Calculate the awning shadow
with the markilux sun compass

The markilux sun compass helps you to easily calculate the shade of your new awning online. Why is this an important step in planning? Depending on the orientation of your terrace or balcony, the sun's rays hit the area that you want to shade with an awning at different times of the day and from different directions and at different angles.

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This is how it works

The markilux sun compass shows you how the shadow under your awning will turn out - depending on the time. In order to be able to calculate the incidence of light on your awning, the tool needs some information. The calculation of the shadow takes place in the following steps:

  • Information about the location of your awning: When you click on the “Location” button, a small map with a search field appears. You can enter your address here. Don't forget to indicate the direction of your terrace or balcony.

  • Dimensions and angle of inclination: In the second step, you have the option of varying the dimensions of the awning. You can always return to this step to readjust the values ​​for calculating the shadow. The markilux shadeplus, which protects your terrace or balcony from the rays of the low-lying sun, is listed here as an additional equipment option.

  • Date and time: Next, enter a date and time or a time window for which you want to calculate the awning shadow. For example, try out different months and times of day and watch how the rays of the sun on your terrace change accordingly.

  • Start the sun´s trajectory : Once you have entered all the data, you can click on the “Start the sun´s trajectory” button to display the course of the incidence of light and the shadow. Let the sun compass run through and imitate a whole day, for example. With the "Speed" slider you can set the time sequence faster or slower.

  • Save, print or send the result: You can then save the calculation of the awning shadow or print out the information you have set. You are welcome to contact your regional specialist dealer directly at this point.

Are you satisfied with the shade calculation for your awning and would you like to continue planning your shade provider right away? With our awning configruator and the freemarkilux App you can further plan, configure and visualize your dream awning.

Calculate the shade and select the appropriate awning

The shadow calculation for your new markilux folding arm awning can be the first step on the way to your individual sun protection. The calculations of the markilux sun compass provide you with solid orientation values ​​for further awning planning.

Now determine which awnings have the required dimensions and equipment options with the markilux awning finderand are therefore suitable for your project. If you have general questions about the markilux range, ourhotline team will be happy to help you by phone or email. If you would like to arrange anpersonal consultation, please contact your local markiux specialist dealer.