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under the sun. 

markilux above-glass awnings for conservatories 

Enjoy life in your conservatory even on the hottest of days. 

A markilux awning fitted above the glass reflects glaring sunlight, ultraviolet light as well as a considerable proportion of heat radiation and at the same time immerses your conservatory in diffuse natural daylight. Heat remains outside while you can properly enjoy being inside. Whether small or large glass areas, classic or hipped roofs – enjoy pleasant temperatures and create your very own dream conservatory. 

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Choose the model that best suits your needs from our extensive selection of high-quality over-glass awnings. With the markilux online awning configuration, you can design your ideal awning in terms of color and technology. 

Depends on the model you choose, selecting among different frame colors, round and square cassettes, different operating options and sensors as well as an assortment of over 250 awning fabrics, you can always find the right combination for you. Discover further details about our over-glass awnings and their advantages. 

Under- or Above-glass awning – what´s the difference? 

Whether an underglass or above-glass awning is more suitable for you depends on the requirements that your shade provider should meet. In some cases, however, the structural conditions of your conservatory or patio enclosure may also determine which awning model is right for you. 

Differences and potential benefits of a rooftop awning VS. an under-glass awning: 

  • With a rooftop awning, you don't lose room height because the awning is mounted from the outside. 

  • An above-glass awning protects all of your glass or polycarbonate roof - even beyond its edge. 

  • When retracted, the awning disappears completely from your field of vision. 

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directly. They will advise you, take on-site measurements, prepare personal offer sand take care of deliveries and installations of your high-quality awning. Feel free to contact us and find out the specific price of your custom-made above-glass awning.