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Atmospheric LED lighting for awnings from markilux

The best place under the sun. Even without the sun. The elegant markilux solutions for awning lighting set new standards for equipping your favourite spot on the patio, balcony and in the garden. A high-quality, integrated LED lighting system for awnings from the renowned awning manufacturer based in Emsdetten is much more than a practical light source: it creates a pleasant and atmospheric ambience that invites you to relax.

Have your new folding-arm awning or pergola awning fitted with top-quality awning lighting and enjoy your evenings outside, even long after the sun has set. There are several options to choose from, depending on the awning model in question.

Find out now which options we can offer you when it comes to fitting your awning with a lighting system.

Beaming with joy. Awning lighting thanks to the markilux LED-Line.

970-Bungalow Detail Kassette Wand geschlossen LED-Line 201811

LED Line in the cassette or the guide tracks Atmospheric light in the form of an integrated LED line in the cassette awning or the guide rails of the pergola and patio roof awning. Reserved and understated during the day. Dazzlingly beautiful and cosy in the evening.

The markilux LED Line awning lighting sheds an atmospheric, warm light after sunset. The slim-line, durable and energy-efficient LED strips are integrated flush in the cassette of your awning or positioned on the front profile, e.g. as with the markilux MX-1 compact.

In the case of underglass awnings of patio roofs and pergola awnings, the LED Lines can be attached on the lateral guide tracks as well as on additional cover support tubes.

As with all markilux lighting modules, this modern variant of awning lighting can be switched on/off and dimmed conveniently –– with a remote control or smartphone app.

Wohlfühllicht in starken Armen. Beleuchtung für Gelenkarmmarkisen.


LED-Line in den Gelenkarmen Ein Highlight für viele schöne Momente. Die dimmbare LED-Line setzt Ihre Terrasse in Szene wenn die Sonne längst untergegangen ist.

Für eine atmosphärische Beleuchtung der Gelenkarmmarkisen markilux 1300 / 1600 / 1700 / 1710 haben wir uns etwas ganz Besonderes einfallen lassen: Bei dieser Markisenbeleuchtung werden elegante LED-Streifen direkt in den Gelenkarmen platziert. Auf diese Weise verschmelzen Markise und Beleuchtung optisch miteinander und bieten ein unvergleichbares optisches Erlebnis.

Diese Lichtlösung empfehlen wir Ihnen dann, wenn Sie den Bereich unter Ihrer Gelenkarmmarkise großflächig und direkt von oben beleuchten möchten. Beim Einfahren der Markise sind die LED-Streifen zusammen mit den Gelenkarmen und dem Markisenstoff gut in der Kassette geschützt.

Die markilux LED-Line ist stufenlos dimmbar und mit der markilux Fernbedienung oder – dank des Smart-Home-Systems Somfy CONNEXOON –auch bequem per Smartphone oder Tablet steuerbar.

Small highlights for you and your guests. Discreet awning lighting with LED Spots.

6000-Detail LED-Spot-201701_WEB

LED Spots under the cassette, in the front profile or attached to the cover support tube LED Spots on your markilux awning that can be pivoted and dimmed ensure a lovely evening atmosphere on your patio.

Small LED Spots under the cassette or in the front profile of cassette awnings are a discreet form of awning lighting. With this spot lighting, your sunshade is transformed into a romantically illuminated starry sky in the evening. In the case of our pergola awnings, the LED Spots can also be elegantly attached to the awning's cover support tube.

The high-quality markilux LED Spots are infinitely adjustable and can be pivoted. They can be controlled either using a remote control or – with the smart home system Somfy CONNEXOON – with a smartphone app or by tablet.

Lighting for all types of awnings: the markilux LED Spotline.

Extra-LED-Spotline 5 Spots-202008.tif

markilux LED Spotline. The extra in the evening. The elegant light bar in a powder-coated aluminium housing, that can be fitted almost anywhere. The LED Spots can be swivelled and dimmed. Available in two lengths: 180 cm with 3 spotlights and 300 cm with 5 spotlights.

If you prefer universal awning lighting or it is not possible to attach other lights to the awning you have selected, we can recommend the markilux LED Spotline. This LED light bar is attached to the house wall, for example under the cover cassette, and can thus be combined with numerous markilux awning models.

Thanks to the following characteristics, this awning lighting turns night into day on your patio or balcony:

  • Elegant light bar in a powder-coated aluminium housing that can be fitted almost anywhere

  • Available in two lengths: 180 cm with 3 spotlights and 300 cm with 5 spotlights

  • LED Spots that can be swivelled and dimmed

  • A radio receiver and a hand-held radio remote control markilux io (optional) provide convenient operation at the push of a button; the hand-held remote control can be used to dim the brightness

  • LED lamp life approximately 20,000 hours

Die besondere Art der Markisenbeleuchtung: markilux MX-1 compact LED-Ambientebeleuchtung.

MX-1 compact-Detail Ambientebeleuchtung frontal-201710 Anz heller_16-9

LED Ambientebeleuchtung für die markilux MX-1 Ein eindruckvoller Blickfang in den Abendstunden. Die beleuchtete Sichtblende ist in fünf Akzentfarben erhältlich und dimmbar.

Die LED-Ambientebeleuchtung, die wir für Ihre ganz persönliche markilux MX-1 compact realisieren können, ist ein wahrlich eindrucksvoller Blickfang in den Abendstunden. Das beleuchtete Ausfallprofil bietet Ihnen in den folgenden fünf Farben Freiraum für eine beliebige Individualisierung: warmes oder Verkehrsweiß, Hellelfenbein, Gelb, Rot und Grün.

Diese Beleuchtungs-Option ist per Fernbedienung schalt- und dimmbar. Setzen Sie mit der markilux Ambientebeleuchtung an Ihrem edlen Sonnenschutz am Abend farbige Akzente.

Accessories offered by markilux

Beauty lies not in size, but in attention to detail.

markilux operation, options and extras. Would you like to equip your awning with other extras? Browse through our wide range of optional awning equipment and find the lighting options, sensors and control systems that complete your premium awning according to your wishes.

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