Use in the building:
markilux format as a room divider

Mobile partition system
markilux format as a room divider in an office

give structure to rooms

As the name suggests, room dividers separate rooms. They divide and subdivide both large and small rooms, creating new separate areas. The spatial division gives the interior a new structure and makes it appear more orderly. In addition, room dividers create a cosy ambience and offer a higher degree of privacy.

Partitions are equally useful in private and commercial environments. Properly placed, they support the original floor plan without interfering with the structural substance of the building. Thus, a room divider offers more flexibility than fixed walls. If necessary, the mobile partition system can be moved without much effort. The practical plug-in connections allow it to be set up easily and without any problems. markilux format is a surface element on feet that can be used universally - both outdoors and indoors.

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markilux pergola stretch with light fabric cover on a penthouse terrace with a view of the skyline, combined with lateral wind/privacy protection.

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Room divider ideas for
your home

Give rooms a new character and embellish your home with a design room divider. The reasons for setting up a mobile partition are as varied as the places where it can be used. Every room has its own way of using a room divider to create separate areas for a homely atmosphere. The result is a better use of the available space.

Tidiness in the children's room:
separating rooms visually

A child's room is probably one of the most diversely used rooms in the entire house. Here they play, learn, paint, read, cuddle and sleep. If you want to give your children a structure, you can create separate areas with room dividers. If the play corner is separated from the learning area, the risk of distraction during homework is reduced and it is easier to switch off after learning.

Separating living and sleeping areas
in small and one-room apartments

In smaller flats, there is sometimes not enough space to spatially separate living and sleeping. If you do not have separate rooms, a partition wall is a good solution. This way you maintain your privacy and don't have to take visitors into the bedroom.

Home office:
build your workplace at home


In recent years, the topic of home office has become more and more in focus. Moving the workplace home - that is often easier said than done. After all, who has a spare room at home just waiting to be converted into an office? Therefore, the solution in many cases is to convert a room and make it multifunctional. If you set up your desk in the living room, for example, the sight of it after work can quickly become annoying. In this case, a room divider can help. In the bedroom, too, you would prefer to have a separate workplace that is separated from the rest. If the space is available, markilux format also enables a beautiful division of the room here and can even be adapted to your interior style in terms of colour. Choose a room divider design to suit your taste.

The dream of a dressing room
- quickly realised

You would like to have a dressing room, but you don't have any more free space? But your bedroom would still offer enough space? Do you want to remain flexible with regard to the room layout, but pulling in a wall is out of the question? Then a mobile partition wall is just the right thing. Because it is mounted on feet, the place of use is variable and can be adapted at any time.

Create a cosy reading corner
with a design room divider


Design room divider: The markilux format side element brings more cosiness into your living area thanks to its textile character. Depending on your taste, you can pick up on the look of your living room or deliberately set colour accents. Create a cosy retreat, for example a small reading corner. Enjoy the peace and quiet, switch off and immerse yourself in the world of books. In this way, you can escape the daily hustle and bustle and experience a feeling of relaxation.

Room dividers for use in
commercial environments

The use of partitions is not only suitable for the private sector. Their use is also frequently considered for business customers. It doesn't matter whether it's a restaurant, hotel, company, educational institution, social facility, medical practice or many more. Business customers can benefit from our planning service team : project. In addition to classic sun protection, the experts will also be happy to advise you on markilux format as a room divider. If you are planning a large project, team : project is the right choice.

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Separation of different areas in daycare
centres and kindergartens

Many children come together in the day care centre and there are many ways to occupy themselves. They paint, romp around, do handicrafts, play and rest in between. To give the kindergarten children some structure, it is a good idea to divide the rooms into different areas. A room divider is a good solution so that the spatial separation is not too rigid. If you had a separate room for each type of activity, supervision would become complicated. The mobile partitions create separate areas, but the children and caregivers of a group are still in the same room and are still together despite a certain separation.

Improving the learning atmosphere at
school and university

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For more concentration and better learning performance, it is important to separate learning from breaks - not only in terms of time, but also in terms of space. Depending on the size of the school or university, separate learning areas are offered for pupils and students. Thus, spatial separation is basically a given. Additional structure and separation is important and contributes to learning success. By means of partition walls, small learning islands can be created, which are beneficial for individual learning or group work, for example.

Mobile partition system
for dining halls, canteens, refectories or break rooms

Dining halls usually seat a lot of people. To avoid the canteen looking like a large unsorted area with a mere collection of tables and chairs, you can create an inviting ambience by putting up visually appealing walls. Separating dining areas also creates more privacy, making it a more pleasant place to be.

