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balcony awnings.
balcony awnings.
markilux 970 on a roof terrace
Open awning mx 930 with beige fabric cover and brown frame attached to balcony of apartment building

High-quality sun protection for balconies
- 100% Made in Germany.

The best under the sun. For the most beautiful shade in the world. Summer on your balcony.

Designer awnings from markilux not only provide shade on terraces or in the garden, but are also ideal for the balcony - no matter what shape or size. The awning adapts to your balcony area and your needs. On hot days, it provides protection from the sun's rays outside and cools the adjacent interior at the same time. In the evening and on cooler days, it creates a cozy atmosphere and also protects against light wind and some rain. By choosing a markilux balcony awning, you get a high-quality and durable product thanks to the best quality "Made in Germany".

markilux balcony awnings are particularly space-saving. Especially since they disappear inconspicuously in a fabric housing mounted on the wall or under eaves when not in use. The available space can thus be used optimally and the design of the balcony awning blends in with the architecture of the building.

A beautiful atmosphere and comfort on your balcony are provided by the many extras you can choose for your awning. Exclusive cover patterns, smart technology, various LED lighting options and infrared heaters transform your balcony into an outdoor oasis. Paired with movable side elements or vertical blinds, you create a windless space that promises privacy.

Awning types at a glance:
Functions and advantages

Cassette awnings

When the awning is retracted, the cassette completely encloses the awning cover and the technology and protects them perfectly from wind and weather. Our premium cassette awnings are produced in Germany - and are in demand worldwide. As a premium manufacturer, we offer you awnings of the best possible quality, with sophisticated technology and an inimitable design.


Complete protection for fabric cover and technology

Modern, shapely design

Many equipment options

markilux mx-2 in gray with white cloth on a white house
markilux mx-2 in gray with white cloth over a terrace at a white house
  • markilux MX-1 compact

  • markilux MX-2

  • markilux MX-3

  • markilux 6000

  • markilux 5010

  • markilux 970

  • markilux 3300

  • markilux 990

Semi-cassette awnings

Semi-cassette awnings open downwards and are therefore suitable for installation locations that make all-round protection by a full cassette superfluous. With semi-cassette awnings from markilux, clever details provide stylish accents. For example, the markilux 1600 can be upgraded with glossy chrome elements.


Protected fabric cover

Visible folding arms in closed state

Timeless design

Half cassette markilux 1600 close-up in gray with chrome elements and green cloth
Single family house with wide window front and extended green mx 1600 awning
  • markilux 1600

  • markilux 1710

Open folding-arm awning

Open awning completely eliminates the need for a cassette. Mechanics and roller tube are openly visible. With its modern and functional design, the open awnings bring new verve and style to your balcony or terrace.


Slim design

Perfect also for smaller locations

Optionally combinable with shapely protective roof

markilux 1300 in white with blue cloth on a white house wall
markilux 1300 in white with blue fabric over a balcony on a white house wall
  • markilux 930

  • markilux 1300

  • markilux 1700

Pergola awnings

The pergola awnings convince with their stable construction. This makes them particularly suitable for large areas. Due to the lateral fabric guidance, they offer optimal sun and weather protection up to a wind strength of 6. In addition, they can be equipped with many extra options such as wind and privacy, light or infrared heaters.


Large size sunshade

High wind stability

Perfect outdoor ambience thanks to additional equipment

Wide range of design options

markilux pergola cubic in gray with green cloth on a terrace
  • markilux pergola classic

  • markilux pergola cubic

  • markilux pergola compact

  • markilux pergola stretch

Vertical blinds

In addition to classic folding-arm awnings, vertical blinds are also suitable for shading your balcony. Depending on the structural conditions, vertical blainds can be mounted on the balcony - either between walls or support posts or by means of a telescopic support tube. Thus, the installation even manages without drilling, because the awning is clamped.


