The most beautiful fabric
between heaven and earth
The most beautiful fabric
between heaven and earth
most beautiful fabric
between heaven and earth
Awning fabric quality sunvas from markilux
Awning fabric quality sunsilk from markilux
Awning fabric quality sunbow from markilux

markilux awning covers

It is the color and texture of the awning cover that gives specialness to the mood on your terrace and in your winter garden. Color nuances, patterns and structural effects provide the special effect depending on the brightness and hue. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality awning covers with almost 100 years of experience in the production of textiles, markilux offers an unmatched variety.

Your advantages

Highest possible sun protection with UPF 50+

Self-cleaning effect - water droplets absorb dirt particles and bead off the awning cover

Certified according to Öko tex standard 100 - free from dyes or chemicals that are hazardous to health

Bonded awning covers - excellent water, light and heat resistant prolongs the operating life of the fabric cover

markilux 5010 from left bottom with awning cloth 36917

Collection One

The development and creation of the new collection of sophisticated awning covers was strongly oriented towards the needs of customers as well as future trends in interior design, fashion, architecture and horticulture. The result is a beautiful collection of awning covers with more than 200 high-quality cover patterns in three categories.

One collection. Infinite ideas.

more than 200 high quality cover patterns

three categories

Orientation to future trends in interior design, fashion, architecture and horticulture.

SNC self-cleaning Tropfen 201810 gelb
markilux 5010 from left bottom with awning cloth 36917

The visutex POP-ART Edition

Inspired by the pop art movement of the 60s and the works of famous artists of that period, markilux has developed an awning cover edition with charisma. Ten refreshing cover fabric patterns in vibrant, trendy colours are extending and enriching the markilux collection one in the new season.

The new way to freshen up the markilux collection one with WOW effect

Ten new, dazzling awning fabrics in sunsilk quality

Exciting visutex patterns – exclusively for markilux designer awnings

Complementary freshen-up fabric set for the markilux collection one

mx visutex Pop-Art alle Tücher Key visual 202312 1920x1440 WEB



Exclusive for high demands

Inspiration from fashion, architecture, color and nature effects. 50 innovative fabrics conjure up your very own personal awning canopy in the tried-and-tested qualities sunsilk and sunvas - exclusively only at markilux.

  • architecture | The vast field of architecture served as a source of inspiration for the development of our visutex collection. The shapes, structures, colors and principles of good design are reflected in our exclusive fabric designs.
  • fashion | For the second theme of our visutex collection we were inspired by the classics in fashion. We were always aware that fashion can change quickly. But we also know that good style is everlasting.
  • colour | Colour is life. Colour is lifestyle. That's why we gave the theme of colour a very special place in our collection. Our colour expertise even enables you to choose exactly the colour you feel comfortable with from a wide range of colours and to bring your own personal awning fabric to life. colour on demand. My colour. My style.
  • special-effects | As pioneers in innovative awning cover design, we have dedicated the fourth theme of our collection entirely to special-effects. Special "radiant" visual effects are created by using special colors. This is unique.

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Colour becomes personality

is the name for the basic part of our collection. Here we present bestsellers, standards and classics in seven proven color groups. Plain colors and structured plain colors can be found here, as well as timeless fantasy stripes and the block stripes that have always been familiar.

The basic part of

currently includes the qualities sunvas and sunbow. A total of 110 fabric patterns make up around half of the overall collection.

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smart art

With smart art, markilux presents very special cover patterns, like works of art.

The claim shapes the special

The innovative printing technology enables the creation of extraordinary motifs. With smart art, markilux presents very special cover patterns - like works of art. The visual highlight for your terrace, with the charm of artistic creativity. This gives the term "impressive" a whole new meaning.

  • In transmitted light, excellent design image on the unprinted underside of the cloth.

  • markilux smart art awning covers are manufactured using a technically advanced latex printing process.

  • They are highly weather resistant, light fastness and water repellent.

