Outdoor blinds and awnings Perth

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Outdoor blinds and awnings Perth

Outdoor awnings are a necessity for most Australian homes, and in the so called “City of Light”, you want to have the right shading solution so you can safely enjoy the warm Australian sun.

Whether you’re looking for folding arm awnings or an external blind for your conservatory, if you’re looking for awnings in Perth then markilux has you covered with numerous styles to choose from. The addition of external blinds to Perth homes is a worthwhile investment that will add to the value of your home for years to come.

Bringing together the best in design, functionality and architectural style with over 40 years experience in technical research and innovation, markilux products enhance the design of modern homes and apartments.

Discover the markilux range of awnings and outdoor blinds online and remember, every solution is customised to guarantee you end up with the right awning and perfect shading solution for you and your home, so don’t hesitate to contact markilux to discuss your outdoor awnings project in Perth.

Awnings Perth style

Named after Perth, Scotland, the city is the fourth most populous city in Australia. Perth is home to a variety of festivals and music events, with an entertainment scene that just continues to grow. During the summer especially, there is so much to do for both locals and tourists, with beautiful beaches and trendy cafes providing great spots to relax with friends and family.

Perth is quite isolated from the rest of Australia’s capital cities, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty to offer. With sporting events, picturesque parks and bustling shopping districts there is plenty to do in Perth. It’s a city that encourages a lot of time spent outdoors but that also means seeking the shade for shelter from the sun’s glare.

In Perth, awnings are a common sight in many public spaces, providing shade and shelter, and sometimes even an attractive feature. Many homes in Perth might already have awnings, but if not, or you’re in the market for a stylish update then markilux can help you find something to suit any home.

As with anywhere else, Perth locals want comfort and style out of their home, and when summer rolls around, making sure you have the right shading solution for you home becomes high priority.

There are various different colours available for canvas awnings Perth homeowners are sure to love. You can match the fabric to fit with the rest of your home’s design. Outdoor shade blinds Perth will allow everyone to enjoy their sunny weather without the worry of getting sunburned or worse. Let your awning provide you with a safe summer.

Perth outdoor blinds essential for the sunniest city

Perth has hot and dry summers, while its winters are generally cool and wet. Averaging 3000 hours of sunshine each year, Perth is Australia's sunniest state capital. Ensure you make the most of this sunny weather without increased exposure to harmful UV rays and blistering heat.

To cater for both the hot and cool weather you can choose an awning that will be suited to either climate. For the sunny days, an awning provides the perfect protection from the harsh rays. It will allow you and your family to enjoy the gorgeous weather without having to worry about sun damage. And when it starts to cool down, an awning can provide some privacy and shelter for when you are entertaining friends and family.

With its dazzling sunlight and clear blue skies, Perth offers a beautiful skyline. Outdoor blinds in Perth enable you to make the most of a beautiful location and place the control back in your hands by allowing you to adjust the level of sunlight and breeze entering your home or outdoor entertaining area. By installing folding arm awnings in Perth, markilux gives you the flexibility to enjoy your outdoor area all year round. markilux awnings can even be programmed to make adjustments automatically as the weather changes and can be fitted with various different features depending on your needs.

When you protect your windows and outdoor areas properly you find that your reliance on heating and cooling inside your home is reduced – you may even find that you don’t have a need for internal curtains or blinds, which makes for a lovely streamlined finish. Installing external blinds can save you money in the long run through the benefit of reducing usage of air-conditioning and heating. You will also find that you extend the useable areas of your home hence maximising the use of outdoor entertainment areas you have invested in.

Perth awnings to suit any architecture

Fremantle is known for its well preserved architectural heritage, with many heritage sites in Perth’s CBD, Fremantle and other parts of the metropolitan areas. It’s a mix of old and new, with some of the city’s newer commercial architecture having only been built a few years ago.

There are plenty of outdoor blind options that will not in any way detract from the original design but instead add something fresh and stylish, ensuring the lasting value of the building while still preserving the architectural heritage.

Folding arm awnings

Folding arm awnings can be fitted to any home and are designed to suit any space. With the convenience of being able to be retracted and folded away when not in use.

» markilux folding arm awnings

Exterior window awnings

When you need to protect the your home or windows from the hot sun, exterior window awnings are the way to go. They take up minimal space and can cool down your home at the push of a button.

» markilux exterior window awnings

Free standing awning systems

Set up away from the home, these do not need to be attached to an already existing structure but can be set up on their own.

» markilux free standing awning systems

Pergola awnings

If you have some space alongside your house that’s not getting utilised, a pergola awning can help you create a cosy space that is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the warm weather without getting blasted by the sun.

» markilux Pergola awnings

Your awning need not interfere with the aesthetics of your home, instead it can complement it. You can choose a design, and then the material as well, to suit the rest of your home, no matter the shape, size or style. With a collection of more than 30 awning styles that are all customised to your need, you can be assured that markilux will create the ultimate shade solution for your home.

From folding arm awnings, pergola awnings and external blinds, there are outdoor awnings to suit any outdoor space and fit in with the style of your home. Awnings are a great addition, which can be enjoyed by the whole family through all seasons.

Conservatory Perth creating an outdoor room

Conservatories have become quite a popular addition to Perth homes, and are a great way to add an outdoor room to your home and really make the most of your outdoor space.

If you’ve got a large outdoor space a conservatory is a great option and is worth considering as well as awnings, as you can really create a special space for your family to spend time in, and even to have friends over for entertaining. It provides shelter and then for added shade you can attach an awning to the conservatory for sun protection.

A conservatory creates an outdoor room, creating more space in your home without actually needing to change the structure of your home. There are various designs from which you can find something to suit your home. And if you live in the sunniest city in Australia then you’ll definitely need the addition of an outdoor blind for your Perth conservatory.

The external blinds for your conservatory can be chosen to blend seamlessly with the overall design so you can really create a stunning feature while at the same time ensuring maximum shade and sun protection for your family.

Choosing outdoor blinds for your conservatory is important in order to ensure you have the right shading solution for your whole family. It will help you get the most out of your conservatory, especially in the warmer months.

Make sure you able to get the most out of your gorgeous sunny Perth weather, and keep entertaining long into the colder months by the addition of an outdoor awning to your home. For all outdoor blind requirements in Perth, markilux has all you need.