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Solar and wet weather protection for hotels, restaurants and the retail trade 


Solar and wet weather protection for hotels, restaurants and the retail trade 


Solar and wet weather protection for hotels, restaurants and the retail trade 


Large area shading 

for hotels, restaurants and more 

Plan your awning with markilux team : project 

Awning planning is a matter for experts. Particularly large awnings for commercial use, that have to fulfil exacting demands, require thorough and careful planning. These planning-intensive shading solutions for public areas require the interdisciplinary work of different departments - technical and commercial. 

The most alluring shade in the world. 

At any time. In any size. Anywhere. 




Enjoying the first warm rays of the sun. Outdoors – but still protected. 




Spend the day outdoors in the most alluring shade in the world. Under your own personal awning landscape. 




Extend the summer season. Sit protected from the wind and rain. Outside, where it's more enticing. 




Lighting options and infrared heaters turn night into day and make your favourite outdoor spot a pleasant one even when it starts to get cold. 


Extensive sun protection: patio-, pergola- and free-standing awnings for restaurants, hotels and more 

Due to their size, legal requirements and possible complexity, awnings for commercial purposes require extensive planning. As experienced awning planners, we specialize in awnings with large widths and extensions and plan your sun and weather protection exactly according to your wishes. 

Clear advantages for our business customers from hospitality, trade, industry and public institutions: 

  • markilux sun protection know-how and expertise drawn from a vast number of successfully implemented large-scale projects 

  • Individual planning for optimal utilisation of the areas to be shaded 

  • Practical solutions individually tailored to the requirements of the brief 

  • Seamless, functional and elegant combination of outdoor and indoor areas 

  • markilux quality – 100% Made in Germany. State-of-the-art, all-round sun and wet weather protection systems 

  • Tested technology: safe, innovative and pioneering in the industry 

  • Durable, easily-cared-for designer awnings, awning frames and fabrics 

  • Enhance awareness of your brand by using fabric and frame colours that match your corporate image - logos printed on the cover are also possible 

Regardless of whether for gastronomy, kindergarten, hotel, shop, golf club or any other area of ​​application - we will advise you and work out your ideal sun protection solution together with you. For the most beautiful shade in the world - in any size. 

Have awnings planned - the markilux complete service for business customers 

From the first to the last step, we are at your side in professional awning planning. You can find out what our planning services are and the steps involved in implementing your awning project here: 

  • 1.
    Contact You send us an inquiry by e-mail or contact our colleagues in team : project . 
  • 2.
    Basis / pre-planning In an initial appointment on-site, our awning experts check the requirements and installation situations and advise you on the overall performance requirements. 
  • 3.
    Design engineering This is followed by the draft planning including the creation of the first technical drawings and, if desired, a 3D-visualization. 
  • 4.
    Implementation planning We will present the result to you in a presentation. The control and adjustment of the previous plans are carried out in the implementation planning. 
  • 5.
    Offer On the basis of the final implementation planning and in close cooperation with the selected local markilux specialist partner, they will prepare the final offer for you. This will also answer all your questions about the cost listed in the offer. 
  • 6.
    Allocation After your final approval, the specialist markilux specialist partner will be commissioned with the implementation. 
  • 7.
    Implementation markilux ensures the production and logistics processes. The specialized markilux partner takes care of the professional installation of your sun protection solution. 
  • 8.
    Project completion At the end of the project, you as the customer and your markilux specialist partner hand over and accept the property, possibly accompanied by the team : project. A briefing in the operation of your custom-made sun protection solution also takes place at this point. 

Has your interest been piqued? Feel free to contact us - we will plan your awning on time, reliably and in compliance with the highest possible quality standards. Experience the diverse possibilities for your ideal sun and weather protection. Have your individual awning system planned and implemented according to your wishes and requirements. We look forward to receiving your enquiry. 

Our team 

Jan Kattenbeck 

Jan Kattenbeck 

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May Alexandra Bleier 

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Andreas Schmitz 

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Jost Wessels 

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Consultant: International 

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Happy customers. Outdoor living with markilux. 

Several markilux markant awning systems on the roof terrace of "The Bernstein" in Bielefeld 

The modern restaurant, "The Bernstein", stands out because of the breathtaking panoramic view it offers over the rooftops of Bielefeld. The roof terrace was completely revamped at the beginning of the year and a suitable shading system could not be overlooked.  Die Betreiber haben sich für das markilux markant entschlossen um Ihren Gästen auch bei schlechtem Wetter eine stimmungsvolle Atmosphäre zu bieten. 

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