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Semi-cassette awnings - partially closed awnings for optimal protection from the sun.

If you are looking for a high-quality semi-cassette awning, you have come to the right place at markilux. Our premium, partially enclosed awnings are produced in Germany - and are in demand worldwide. As a premium manufacturer, we offer you awnings of the best possible quality, with sophisticated technology and a wide range of design options.



Advantages and features of
semi-cassette awnings

While the housing of a full cassette awning is completely closed from each side when retracted, a semi-cassette awning is open from the bottom. With a full-cassette awning, you can then only see the housing, while with a semi-cassette awning, you can also see the folding arms and the rolled-up awning cover in a certain perspective. If your semi-cassette awning has a valance, it hangs from the front profile when the awning is retracted, visually covering the awning components underneath.

Semi-cassette awnings offer the advantage that even small widths can be realized. Especially for areas of application that are relatively narrow, such as small balconies or niches, the only partially closed awnings are suitable.

Another plus point is that you can freely choose the operating side of the winding handle for your custom-made markilux cassette awning. The architecture of your home and the accessibility of corners can also determine on which side of the awning frame the drive is located. For example, the winding handle on your markilux semi-cassette awning sits on the side that is more advantageous from a practicality standpoint. If you choose a crank drive, i.e. a manual semi-cassette awning, there is a crank eyelet on the selected operation side of the awning. You can hook your crank made of high quality stainless steel into it, with which you can manually extend and retract your shade provider.

Possible uses and applications
of semi-cassette awnings

Semi-cassette awnings are awnings whose components disappear only partially in a cassette when closed. The fabric cover is covered by the cassette from above, but the cassette is open at the bottom. Thus, the folding arms remain visible even in the closed state. Depending on the model, a valance can help the arm mechanism of the partially closed awning visually disappear. Although only the fabric cover is in the cassette, the technology thus remains hidden.

Since semi-cassette awnings do not provide complete protection for the awning, semi-cassette patio awnings are especially recommended for sheltered applications. For example, if you have a roof overhang, or a terrace with roofing, a semi-cassette awning is perfectly adequate, as the awning is thus protected by the ceiling or roof.

Whether wall mounting, ceiling mounting or rafter mounting - no matter which mounting is suitable for you, the markilux semi-cassette awnings adapt to the architecture of your home. Of course, in addition to the ideal mounting for you, you can also individually determine the size of your awning. A special feature of our semi-cassette awnings is the possibility to realize small widths. Normally, the width of an awning is larger than the draw. However, in some areas of application only a small width is given. For such situations, we offer you the "stretch" variant, where the folding arms of the awning cross over each other: the perfect solution for narrow niches, small terraces or balconies.

Operation, equipment and design options for
markilux semi-cassette awnings

As standard, markilux semi-cassette awnings have manual operation by winding handle. However, we can also manufacture your awning as an electric version with a motors on request. You can either operate this by wall switch or order an electric semi-cassette awning with (radio) remote control. Your modern semi-enclosed awning can thus optionally also be integrated into your smart home and controlled via app. This allows you to operate your awning with your smartphone or tablet.

There are a variety of design options for markilux semi-cassette awnings. You can design your desired model entirely according to your personal ideas. To do this, select one of the seven standard frame colors or have your awning painted with your favorite RAL color. We offer the color on demand service for this purpose. The collection one also offers a wide range of modern and classic fabric patterns.

Your semi-cassette awning can be customized not only visually. You also have equipment options for more comfort. LED lighting illuminates your awning and makes your outdoor living room a pleasant retreat even in the evening. Gloss chrome elements also give the awning itself a beautiful shine. This makes your sunshade a real highlight on your facade.

Other design options for semi-cassette awnings include valances in various shapes. Whether straight, curved, corrugated or flat wavy - the valance is a small decorative cloth on the front profile and gives the awning a classic look. In addition to the valance, there is the option of integrating an additional vertical awning in the front profile. The markilux shadeplus provides glare protection for low sun and preserves your privacy.

about markilux semi-cassette awnings

A semi-cassette awning is a folding arm awning in which only the awning cover disappears into the cassette when retracted. The folding arms are located outside the cover cassette and are therefore not fully protected. Therefore, it may be advisable to install the awning in a protected location so that it is not permanently exposed to the effects of the environment.

Semi-cassette awnings are partially closed awnings, which means that when the awning is retracted, the fabric cover is rolled up and stored in the cassette. However, the mechanics, such as the folding arms, remain outside the cassette. Compared to full cassette awnings, semi-covered patio awnings are slightly less protected. Compared with open folding-arm awnings, which do not have a cassette, semi-cassette awnings provide good protection for the awning cover. Thanks to the durability of the materials, you can use the awning as a sunshade for a long time.

In the semi-cassette awning range are our models markilux 1600 and markilux 1710. Inform yourself extensively on the product pages of the models and compare the features in the product comparison.

If you are interested in a markilux awning, contact a qualified markilux specialist partner in your area. Here you will receive professional advice and inspiration on how your awning could look. The specialist partner can provide you with an individual offer. He will also take care of the installation of the awning, so that your awning is finally securely fastened in its place of use.

You are welcome to visit one of our markilux showrooms for a consultation. Here we show a wide range of models, cover patterns, additional equipment and much more, so that you can get a comprehensive impression of our products. Unlike with a specialist partner, you cannot order an awning in our showrooms. Our awnings are sold through specialized dealers.

Like all our models, there are various design options and additional equipment for the semi-cassette awnings, which give your awning an individual touch. Whether light, infrared heater, valance, chrome elements or shadeplus - almost no wishes remain open.

Yes, if you want to cover a large width, several awnings can be coupled together. Your markilux specialist partner in your region can tell you which maximum width is feasible.


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