Partitions can also be used in the office to separate break areas from the work area. This solution is ideal where there is no space for a separate break room. In spite of the lack of a common room, employees can be provided with a place where they can spend the break together with their colleagues.

More privacy in
restaurants and hotel lobbies

In the same way, the use of room dividers can also be useful in restaurants or hotels and achieve similar effects. After all, when you go out to eat, you want to concentrate on your own company instead of overhearing the loud conversations of the surrounding tables. If the restaurant or hotel lobby is equipped with partitions, the background noise is minimised and personal areas are created.

markilux format as a
partition wall for (open-plan) offices

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Your office offers a lot of space, but it has not yet been divided up and used optimally. Create order in your office with markilux format . Thanks to the partition walls, personal, separated workplaces are created. The associated noise minimisation can increase concentration and performance. In addition, the use of room dividers creates a pleasant working atmosphere. The new structure also ensures that the satisfaction and well-being of your employees is increased, which in turn will have positive effects on the work results.

Discretion and privacy
in surgeries and healthcare facilities

In addition to dividing up space, room dividers offer the possibility of creating private areas in waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries, physiotherapists or other healthcare facilities, thus giving patients a better feeling. This ensures discretion and privacy. Positive side effect: one does not come into direct contact with other patients and thus pathogens. Guests of massage or beauty studios are also happy about their personal, separate area.

Get advice:
markilux format as a room divider

about room dividers

Dividing rooms without drilling is very simple and offers great advantages. You can design the markilux format room divider to suit your taste and choose individual sizes so that it fits perfectly into your room. Thanks to the feet, no drilling is necessary. This means that the building remains undamaged and the installation is also possible in the middle of the room.

You ask yourself the question "What are the advantages of a room divider?"? The advantages are obvious: a room divider divides a room into several segments. This gives the space a better structure and optimises its use. Unlike fixed walls, a mobile system such as markilux format offers the advantage that the division can be reversed or changed at any time. This means that you remain flexible. If you are not the owner of the flat or house, a partition wall is a good solution that does not require any coordination with the landlord.

The best way to separate a room is with a room divider. markilux format offers you the advantage of being able to design your partition visually in a way that suits your interior style.

Room divider designs are many and varied. Shelves, screens, plants, made of wood, glass or metal, small or large: depending on your own preferences, structural situation and intended use, many things are possible. With markilux format, we offer you a decorative screen with an aluminium frame and fabric. You can use it to separate rooms without making any permanent changes.

Screens are partitions that usually consist of three to four foldable elements

. These are attached to a stable frame. These are connected to each other via a stable frame with hinges. This makes the screen very flexible, as it can be folded or unfolded variably and without much effort. In principle, all partitions that divide rooms and give them structure can be subsumed under the term room divider. A screen is also a room divider. The desire for the purchase is often: to visually separate rooms.

Do you want more privacy? You don't want to show your sleeping area to every visitor? In this case, decorative partition walls are the ideal mobile privacy screen. Choose the size of the partition so that your bed disappears behind it.

Siblings often share a room. The advantage: the children are never alone or feel lonely. The disadvantage: there is hardly any privacy. A room divider can help here. This way, the children each have their own personal realm, but are still together.

markilux format as a design room divider

The markilux format side element from our product range is suitable as a room divider. It is ideal as a mobile partitioning system, because thanks to the stable, swivelling feet, it can be set up flexibly. If required, the location or the arrangement of several elements can be adjusted as desired. An extension is also possible without further ado. Unlike a screen, the individual elements can be used separately.

  • Children's room: separation of playing, learning and sleeping

  • Offices: structuring workplaces, conference rooms, reception, separating a break area

In addition to the main application of the markilux format side awning - the garden - the model is also ideally suited for use in the interior of a building. The advantages of markilux format as a room divider are manifold:

  • Mobile room divider system for indoor use
  • Individual design options in terms of size, frame colour and a choice of over 200 fabric designs
  • Decorative and elegant alternative to screens, shelves or plant-based room dividers
  • Universally applicable for private and commercial properties
  • Stable, swivelling feet for flexible installation
  • Simple and easy to set up thanks to practical plug-in connections
  • A patented clamping system keeps the awning fabric under tension
  • Maximum size of individual elements up to 300 × 250 cm (width × height), limitlessly extendable

Due to the individual design possibilities, it is unfortunately not possible to give a flat rate price. Contact a markilux specialist partner in your area for further information and an individual quotation.

As markilux products are individual solutions that are made to order according to your personal requirements, it is not possible to make any general statements about delivery times. Ask a markilux specialist partner for advice. They will be able to give you the current delivery times for your desired configuration.