Electric awnings.
For a high level of operating comfort.

markilux awnings electrically controlled - easy and convenient

Electric awnings are not only a highlight in terms of function and design, but also offer a high degree of flexibility. For those who do not have to operate their awning with a winding handle do not necessarily have to be in the vicinity of the shade dispenser. At the touch of a button or even automatically, the remote-controlled awning retracts and extends, provided it is a motorized awning. The markilux product range includes various models of electric awnings that offer precisely this convenience. Smart home integration is also possible.



What are the advantages of
electric awnings?

Motorized awnings offer several advantages compared to models that are retracted and extended with a winding handle. If you choose an awning with a motor, radio-controlled motor or silentec motor, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your shaded space without having to crank and crank yourself. Enjoy your garden without breaking a sweat.

With motorized awnings, sensors can also be integrated to automatically ensure that the awning is moved to the appropriate position depending on the weather. This provides a high level of security, preventing the awning from being forgotten and damaged by wind or heavy precipitation. Even if you forget that the awning is extended or the weather changes abruptly, the sensors ensure that your awning is retracted safely. This not only protects your shade provider. Damage to the building, garden or accidents with people can also be prevented.

Another advantage of automated awnings is that sun sensors prevent indoor areas from heating up. Therefore, sensors are particularly useful for awnings for conservatories, patio roofs and windows. For example, if you are not at home or the sun is shining early in the morning when you are still asleep, the sun protection can be activated thanks to the automatic control. For such cases, the silentec motor is practical, because it is particularly quiet.

Because the motors are built into the awning and the control options are compact and handy, operation becomes a minor matter. Just press the button once and the awning extends or retracts - depending on what you want. You can find out more about the operating options below.

markilux awnings
operate electrically

Many markilux awning models can be controlled electrically. In addition to folding-arm awnings, awnings from the pergola awning, conservatory/patio roof awning and vertical blind awning ranges are also available with motors.

Even models that are operated by winding handle in the standard version can be motorized on request. There is often a choice of different motor types. For model-specific information on the options for equipping your awning electrically, please refer to the relevant product pages.

If you have an awning with manual operation, but now do not want to do without the convenient operation by motor, you can have your awning electrically retrofitted.

In addition to the classic operation of the electric awning by wall switch, you have the choice of other variants, which are presented below. With radio hand-held transmitters, your markilux awning becomes a remote-controlled awning. In addition, a large number of markilux awning models can be integrated into your smart home or controlled by weather-dependent sensors.

Convenient operation:
remote controlled awnings

Man has markilux remote control at hand, woman at breakfast table in the background.

With the markilux remote control, awning control works at the touch of a button. Simply remain seated and let the remote control do the work.

In addition to retracting and extending the awning, equipment options such as shadeplus, LED lighting and infrared heaters can also be controlled remotely with the hand-held transmitter.

Possibilities of automation
of electric awnings

For the highest possible level of comfort, awnings can be controlled automatically. Various sensors are available for this purpose. These communicate with the awning via radio. In the event of changes in weather conditions that require the awning to be retracted or extended, the awning automatically changes its position.

Smart Home integration of
electric awnings

Man sits under awning and controls it with an iPad.

Create your personal patio atmosphere with awning, light and heat conveniently with io technology via smartphone or tablet - from your recliner or anytime on the go. The smart home integration of your motorized awning turns sun protection into a secondary matter. The intelligent control is extremely convenient and useful. If you're ever out and about and you remember that you forgot to retract your awning, you don't have to go back home again. Simply open the app on your mobile device and retract the awning remotely.

Configure fixed times for retracting and extending your sunshade. This is particularly practical for conservatory or vertical blaind awnings, because these models are often used not only to provide shade. Rather, the purpose of using vertical and glass roof awnings is to prevent heat buildup indoors. The earlier the sunshade is extended, the cooler it stays. Ensure the optimal time of extension with smart home integration - even if you are not at home or not thinking about it yourself at that moment.

If you already have an awning that is not smart home ready, this can be retrofitted. A qualified markilux specialist partner in your area will be happy to advise you on this.

about markilux electric awnings

Some awning models come with a motor as standard. Models that are not motorized awnings as standard can be optionally configured with a motors depending on the product.

Electric awnings can be controlled in a variety of ways. Depending on which control method you personally prefer, you can choose between a wall switch, a radio remote control, smart control via smartphone and tablet, or weather-dependent operation using sensors.

Yes, this is possible without any problems. Ask a markilux specialist partner in your area for advice on how to retrofit a markilux awning electrically. They will then also install the motors, turning a manually operated model into a motorized awning.

Yes, if you choose a model with iO radio-controlled motor, you can integrate the awning into the smart home and operate it via app with your smartphone or tablet.

The price of an electric awning with installation depends on several factors. On the one hand, the model is decisive, the size as well as possible additional equipment. On the other hand, the costs can vary depending on the installation effort. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain a non-binding offer from a markilux specialist partner.

Yes, the control of motorized awnings can be automated with the help of weather-dependent sensors.

In order for an awning to retract and extend electrically, a motors must be installed in the roller tube. When the motor is activated, the folding arms extend, stretching the awning cover. Since the round motor disappears into the roller tube, it is protected from environmental influences and is not visible to the awning user.

If you are interested in a motorized awning, feel free to visit a markilux showroom. Here we display various electrically controlled models. If you like, you can try out the different types of operation yourself, such as remote control or wall switch.


your electric awning at a local specialized dealer.