More shade.
Fewer compromises.
More shade.
Fewer compromises.
More shade.
Fewer compromises.
Interior view of an extended mx 970 awning with beige fabric cover and anthracite-colored frame. The shadeplus provides sufficient shade when the sun is low.
markilux 1600 with green fabric cover and green shadeplus. Frame in gray.

Awnings for shade:
How to protect yourself from the sun

Good sun protection, solar protection on your patio. A matter of setting.

The numerous, freely selectable markilux equipment and design options for patio and balcony awnings, such as the vertically extendable markilux shadeplus, set new standards for stylish shading of your favourite outdoor space.

Your markilux shadeplus

markilux shadeplus offers additional protection from low sun and ensures that patios or balconies can be utilised even better. Your markilux shadeplus is indispensable, especially in the late afternoon hours when the sun is lower. This practical sun protection, solar protection can also be retrofitted to existing awnings. However, retrofitting the markilux shadeplus is only possible on selected awning models. A markilux Specialist Dealer will ensure that the existing awning is compatible and will carry out the retrofit professionally.

Your advantages

Additional protection from low sun: Optimum sun protection, solar protection is also provided in the late afternoon hours when the sun is lower.

Extension of the usable area: The additional sun protection, solar protection increases the shaded area under the awning, creating more space for relaxing hours outdoors.

markilux 1600 with green fabric cover and green shadeplus. Frame in gray.

Your markilux sun compass

With the markilux sun compass, you can calculate the shadow cast by your awning. The course of the sun can be simulated so that you can see when and where the awning provides shade - at any time of day and on any desired date. In addition to Time and the course of the sun, the tool also takes into account the location and orientation of the awning. You are welcome to try out the markilux sun compass directly to calculate the shade cast.

Your advantages

Improved planning accuracy: The precise simulation of the course of the shade means that areas that require additional protection can be identified and taken into account in advance.

Year-round shade safety: Your markilux sun compass takes into account the course of the sun throughout the year. This ensures that the awning provides optimum protection at any time of year, whether in summer or winter.

Preview of the markilux sun compass on a computer screen

Shade from all sides

In addition to awnings that keep the sun out from above, vertical blinds are also available to provide additional protection from low sun, prying eyes and light winds. This ensures maximum comfort and privacy on patios or balconies - all round protection and Perfect shade.

Your advantages

Side screens: The elegant way to show your neighbours your privacy - and always ready to hand when you want to protect yourself from low sun and side winds.

Wind protection / extra privacy markilux format: Life has many beautiful sides. Your home does too. Create your own personal outdoor space with textile cosiness.

Vertical awnings: Additional vertical designer awnings from markilux make your private outdoor space Perfect. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities.

markilux 790 brick house with sloping side screen in yellow
Awning mx 6000 with cream-colored fabric cover and frame and mx format with white frame and blue fabric by day. Below a table group.

Coupled awnings for extra-wide shade

For particularly large outdoor areas, there is the option of linking several awnings to provide shade over an even larger area. This solution provides extra-wide shade, ideal for extensive patios and spacious balconies. The flexible combination of several awnings creates a harmonious and seamless shade system that offers maximum comfort and protection.

Your advantages

Uniform design: Coupled awnings enable a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance that can be perfectly integrated into the architecture and design of the outdoor area.

Extended shade area: By linking several awnings, a much larger area can be shaded, ideal for large terraces and spacious outdoor areas.

Two mx pergola classic awnings with shade plus on the balcony of the house on the slope

on the subject of shade

Yes, markilux shadeplus can be retrofitted to selected awning models. A markilux Specialist Dealer can check whether your awning is compatible and carry out the retrofit. You can use our specialist partner search to find a specialist partner in your area.

An awning with front sun protection offers effective protection from direct sunlight, especially when the sun is low, and creates a more pleasant atmosphere on your patio or balcony.

Your markilux shadeplus offers an ideal solution for anyone who has problems with low sun. The special awning in the awning is designed to provide optimum protection even when the sun is low. An awning with front protection or an awning valance can also be very helpful here to counteract the sun's rays.

Not only the markilux shadeplus can be retrofitted. Retrofitting a vertical awning is also an excellent option for providing additional protection from low sun and prying eyes. This type of shading system not only offers functional benefits, but also increases the aesthetic value of your patio or balcony.

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