Privacy and glare protection

Mounting without drilling (depending on model)

Integration in architecture

Avoids heating up of indoor spaces

An awning with a yellow fabric cover and a white cover profile is attached to the roof projection of a balcony.
  • markilux 620

  • markilux 730

  • markilux 740

Which awning for balconies?

With so many models in the balcony awning category, the question "Which awning is the best?" often arises. However, the question of the best awning for balconies can not be answered right away. Which balcony awning is the right one depends on individual wishes and requirements. When looking for a sunshade for the balcony, you should consider the following factors:

  • Balcony size: Depending on the size of the balcony can be used different models: For smaller balconies, awnings are suitable for niches and small areas, optionally with the stretch function. For balconies or roof terraces with a medium size, folding-arm awnings or pergola awnings can be useful, depending on the structural conditions. If one has a particularly large balcony or roof terrace, often even different awning models and awning systems can be combined with each other. This creates an all-round protection against sun, wind, light rain or unwanted looks.

  • If the awning is exposed to strong winds, the best solution is a pergola model. By fixing them to the wall of the house, as well as additional support posts in the ground, they can withstand stronger gusts.

  • If the roof terrace has a roof or a winter garden, under-glass awnings or on-glass awnings can be installed.

  • Since balconies often have a roof overhang, open folding-arm awnings are an option especially for balcony use. The protrusion protects the fabric cover and folding arms.

  • If there is no protective eaves, a half or full cassette awning should be used on your balcony.

  • In addition to providing shade from above, side screens can be installed for side sun protection, wind protection or privacy. In this way, your privacy is preserved.

  • If attachment to the façade is not possible or desirable, the markilux syncra can be considered as a free-standing awning.

Sun protection solutions

near you.

Good to know: Shading for balconies

The choice of the appropriate awning model depends on various factors. Balcony awnings are invidualisable and can be adapted to the size of the balcony. Depending on the orientation of the balcony, the size of the awning can be customised.

Of course, we also offer awnings for small balconies. Depending on the installation situation and available space, various models offer advantages for shading your outdoor area. Even if the drop is larger than the width of the awning, there is a solution with the stretch function. With two intersecting folding arms, even awnings with a small width extend far out.

Of course we also offer awnings for large balconies. Depending on the desired dimensions, different awning models come into question. Some models, e.g. the markilux pergola models, offer the option of large widths and drop-outs. In addition, many awnings can be linked together so that even larger areas can be shaded. To determine the area to be shaded, please contact a markilux specialist partner who will take measurements on your premises and find the right awning for you.

Every markilux balcony awning is individually planned and made to measure, so it is not possible to quote general prices. Depending on the model, size and additional features such as heat, light or shade plus, the price for your dream awning can vary. It is best to ask a qualified markilux specialist partner for advice in a personal consultation. Your local specialist partner is the right contact for questions about awning prices and costs for professional installation. You can find the right partner for shading your balcony in our specialist partner search.

Are you looking for sun protection for your balcony? Then a balcony awning is exactly the right choice. Due to the wide range of configuration options for our balcony awnings, we rely on qualified and well-trained markilux specialist partners to sell our awnings. Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our specialist dealers, you will receive individual advice tailored to your needs. You can find the right partner in your area in our specialist partner search.

Thanks to our cooperation with local markilux specialist partners, you do not have to worry about the installation of your new balcony awning. Because in addition to product advice and planning a shading solution for your balcony, the professional installation of your awning is also part of the service offered by the specialist dealers. So you can sit back and enjoy a safe installation on your balcony.

Especially if you live in a rented property, you may not always have the opportunity to attach an awning to the building. In this case, the markilux 730 model is particularly suitable for installation on the balcony. Thanks to the telescopic standpipes, it can be mounted on the balcony without the need for drilling.

If you would like to protect yourself on your balcony from wind and unwanted glances from the neighbours, side awnings are an option. Vertical awnings also serve as both a privacy screen and windbreak. If you are bothered by the low sun, add shade plus to your balcony awning. In our awning configurator , you can put together your individual solution for your balcony.

The best under the sun.
For the most beautiful shade in the world.


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