markilux pergola stretch
markilux pergola stretch
markilux pergola stretch on a modern, chic roof terrace in front of the skyline of a major city

Great prospects ahead.

A breathtaking weather protection awning for large patios: the markilux pergola stretch The markilux pergola stretch offers an impressive take on sun and wet weather protection. The cover is perfectly integrated into the minimalistic, high value awning system. The rhythmical, space-saving cover folding technology makes it possible to shade large areas and creates  a special and impressive atmosphere. Manifold customisation options mean that the markilux pergola stretch will invariably catch your eye.

Options for this awning system.

markilux pergola stretch on the terrace of a penthouse at dusk - equipped with lights, infrared heaters and vertical blinds with panoramic window.

Truly imposing with an impressive appearance Versatile implementation in varying weather conditions. The LED lighting, heaters and lateral protection options 
​allow the atmosphere to be adapted as the situation requires.

pergola stretch Penthouse Detail Kassette Wandmontage eingefahren 202010

Slender appearance Design reduced to the essence. The cover safely tucked away.

markilux pergola stretch: detailed view of the front profile with integrated gutter.

Well thought through Water drainage from the cover via the integrated gutter and support posts assured from a very low pitch of only 5°

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The markilux pergola stretch offers a wide range of options, particularly when it comes to providing what guests are looking for in terms of experience-oriented hospitality outdoors. As this large awning is easy to operate, you can react quickly and flexibly to changing weather conditions. Create just the atmosphere you are looking for with LED lighting, lateral protection and infrared heaters at the touch of a button and in next to no time.

The markilux pergola stretch weather protection awning is the ideal weather and sun protection not just for restaurants, hotels and cafés, but also for large, private patios. This awning creates the perfect ambience for cosy hours for two or beautiful moments to cherish with family, friends and guests. Get a first impression of this impressive awning model now:

  • The modern pergola awning from markilux can shade an area of 7 × 7 m with one field

  • Individual project consulting for hospitality and trade from markilux team:project
  • Can be fitted with LED lighting and infrared heaters

  • Large variety of lateral wind and privacy protection realised with vertical cassette awnings or the markilux format system
  • Secured water drainage even at a low pitch of 5 degrees

  • System coverboard protects the retracted awning cover

  • Seamless fixture possible thanks to the wall sealing profile

  • Horizontally aligned cover support profiles for particularly high area stability

  • This large pergola awning features a top-quality, durable, light- and weatherproof awning fabric from the Soltis Proof 502 collections or the waterproof and highly flame retardant markilux perla FR from the markilux awning cover collection

Curious? We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Arrange an initial consultation in one of our markilux showrooms or alternatively contact one of our trained specialist dealers near you directly. They will advise you comprehensively and prepare an offer for you including all awning prices and the costs for delivery and installation.

If you are looking for an attractive and particularly high-quality awning to protect and shade large areas, a decision on purchasing shouldn’t be difficult: the markilux pergola stretch meets the most stringent requirements, both in the commercial and private sector. Contact us to find out more and to continue planning your bespoke pergola awning with a view to purchasing soon.