Sun and weather protection systems for gastronomy and the hotel industry

Well thought-out outdoor concepts revitalize business

In addition to classic awnings for the home, our portfolio includes systems for restaurants and hotels to meet the special requirements of large outdoor areas. More and more people are drawn to the outdoors during their leisure time - this naturally also applies to visits to restaurants or cafés. In summer, indoor seating often remains unoccupied as the good weather lures people outside. But if the sun shines incessantly, it quickly becomes too hot on the terrace. To create a cozy atmosphere, a good shading concept is therefore of great importance. If the guests feel comfortable, they like to stay on the terrace of their favorite café for a longer time and will gladly come back.

Increase in capacity due to expansion of the guest room

The interior space of a restaurant, café or hotel is limited and often cannot be easily enlarged. If you still want to provide more space for guests, the outdoor area is a great way to complement the interior. The provision of additional space makes it possible to serve a higher volume of guests.

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Extending the outdoor season with markilux

Since the use of the outdoor area is per se weather-dependent, a well thought-out sun and weather protection concept can help. The core task of awnings and awning systems is sun protection. Developments and product innovations in recent years have significantly expanded the range of applications for awnings. In addition to the original function of providing shade, the awning provides us with faithful service in virtually any weather situation.

Protection from rain

The installation of an awning system creates security - also in the economic sense. If you have to vacate your seats when it rains without a canopy, awnings offer the advantage that guests can remain seated if a shower ever comes. Instead of painting the sails, you simply enjoy your coffee under the protection of the awning and listen to the pattering of the raindrops.


Rain is often accompanied by wind - especially in autumn. But with the right equipment, even a gust of wind can't spoil your enjoyment on the terrace. markilux offers various solutions such as markilux format, a modular wind and privacy screen with a textile character: vertical sun, wind and privacy protection - ideally matched to the markilux awning systems.

Brave the cold

Even in summer, it is not always so warm in the evening that you can sit outside without worrying. When the sun goes down, it quickly gets chilly. But such away from the summer months guests long for fresh air and warmth. In combination with infrared heaters, a cozy atmosphere can be created under the awning structures, extending the evening in the beer garden, restaurant terrace or outdoor cocktail bar.

Lighting options

With markilux lighting options, you create a pleasant and atmospheric ambience that invites you to relax on your restaurant terrace. Even after dark, an inviting atmosphere remains. With LED-Spots or LED-Lines you can set targeted lighting highlights and thus attract your guests to your restaurant or bar.

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