilux awning precisely and professionally. <div>When fitting an awning there is considerably more to take into consideration than just the gauge of the bolts.</div> This is one of the most important reasons why markilux has its awnings sold and installed solely by qualified specialist partners.

If you have any questions about the markilux online awning configurator or our products, please contact us by phone or email via the markilux Hotline or your local markilux dealer.

How much will the awning I have configured cost?

markilux blinds and awnings are high-grade quality products.In each of our products there technical innovations have been incorporated that fulfill a specific requirement.Our technology is intended to last for a small eternity so we lay great store by the quality of the materials we employ. The uniqueness of our production facility, weaving mill and awning assembly all under one roof, makes it possible to create products that are "Made in Germany" and leave no desire unfulfilled.

But, when you acquire a markilux blind or awning, you not only get the product itself but also the service and installation team near you. We have a broad network of competent markilux specialist dealers at our disposal. When installing a blind or awning many different aspects have to be considered: the particulars of the house, the substrate the product is to be fitted to, the anchoring of free-standing systems to the ground etc. To guarantee that you get the best advice and service, you can find the specialist dealer closest to you in our dealer search engine. In his or her showroom you can see and experience markilux products live, get detailed advice and arrange an appointment for them to visit your home - so that you can get long and lasting enjoyment from your high-grade quality awning.