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markilux Showroom Salzburg

Himmelreich 3a

5071 Wals bei Salzburg, Austria

T +43 662 852206

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr: 09:00 - 17:00 h

Sa: 09:00 - 13:00 h

Awning expertise on site
Visit us without obligation in our awning exhibition. Let yourself be inspired by our selection of awnings and our sun protection products. Please note that the colour comparison is carried out looking down onto the awning fabric.  We will then be happy to name you a competent specialist partner who will clarify the installation situation on site and prepare an individual offer for you. In addition to our extensive range of awnings and other sun protection products, we offer you a wide range of selected living and outdoor accessories for indoors and outdoors in our markilux awning exhibition. Go on a discovery!


Wind protection and privacy

Wind protection and privacy
Lateral protection against low-lying sun, light breezes and inquisitive glances.

Wind protection and privacy

markilux awning fabrics

markilux awning fabrics
It is the colour and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience on your patio and in your conservatory special. Discover the most beautiful awning fabric between heaven and earth - brought to you by markilux. Made in Germany.

Awning fabrics

Best advice.

No sale.

Best advice. No sale.
As a manufacturer of quality products, markilux focuses on its core competencies. We use the know-how and logistics, passion and time of our specialists for what we are really good at: developing and manufacturing awnings. You will find everything to do with markilux sun protection in our showrooms, but nothing for sale.

markilux specialist dealers offer more. On site.
Our markilux specialist partners are specialists in sun protection and more. Windows, lightning rods, blinds and curtains, landscaping or garage doors. Glass roofs and conservatories. So, if you are completely renovating your house or even building a new one you do not need to go to several suppliers for each individual product. You can get everything from under one roof and have the same contact person in every case.

You can find ideas, detailed information, personal advice and the most beautiful awning fabric designs from your markilux specialist partner. Always in your area.

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