markilux on-glass awnings
for conservatories and patio roofs.

Crystal clear: the perfect sun protection on the winter garden or terrace roof.

On-glass awnings from markilux stylishly round off the look of your conservatory or patio roof and technically enhance it. They effectively protect your seating area from the sun by catching the sun's rays even before they hit the roof.

The best choice for a sun and glare protection in a winter garden or under a terrace roof is an on-glass awning, i.e. an awning that is fixed on the glass of the winter garden or terrace roof. Special fabrics that act like a heat shield create a comfortable climate in the conservatory or under the patio roof all year round. Optimally the sun protection functions, if it drives automatically in and out and one does not have to worry at all about it. Therefore, the awnings can be equipped with additional options for control. With the help of sensors a weather-dependent control is possible, which reacts automatically to weather changes. In addition, the awning can be operated by remote control or by app. Since a glass awning is directly exposed to the wind, it has a compact design. It can also be used to shade very large areas.



What are the advantages of on-glass awnings
for winter garden or terrace roof?

Whether an under-glass awning or rooftop awning is more suitable for you depends on the requirements that your shade provider should fulfill. In some cases, however, the structural conditions of your conservatory or patio roof can also determine which awning model is suitable for you.

Differences and possible advantages of an on-glass awning compared to an under-glass awning:

  • An up-glass awning intercepts the sun's rays before they can reach the conservatory or under the patio roof.

  • With a rooftop awning you do not lose room height, because the awning is mounted outside.

  • A top glass awning protects your glass or polycarbonate roof over its entire surface - even beyond its edge.

  • When retracted, the awning completely disappears from your field of vision.

If you have any detailed questions or if you would like to buy a markilux rooftop awning, please contact a markilux specialist partner near you. They will advise you, take measurements at your location, prepare a personal offer and take care of the delivery and installation of your high-quality shade dispenser. Feel free to contact us and soon you will know the concrete price of your custom-made glass awning.

On-glass awnings
for every taste

In the field of on-glass awnings, markilux offers a variety of different models. They all have one thing in common: high quality and excellent design. Form and function go hand in hand to provide shade in the conservatory or under the patio roof. Whether for shading small or large areas - there is a suitable markilux rooftop awning for every installation situation.

The markilux on-glass awnings differ in shape, size and design. The markilux 7800 is a model with a classic angular cassette design combined with proven technology - for shade over a large area. It can be perfectly combined with the vertical blinds markilux 776 / 620 / 625 at the conservatory. markilux 8800 also offers reliable shade for large areas. Modern, timeless design with round cassette and sophisticated technology in every detail. The rooftop awning markilux 8850 is a conservatory awning with indented guide tracks for installation on hipped roofs and also impresses with a round cassette. The markilux 770 and markilux 870 models are the optimal choice for medium-sized areas - either in a straight-line or round design.

In addition to the on-glass awnings, under-glass awnings could also be considered for your conservatory or patio roof. Please also inform yourself about the models in the product category under-glass awnings.

Inspiration for conservatory and patio roof:
markilux on-glass awnings.

  • On-glass awning markilux 7800 mounted above a winter garden. A large garden surrounds the terrace and in the background is a new construction house.
  • Reference image top glass awning markilux 8800 with red fabric cover, top view of the fabric. The design of the awning matches the wooden house with red shutters.
  • mx 7800 above-glass awning detail bottom view backlight 2024
  • Bird's eye view of a markilux 8800 on-glass awning with yellow fabric cover, installed on a conservatory adjoining a wooden house.
  • White cube equipped with various markilux awning models. The red marquisolettes provide shade on the upper floor. In the basement, window awnings and a top glass awning markilux 8800 are installed on the winter garden.
  • Electric above-glass awning for conservatories with hipped roof: markilux 8850
  • Reference of a markilux 8850 top glass awning with indented guide tracks.
  • On-glass awning markilux 770 with white fabric cover and dark gray frame. The winter garden is located in front of a modern house and surrounding is a large garden.
  • On-glass awning markilux 770 on a conservatory roof with white frame and cream fabric cover. In the background you can see a large garden.

about markilux on-glass awnings

The term on-glass awning means an awning that is mounted on the roof of a winter garden or a terrace roof. Synonymously, the term rooftop awning is also used.

We offer various models in the range of rooftop awnings, which have different product features. Detailed information on the individual models can be found on the respective product pages: markilux 7800, markilux 8800, markilux 8850, markilux 770 and markilux 870.

The markilux 8850 model is perfect for hipped roofs. The guide tracks can be moved in up to 100 cm, so that installation on the hipped roof is possible. We thus offer you a special solution for glass roofs and conservatories that require special sun protection due to their architecture.

In our in-house markilux showrooms, we exhibit a variety of our products. Here you can experience our on-glass awnings and other awning models for shading your outdoor area live. You also have the option of viewing markilux products at a markilux specialist partner near you. They will also be happy to advise you on the various rooftop awnings and recommend the right model for your individual installation situation. After a measurement at your location, he will provide you with an offer for your custom-made glass awning and the installation on the conservatory or patio roof.

The prices for our rooftop awnings vary depending on the model, size and equipment options. Since these are custom-made, individual awnings, a flat rate price is unfortunately not possible. You are welcome to put together your dream awning in our configurator and, after completing the configuration, send a price request to a markilux specialist partner. They will inform you about prices according to your individual wishes. After taking measurements at your location, he will send you an individual offer including delivery and installation for your custom-made rooftop awning. You can find specialist dealers in your region in the markilux specialist partner search.

The markilux 7800 and markilux 8800 top-glass awnings can be coupled. Up to five awnings of one model can be coupled together so that large areas of up to 180 square meters can be shaded.

You have the option to control your rooftop awning by remote control. Alternatively, integration into your smart home automation is also possible. Weather-dependent control is also available. This means that the awning is equipped with sun, wind and rain sensors so that it automatically extends or retracts when the weather changes.

In addition to rooftop awnings for conservatories and patio roofs, our vertical blinds are the perfect addition to your private outdoor space. Simply cover profiles to block out unfamiliar views and the low sun. Sit protected from wind and weather. Enjoy the warmth of the day longer. Additional vertical designer awnings from markilux make your outdoor area perfect.

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