Awnings for Waterside Locations

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Many Australians aspire to waterside living, particularly in the summertime, when living along the coastline represents an enticing reprieve from the heat. Overlooking the picturesque vista of the Australian ocean is a reality for some, however, living near the water does have minor drawbacks, such as the issue of corrosion and damage to your window coverings.

If you live near a waterway or in a coastal town, you may want to consider ECR protection, which stands for extra corrosion resistance. ECR Protection entails a process by which the aluminum is etched prior to powder coating. This process ensures the aluminium is less prone to damages from weather and corrosion. It’s an extra measure that ensures your awnings are corrosion free, prolonging their life and keeping the exterior of your home looking beautiful.

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Also useful for coastal areas, as well as windier inland ones, the latest tracfix technology assists in stabilising the product in wind-prone climates or areas. Tracfix also provides strong tension within the fabric which means the wind is no match for products that use it. Tracfix products also remove the gap between the fabric and side tracks, creating clean visual lines. Tracfix is available in a variety of Markilux products such as the 8800 tracfix conservatory awning, 879 underglass conservatory awning and the 876 tensioned vertical blind.

Living along the coastline is a great experience, but some like to take it that one step further and live right on the water. For those that own magnificent live-in boats, awnings are still possible. You will need something extra durable to withstand constant contact with water; tracfix products certainly work well in such applications and can withstand high levels of wear and tear.

  • markilux 770 / 870 kinder conservatory

    for exterior applications

    Shade up to 400cm x 400cm in a stylish manner and enjoy the comfort and the quality of markilux for many years. Both this square awning for installation on the glass surface and it’s round counterpart the...

  • markilux 620 / 625 tracfix

    Vertical Cassette Blinds

    The markilux 620 and 625 vertical blinds please the eye with their optimised, straightforward design and purist appearance, which blends in perfectly with the architecture.

  • markilux 779 / 879 tracfix tensioned underglass

    Underglass awning for glass canopies

    The underglass awning markilux 779 / 879 offers technology at its best for small and large glass areas. Special gas­tensioned springs tension the cover really well. Noise­optimised retraction gliders also make the retraction and extension operation very quiet. A graceful awning, which matches every glass roofing and under which you can really enjoy the summer evening in a variable, atmospheric light system.

  • markilux 8800 / 8800 tracfix conservatory

    for exterior applications

    The markilux 8800 tracfix conservatory awning is regarded as the best conservatory awning on the market. For its performance, reliability, aesthetics and ease of installation. The markilux 8800 conservatory...

  • markilux 776/876

    Vertical cassette blind

    Sheer privacy. The world remains outside with the vertical awning markilux 776 / 876. The sun has no chance to heat up a room from the outside. The awning is the ideal solar protection for large windows or glass roofings, where, apart from an underglass awning, additional protection from prying eyes and heat is desired. Thanks to a special tensioning module, the awning operation is very quiet and the cover is ideally tensioned. Ideal conditions for retreating to privacy.