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Which awning fabric to choose? 

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"Which awning fabric to buy?" - If you have already decided on a high-quality markilux awning, you will certainly deal actively with this question during the planning phase. Answering it is often not that easy, because the right color, the right surface structure and many other features should be selected carefully. After all, you don't buy a high-quality markilux awning for one season. 

Which awning fabric to choose? Tips on color selection in the awning fabric finder 

In the extended state - with open-style awnings also when closed - the color of the awning fabric has a decisive influence on the overall appearance of your sun protection. “Which awning fabric to choose?”, this question arises in view of the large selection. In addition to our awning fabric finder, the following points will also help you answer this crucial question: 

  • Depending on whether you want to buy a pergola awning in the garden, a free-standing awning by the pool, a balcony awning or a vertical awning, pay attention to the visual characteristics of the surroundings. If you would like your awning to blend in with the landscape, choose the color that dominates at the respective location. You can't usually go wrong with muted and classic colors like anthracite, brown, green, beige and blue. If you would like to consciously make a colorful statement, opt for brightly colored awning fabrics in yellow, orange or red. If you would like further trend colors for your awning, such as turquoise or pink, we will be happy to create them for you on request. 

  • Consider the shade of the awning: When the sun falls, the rays of the sun reflect the color of the awning fabric and bathe all objects under the awning in an atmospheric light. What color should the shade of your awning be? What is your feel-good color? And which one suits the mood you want to create on your terrace or balcony? 

  • Although all markilux awning fabrics from the sunsilk and sunvas collections offer the highest possible UV protection (UPF 50+), more or less light can shimmer through the awning depending on the brightness of the fabric color selected. This effect comes into its own with light-dark-striped awning fabrics. 

  • You can also optimally complement the colour concept, which determines the interior design of your home, with the appropriate awning colour in the outdoor area. In this way, your “living room outdoors” reflects the cosiness of your interiors and forms a visual unit with them. 

  • If you would like a specific color for your awning, we can manufacture your awning fabric as part of our color-on-demand service according to RAL.&#10;<br />Here is a selection of 1.625 colours available. 

Perhaps you already have specific ideas about the color and pattern your awning fabric should have - but do you already know which structural effects are possible? If you would like to find out more about the various markilux fabric collections and their advantages, visit our 

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. There you will find even more information that will make it easier for you to buy an awning. 

Awning fabric finder and personal consultation 

If you are still unsure which awning fabric is the right one for you, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. The markilux hotline service will be happy to answer your general questions about markilux awning fabrics. You can also visit one of the 

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, where our specialist advisors will support you in choosing a fabric. Convince yourself of the fabrics. 

You can also contact your 

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in your area. Our trained specialist partners will advise you extensively on all aspects of markilux awning fabrics. So answering the question "Which awning fabric to choose?" becomes simple. We look forward to receiving your enquiry. 

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