markilux under-glass awnings
for conservatories and patio roofs.

Crystal clear: the perfect sun protection under the conservatory or patio roof.

Underglass awnings from markilux are characterized by a uniquely beautiful design and modern technical equipment. Also in terms of quality and durability, markilux under-glass awnings are unsurpassed.

Under glass awnings are awnings that are fixed under the glass roof of a conservatory or patio roof. It is fixed under the glass, because it is more about glare and UV protection than heat protection. A positive side effect: the awning cover reduces sound and stays clean longer. At the same time, the textile ambience provides more living comfort. Protected under the glass roof, wind can hardly harm an under-glass awning. Therefore, compared to some on glass models, it is built more graceful, usually also cheaper in price and can remain extended longer. The under-glass awning can be operated electronically or by winding handle. Additional LED-Line as well as LED-Spots also conjure up a beautiful light on the terrace in the evening. The under-glass awning is suitable for open patio glass roofs or also for conservatories that can be well ventilated. Those who want additional sun protection to ward off lateral sun rays as well, can add shadeplus to the awning.

What are the advantages of under glass awnings
for winter garden or terrace roof?

Do you own a conservatory or a patio roof and are you looking for an awning to protect you from the sun? You would like to know whether an on-glass awning or an under-glass awning is more suitable? Which awning is the right one depends on the requirements you want your shade provider to meet. In some cases, however, the structural conditions of your conservatory or terrace roofing are also fundamental in determining whether an under-glass awning or an on-glass awning is right for you.

Advantages of under glass awnings:

  • The awning cover is perfectly protected from the weather in any condition.

  • Additional features such as light and shadeplus create a cozy atmosphere.

  • Shadeplus can be used as a vertical sunshade or as a privacy screen.

If you have any questions about the markilux 779 or markilux 879 models or if you would like to purchase a markilux under-glass roof awning, please contact a markilux specialist partner near you. They will advise you, take measurements at your location, prepare a personal offer and take care of the delivery and installation of your high-quality sun protection. Feel free to contact us and soon you will know the concrete price of your custom-made under-glass awning.

Underglass awnings
for every taste.

markilux 779 and markilux 879

Harmony of form and function - that's what both markilux models in the range of under-glass awnings offer. Ingeniously designed - also for shading large areas - the markilux 779 and markilux 879 prove to be perfect shade providers for patio roofs and conservatories.

The under-roof awnings differ in shape. The markilux 779 under-glass awning is a model with a clearly drawn, square cassette and harmoniously coordinated, angular guide tracks. As markilux 879, the under-glass awning is also available with an attractively shaped, round cassette. The awning cover is perfectly protected by the fully enclosing cassette. On the other hand, the fabric cover is protected from wind and weather even when extended, due to the fact that it is mounted under the glass roof - unlike on glass awnings. For a more attractive overall appearance and better wind stability, markilux tracfix (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track) can be selected as an option for the fabric guide. This is the lateral fabric guide without a gap between the awning cover and guide track.

Underglass awnings also have the advantage that the shadeplus provides an optimal shading supplement for low-lying sunlight. In keeping with the clear design "made in Germany", the shadeplus is integrated in the front profile of the under-glass awning. By mounting them under the glass roof, the markilux 779 and markilux 879 under-glass awnings can additionally be equipped with various lighting options. LED-Lines or LED-Spots skilfully set the scene for your favorite spot and create a beautiful atmosphere with atmospheric light.

Underroof awnings are the right choice if you are looking for a beautiful shade provider with that little extra for a cozy ambiance in your conservatory or under your patio roof.

Inspiration for conservatory and patio roof:
markilux under-glass awnings

  • Detached house with terrace in the garden. The terrace is covered by a patio roof and is shaded by the markilux 779 under-glass awning. The patio roof is complemented by a vertical blind with panoramic roof. In addition, window awnings are installed as well as a folding-arm awning on the balcony.
  • View from the house to the terrace shaded by an under glass awning 779 with green fabric cover and beige shadeplus
  • Underglass awning markilux 779, view from below on the yellow fabric cover
  • Frontal view of a patio roof equipped with a coupled markilux 779 under-glass awning with orange fabric cover and white shadeplus.
  • Underglass awning markilux 779 with green fabric cover under a patio roof on a single-family house.
  • Underglass awning markilux 879 with yellow fabric cover under a patio roof on a single-family house.
  • Side view of a modern cube building made of concrete and wooden elements. A markilux pergola style pergola awning with white awning cover covers the terrace right up to the adjacent pool.
  • Pergola awning markilux style on a modern, chic cube building. The lighting of the pergola bathes the terrace and garden with pool in beautiful light.
  • View below a white markilux pergola style with a view of the spacious garden with pool adjacent to the terrace. Shadeplus is integrated into the front profile of the pergola to protect against low sun.

about markilux under-glass awnings

The term under-glass awning means an awning that is mounted under the roof of a winter garden or a terrace roof. Synonymously, the term under-roof awning is also used.

We offer two models in the range of underroof awnings, which have different product features. The models markilux 779 and markilux 879 differ in terms of design and lighting options. You can find detailed information about these two underroof awnings on the product page.

In our in-house markilux showrooms, we exhibit a variety of our products. Here you can experience both our under-glass awnings and other awning models for shading your outdoor area live. You also have the option of viewing our products at a markilux specialist partner near you. Here you will receive expert advice on our under-glass awnings. The specialist dealer will help you find the right model for your individual installation situation. After measuring your conservatory or glass roof, he will provide you with an offer for a custom-made under-roof awning and installation on the conservatory or patio roof.

The prices for our under-roof awnings vary depending on the model, size and equipment options. Since these are custom-made, individual awnings, a flat rate price is unfortunately not possible. You are welcome to put together your dream awning in our configurator and, after completing the configuration, send a price request to a markilux specialist partner. They will inform you about prices taking into account your individual wishes. After taking measurements at your location, he will send you an individual offer including delivery and installation of your custom-made under-glass awning. You can find specialist dealers in your region in the markilux specialist partner search.

By default, our under glass awnings are equipped with the winding handle. However, you have the option to choose other types of operation. On the one hand, you can control your under-roof awning by remote control. On the other hand, integration into your smart home automation is also possible. Weather-dependent control is also available. This means that the awning is equipped with sun, wind and rain sensors so that it automatically extends or retracts when the weather changes.

If you are looking for sun protection for your patio roof, we recommend the models markilux 779 or markilux 879, which are under-glass awnings.

In addition to under-roof awnings for conservatories and patio roofs, our vertical blinds are the perfect addition to your private outdoor space. Simply cover profiles to block out unfamiliar views and the low sun. Sit protected from wind and weather. Enjoy the warmth of the day longer. Additional vertical designer awnings from markilux make your outdoor area perfect. In addition to the vertical blinds, you can also integrate shadeplus in the front profile of the markilux 779 or markilux 879.

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