Cassette Awnings

If you are looking for a top-quality cassette awning, you've come to the right place: markilux. Our first-class cassette awnings are produced in Germany – and are in demand all over the world. As a premium manufacturer, we offer you awnings in the best possible quality, with sophisticated technology and an inimitable design. Take a look at our cassette awnings below; they create the most alluring shade imaginable. You’ll notice that we offer many styles of cassette awnings for a building, such as a semi cassette awning or a full cassette retractable awning. Every type of cassette awning will create comfortable and beautiful shade for your building. You are sure to find high-quality semi or full cassette awnings that fit your needs and preferences right here at markilux.

The greatest advantage of markilux cassette awnings is their variety in design with consistently high quality. Whether face fixture, top fixture or eaves fixture – regardless of the kind of fixture you want to use, the markilux patio and balcony awnings adapt to the architecture of your home.

Naturally you can decide on the size of your awning – along with the perfect bracket for your awning. Apart from the most popular sizes  5 x 3 m and 4 x 3 m, the following widths and projections are possible, depending on the model, for your custom-made cassette awning (awning width x projection):

  • 350 x 250 cm

  • 350 x 300 cm

  • 400 x 300 cm

  • 400 x 350 cm

  • 600 x 300 cm

Further dimensions in the projection and intermediate sizes in the widths are possible because we produce your solar protection solution to suit your individual requirements.

Learn more about the design possibilities offered by markilux awnings for balconies and patios.