Cassette Awnings

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Cassette awnings have all-round protection. Cover and arm mechanism rest in a closed cassette when retracted. The markilux 6000 for example combines all these advantages.

Your advantages:

  • Safe retraction: Well packed cover and technology.
  • Maximum protection from environmental influences
  • Good looks even after many years
  • Elegant, modern design

  • markilux MX-1 | The Ultimate One

    The technology of tomorrow.

    A designer cassette awning that meets the highest architectural requirements. The multitalented all-rounder that provides light, shade and the suggestion of a fixed, weatherproof canopy.

  • markilux MX-1 compact | The “Petite” Ultimate One

    Delivering beautiful protection, any time of year.

    Full cassette awning with harmoniously crafted features and a multitude of accessory options that provide both light and shade.

  • markilux ES-1 | The Unique One

    The one that withstands the elements.

    Worldwide the only awning made completely of matt-brushed, marine grade stainless steel! The awning meeting special requirements as a design object or for use in locations with special climatic conditions.

  • markilux 6000 | Die Individuelle

    A designer awning with many faces – each one more beautiful than the next.

    A designer cassette awning that is individually modifiable in both colour and specification. The enormous variety of combinations of both the visual and technical aspects makes this awning unique.

  • markilux 5010

    Enjoy happy hour, 24 hours a day.

    Ovally shaped cassette awning in a slender design - extremely robust construction, ideally suited for shading large areas.

  • markilux 970 | The Linear One

    The Linear One

    Aesthetics and technology perfectly married – the compact cassette awning in a timeless, purist design.

  • markilux 990 | The Slim One

    Create a carefree ambience.

    The most compact markilux with folding arms – svelte, attractive and functional.

  • markilux 3300 pur | The Practical One

    High Impact. Low Maintenance.

    Extremely robust, angular cassette, ideally suited for installation in niches and reveals, under overhangs and to business premises.

  • markilux 1710 | The Classic One

    Slim, compact shading all year round.

    The classic torque bar awning with a designer look. The droplet-shaped cover cassette lends it a harmonious appearance.

markilux 3D APP

The markilux Augmented Reality App gives clients the possibility to view the entire product portfolio, assemble it in the 3D-configurator and view it the own environment.

The app features shadow simulation, showing whether the model chosen spends the amount of shade desired - any day, any time.

See you future awning mounted to your walls as if it were there forever.

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Designer awnings for both patio and balcony

The Most Seductive Shade in the World.

Whether you’re simply relaxing or having a gathering with family and friends, these are always valuable moments. markilux designer awnings not only provide shade, they also help create new opportunities to enjoy life. From protection on hot days to a perfect ambience, even when the sun has set, markilux awnings allow you to relax outdoors any time of day. Choosing a markilux designer awning is a decision, to opt for the best available quality and design.

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