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markilux pergola stretch

Acquire the new awning of your dreams - while still staying a safe distance away.

Dear Customer,

Your health is of the utmost importance to us.This is why at markilux we are focusing on measures to provide you with the awning of your dreams while still remaining at a safe distance. Spring is upon us and we want to make sure that you do not have to do without our designer awnings and services during this time. The markilux awning of your dreams is just four steps away.Far away the best under the sun. Create the most alluring shade in the world.

markilux - Designer Awnings made in Germany

Your awning out of one million configuration options. 

Your markilux awning is as unique as you wish. More than 45 awnings with over 250 timeless fabrics and lots of accessories give you the opportunity to create the awning that just fits to you. Lighting, radiant heater, io radio control and much more additional features will enrich your life on the patio and balcony - day and night.

The widest variety of colors and designs

Modern colours, classic designs and patterns. markilux fabrics are unique. With more than 250 designs, markilux offers you a selection worth exploring.

Design and function in perfection

Every single markilux awning combines design, quality and technology to create a unique solution - fitting for your needs. Discover our products and configure your unique markilux awning.

Options and extras

Additional lighting, comfortable operation and more extras like the radiant heater leave nothing to be desired and make the outdoors a pleasure, even if the sun doesn't shine.

A powerful design is all the rage

With the design of its awnings, markilux has time and again shown angles and edges as well as round shapes over the years. It seems that this has appealed to their customers. Therefore the look of the current new product, the cassette awning markilux 970, too, is simple and angular.

Contemporary architecture is one thing above all: purist. Straight lines, a clear-cut design, no frills to be seen. Nothing distracts the eye. This form of lifestyle culture conveys peace to the senses. And then it makes sense to adapt any additional detail to complement the architecture.

Patio or Conservatory? Sun protection or privacy protection?

If you are not sure what you are looking for, our product guide will help you. Choose a theme and be inspired - there is much to discover!

Protección solar para balcones

En nuestra función de especialistas en toldos, lógicamente ofrecemos también las soluciones apropiadas para espacios limitados, como es el caso de balcones. A continuación encuentra algunos de nuestros modelos, desarrollados especialmente para los requerimientos parcialmente particulares en balcones: Espacio estrechos, paredes sin capacidad de carga, voladizos, grandes cargas de viento, sol extremo.

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Más confort con Somfy CONNEXOON

Con CONNEXOON® para terrazas puede controlar su toldo y otros productos relacionados con la terraza cómodamente con su smartphone o tablet. Cree su ambiente de terraza personalizado con luces acogedoras, música y el toldo abierto. Elabore diferentes escenarios de terraza con la función de instantánea y guarde el ambiente que más le guste en una fotoGenere el automatismo solar con un par de clics en el intuitivo interfaz de usuario.

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our awards

German Design Awards for markilux

German Design Award

2021: markilux pergola stretch

2021: Selection MX (special mention)

2020: markilux MX-3

2019: markilux markant & markilux visutex (special mention)

2018: markilux 770/870, 776/876, 779/879, pergola compact & Excellent Communications Design

2017: markilux 970

2016: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact (special mention)

2014: 8800 & 8850 (special mention)

iF Design Awards for markilux

iF Design Award

2017: markilux 970

2015: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact

2013: markilux pergola, 8800 & 8850

1998: markilux 1600 & 1650

reddot Design Awards for markilux

reddot Design Award

2017: markilux pergola compact, 770/870, 776/876, 779/879

2015: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact

2012: markilux 1700 & 1710

2009: markilux 930 (Honourable Mention)

2006: markilux 6000

Iconic Awards for markilux

Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture

2018: markilux markant

2019: markilux MX-3

Iconic Awards for markilux

Iconic Awards - Innovative Material

2018: markilux perfotex

German Design Price for markilux

Deutscher Designpreis

2007: markilux 6000 (Nominee)

interior innovation awards for markilux

interior innovation award

2015: markilux MX-1 & MX-1 compact

Plus x awards for markilux

Plus X Award

2017: Most innovative brand of the year

2016: markilux 970 (Innovation, High Quality, Design, Convenience & Functionality)

2015: Best design brand

2014: markilux planet (Best product)

Top Hotel Star Awards for markilux

Top Hotel Star Award

2019: markilux markant (Silver)

2015: markilux pergola (Silver)