  • Layers grey

    340 01 smart art
  • Blossom

    340 02 smart art
  • Chain green

    340 03 smart art
  • Chain grey

    340 04 smart art
  • Circles grey

    340 05 smart art
  • Circles orange

    340 06 smart art
  • Dots rose

    340 07 smart art
  • Glow bright

    340 08 smart art
  • Glow dark

    340 09 smart art
  • Layers green

    340 10 smart art
  • Leaves grey

    340 11 smart art
  • Stripe grey

    340 12 smart art
  • Stripe green

    340 13 smart art
  • Leaves green

    340 14 smart art
  • Painting grey

    340 15 smart art
  • Painting green

    340 16 smart art

The unique smart art fabric collection presents 16 attractive and expressive motifs inspired by art. Each - in its own way - a unique piece. Fabric patterns that give your terrace the flair of individuality and creative activity.

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markilux specials.
Form follows function.

Semi-transparent, heat-reflecting, air-permeable, waterproof or flame-retardant awning covers for special requirements.

markilux transolair

The sunvas fabric with special perforation technology stands for pleasant transparency as well as good light and air permeability. We recommend transolair for markilux shadeplus, side screens as well as for window and glass roof awnings.

Sun protection with transparency.

The perforated awning cover allows a view of the outdoors while protecting you from outside gazes.

It ensures air exchange between the fabric cover and the glass.

Accumulated heat is reduced.

The formation of water pockets is minimized.

Awning fabric quality transolair from markilux

markilux perla FR

The flame-retardant and waterproof sunvas fabric with transparent cloth underside should be used wherever special fire protection regulations must be complied with, protection against rain is desired and a decorative effect is required.

Protects optimally from sun and rain

The perforated awning cover allows a view of the outdoors while protecting it from outside gazes

flame retardant and waterproof sunvas fabric

transparent cloth underside

Should be used wherever special fire regulations must be observed, protection from rain is desired and a decorative effect is required

Awning fabric quality perla FR from markilux black

markilux perfotex

Woven-in reed gaps make the sunsilk fabric permeable to water and air. The risk of the formation of water pockets in rain and accumulated heat in strong sunlight is reduced. The aluminum coating of the 332 ... series further reduces heat gain. The weather-resistant finish also provides "protection against dirt" and ensures excellent water repellency.

Ideal for winter gardens

water and air permeable

Reduction of the risk of formation of water pockets in the rain

Accumulated heat during strong solar radiation is reduced

The aluminum coating of the 332 series ... additionally reduces the heat radiation

weather-resistant finish for excellent water repellency.

Awning fabric quality perfotex from markilux beige

awning covers

Creases occur during the manufacturing and folding of the sunscreen cloth. A dark line may be visible in the folded area against the light, especially with light colors, which is caused by buckling of the fibre (light refraction).

This can occur along the side seams, in the area of the seams and in the middle of the webs. The fabric cover is doubled at the seams. This results in different roll-up diameters. The tension created by the folding arms, the tesioning system, the sagging of the winding shaft and/or the front profile can promote these effects. Ripples may also form if a "water pocket" has formed during heavy rain.

Awning fabrics are impregnated with a water repellent finish and will remain resistant to rain during brief periods of light rainfall when used according to manufacturer's specifications and at an inclination angle of at least 14°. During extended periods of wetness and/or heavy rainfall, the awning must remain closed or retracted to prevent damage. Once the fabric cover has become wet, the awning must be extended again to dry immediately after the rain to avoid mildew stains.

The fabric cover is usually kept under almost permanent tension by an active spring system. Seams and hems act as reinforcement, but must also withstand the greatest stress. When the fabric cover is rolled up, the hems and seams lie on top of each other, which increases pressure and tension even more. This puts extra stress and stretch on them. This can cause the side seams to droop slightly when the awning is extended.

Dust can be removed with a soft brush when dry. Leaves and similar soiling should be removed immediately. Small stains should be removed with water and a commercially available, preferably liquid, mild detergent (5-percent soap solution, water temperature max. 30 °C). Rinse thoroughly with water.Detailed instructions with all important instructions for operation, care and maintenance are enclosed with every awning delivery.