Awning Covers

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The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth.

Unique materials create a special ambience It is the colour and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience in your conservatory and on your patio special. Colour nuances, patterns and textures create that uniquely special effect, depending on their brightness and hue. As a leading manufacturer of high-grade awning fabrics with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of textiles, markilux offers unparalleled variety. The markilux textile design team is constantly developing new patterns in line with the latest trends which are nevertheless characterised by their timeless nature.

Among the more than 250 patterns in thematically coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. Let your markilux specialist dealer inspire you, delight you and provide you with advice when it comes to selecting a material for your solar shading solution.

Awning covers “Made in Germany” We manufacture awning covers that maintain their shape and colour for years, and offer your home that special something. These high-tech awning fabrics are manufactured at the markilux production facility in Emsdetten, Germany in accordance with strict quality standards. The yarns are dyed using a process we ourselves developed and show their effect in up to 16 million distinctive colours with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity. This has resulted in functional textiles, which have set exceptionally high standards in terms of quality, UV protection, ease of care and appearance. markilux awning covers are available in the qualities “sunsilk” or “sunvas” or as fabrics in our markilux specials collection serving specific requirements.

markilux awning covers During the production of our awning fabrics we leave nothing to chance. We produce our fabrics sunsilk and sunvas exclusively in Germany using the most modern weaving technology. We add a final finishing flourish to the fabric using our snc coating, a special formula developed in house that creates a self-cleaning effect. This finish gives our awning covers incredible longevity and resistance against rain, light and fluctuations in temperature. This is certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100, which also guarantees they are free from harmful dyes or chemicals.

With an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, all markilux awning covers made from sunsilk or sunvas offer the highest possible degree of UV protection. This allows you to enjoy sunny days for longer, without risk.*

The markilux awning fabric collection

The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth

Among the more than 250 patterns in thematically coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. Learn all the technical details about your favourite awning cover, filterable by collection and application.

view the markilux collection

sunsilk | the brilliant

sunsilk combines ultra-modern appearance with an outstanding technical specification: durable, colourfast, resilient and with a self-cleaning effect.

markilux sunsilk

sunvas | the traditional

The textile material with a soft, fluffy touch and gentle colour glow radiates a socially appealing charm.

markilux sunvas

visutex | the exclusive

Inspiration from the areas of fashion, architectre, colour and natural effects. 50 innovative fabrics conjure up your very own awning sky in the proven qualities of sunsilk and sunvas – exclusively from markilux.

markilux visutex

perfotex | the functional

The special fabric for markilux conservatory awnings made from high-tech polyester material in proven sunsilk quality. An additional aluminium coating reflects heat even more effectively, even before it can enter the conservatory.

markilux perfotex

sunvas perla | the impermeable

sunvas perla is a high-quality awning fabric based on the innovative, high-tech fabric sunsilk snc with its outstanding technical characteristics. The material has a transparent coating.

markilux perla

perla FR | the flame retardant

sunsilk perla FR is a high-quality awning fabric based on the innovative, high-tech fabric sunsilk snc. This coated fabric is waterproof and flame retardant and should be used wherever fire safety regulations are to be observed and protection from both rain and sun and a decorative effect is required.

markilux perla FR

vuscreen | the reflecting

The vuscreen material used to create modern sun and glare protection covers for markilux vertical blinds and awnings is finely perforated and transparent to a limited degree. It protects against reflected light.

markilux vuscreen ALU

transolair | the transparent

Solar protection with a view. The sunvas fabric with special perforation technique stands for impressive transparency and good light and air permeability. This effectively reduces the build-up of heat.

markilux transolair

colour on demand – Exclusively for you!

Colour is an expression of personality. With the new colour on demand system, markilux gives you the opportunity to choose your very own colour to create your own personal awning heaven. The basis is a plain white fabric in the tried-and-tested markilux sunvas quality, dyed using the state-of-the-art and extremely fade-resistant dyeing process.

Testing of the material by independent institutes provides undeniable proof of the excellent technical characteristics of the sunvas fabric quality.

markilux – the best under the sun. And the most beautiful shade in the world.

Old for New - Change your awning cover!

Exchange your old awning cover for a new high-quality solar protection cover from markilux and adorn your favourite outdoor spot with one of the more than 250 fabric patterns  in the new markilux collection.High-tech material, breathtaking colours and distinctive patterns that complement the architecture of your house and give voice to your own personal style.

But, what if you don't own an original markilux designer awning? No problem!

Allow yourself to be inspired, enthused and advised by your markilux specialist dealer.

A sunny outlook with the best possible protection With a new, original markilux awning cover you will create an impressive feel-good atmosphere with the highest possible UV protection factor, self-cleaning snc effect, unequalled colour fastness and long service life.

So, you'd also like to see the result in advance? In that case, configure your own personal dream awning and visualize it on the walls of your own home and get to know many of the details and options in a virtual setting. Just download the App free of charge from your App store (iOS & Google Play).