Awnings in Canberra

Awnings in Canberra

Canberra, also affectionately known as the “bush capital” of Australia, is the seat for federal parliament. Canberra is also one of Australia's youngest cities, both in terms of the age of the city itself and the people living in it. The inhabitants of Canberra are known to have a keen eye for aesthetics and love for the outdoors with their living environment including their outdoor awnings and blinds requiring a certain level of beauty to them. In this sense, markilux has the Australian Capital Territory more than covered with some of the most beautiful folding-arm awnings, retractable awnings and window blinds available in Australia.

Just like the city of Canberra which is one of the few cities in the world designed and planned from scratch, markilux awnings are perfectly designed and planned to the last detail. markilux awnings go through an extensive process starting with their design, then rigorous testing in special wind tunnels, production in Germany to finally being delivered to the capital. So similar to the city, careful planning goes into every markilux outdoor blind and awning. This means that no matter what the day and the location, markilux will be there to provide you and your family with protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

Markilux outdoor blinds and awnings

The unique geography of Canberra makes certain suburbs ideal for markilux products. Who wouldn’t want to sit under a markilux pergola compact in Barton looking out over lake Burley-Griffin?  Yarralumba is known for its abundant green spaces where one can imagine meandering through Stirling Park and then relaxing in the shade of a  markilux free-standing awning. Deakin is another inner city suburb, this is a prime location for rubbing shoulders with the prime minister while enjoying a refreshing drink under your markilux outdoor awning.Enjoy Canberra’s world famous Floriade held each spring in Commonwealth Park before retiring to a chic café and partaking in a sumptuous lunch alfresco under a markilux awning.

Markilux awnings for Canberra climate

With higher average temperatures in summer and lower average temperatures in winter than both Sydney and Melbourne it’s safe to say that Canberra is a city of extremes. Canberra’s climate is especially suitable for retractable awnings and blinds that can withstand high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures. markilux’s German-made outdoor awnings are designed to be able to handle European temperatures so a Canberra homeowner would feel confident if their outdoor shading solution is a markilux. Your  awning will be able to fully retract to survive the cold days when temperatures can get as cold as -10 degrees letting in as much light and heat as possible and will be ready to extend out when the temperatures soar up to +45 degrees in summer giving cooling shade and much need relief from the sun’s damaging UV rays as all markilux fabric covers come with special UVA and UVB absorbers.

Canberra homeowners have some of the most expensive properties in the country with the cities property prices second, only to Sydney’s. With houses this valuable, homeowners are always looking to get the best for their homes. markilux is the perfect brand to add value to any Canberra home. markilux has a product for every application with an extensive range of folding arm awnings  from small awnings like the MX-3 up to the flagship MX-1 which can incorporate lighting and other extras like a variable valance. For homeowners with a conservatory or a glass roof, we have retractable awnings that can be installed under or over the glass.

In recent years the cafe and restaurant culture in Canberra has cemented itself as an important part of life in the capital. For the hospitality sector, we have an array of all-weather shading solutions available, most notably the markilux pergola and the markant.