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markilux AR App
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markilux awning app with AR technology – take a look at your awning virtually before it is installed

If you are currently planning your new markilux awning, the user-friendly markilux awning app will be of great help. It shows numerous markilux awnings, which you can configure at any time thanks to modern augmented reality technology and view virtually on your facade.

This is the perfect way to look for the right awning and try out lots of different products and equipment variants – before you place your order. You can define and vary the following product features in the markilux awning app:

  • markilux awning model

  • Awning width and extension

  • Installation height

  • Awning cover

  • Pitch (depending on the model)

Download the app – it doesn't take long and it's available free of charge for your Android or iOS mobile device or tablet.


Augmented Reality means that virtual images form a unit with recordings of real objects on the screen. In the case of the markilux awning app, you scan the wall to which the awning is to be attached later with the camera of your smartphone or tablet. The app then adds the selected virtual awning to the scanned image. In this way, you can see your new markilux awning “in its finished state” before it is installed.

The app allows you to make adjustments to the awning in real time and to inspect it from different positions - even from below - by approaching or moving away from the house wall. The software automatically detects the incidence of light and also shows you the shadow cast. You can also retract and extend the virtual awning. Sounds good? Try it out right now!