Awnings in Sydney

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Awnings in Sydney

Outdoor awnings have been around for a long time, but people are starting to find there are now much more high performing and stylish options available. markilux boasts a wide range of awnings, from folding-arm, to external blinds, there is something to suit any Sydney home.

From the harbour to Bondi Beach and beautiful leafy suburbs in between, Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most stunning views. We make the most of these views by fitting windows, balconies and courtyards to our homes, which also bring with them increased exposure to the elements.

Sydney enjoys luxury as much as any other city, and with stunning homes and beautiful city and beachside views, you want to be able to entertain your loved ones, rain or shine. An external awning allows you to create an outdoor space and markilux understands the importance of style as well as functionality when it comes to the lifetime investment of awnings. If you’re looking for awnings in Sydney, then markilux has you covered.

Sun and sand, and Sydney awnings

Sydney is the city of sun and sand, and with such scorching summer, it’s not so surprising that it has more of a beach orientated culture than many of Australia’s other capital cities. Sydney is home to some of the most recognisable beaches in the world. Hundreds of tourists arrive at Bondi Beach every year, and Coogee is well known with the locals and tourists as a great beach to spend lazy summer days.

Summer in Sydney means spending a lot of time outdoors, whether at one of the numerous beaches or at a park with family and friends. And while many places are out in the sun, there are always shading solutions nearby to offer shelter and sun protection. As much as you may love getting some sun, you don’t want your summer to be ruined by sunburn, or something worse.

Many people, when they go to a beach or park take their own shade with them in the form of umbrella’s or tents, but when it comes to your own home, often a more permanent shading solution is the best way to go. Sydney awnings ensure that you can continue to enjoy a lifestyle out in the sun without putting you, your family or your home at risk of sun damage.

Sydney shade solutions

With an abundance of cafes lining the borders of the beach, Sydneysiders love nothing more than to sit outside in the sun with a cool drink. But that doesn’t mean they’re not smart about sun safety. Sun protection has been ingrained in most Australians since primary school, and Sydney people know to seek shade when the sun’s out.

Outdoor awnings

allow everyone to enjoy the great weather without having to worry constantly about the dangers of sun damage. Many of Sydney apartments have balconies, and for those that don’t already have some kind of shading or shelter, it’s worth looking into adding an outdoor awning to the space, if you don’t have the space for an extended awning, you could always choose an external blind that provides cover over a window.

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External blinds

are convenient when you have less space to work with but still want to invest in high performing shade for your home. With choices of either the drop-arm awning or straight drop awning, you can find something to suit a home of any shape and size.

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Drop-arm awnings

Drop-arm awnings can extend slightly away from your home, inclining at just the right angle, so as to provide shade while still allowing for light and airflow into your home.

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Straight drop awnings

A straight drop awning does just that, drops straight down to cover your window. More durable and heavy duty that indoor blinds or curtains, a straight drop awning will block out the harshest of the sun’s rays, helping to protect your interior and keep things cooler.

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Create an outdoor room with awnings Sydney

Installing an awning can actually provide you with more space, as once you’ve created a sheltered space you can bring the outside and inside together. There are many different types of awnings, so you can find one that fits your Sydney home.

Sydneysiders love to entertain as much as any other Aussies, and with an outdoor awning you can have friends and family over for a barbeque any time of the year. You can create an inviting place with the shelter provided by an awning; your furniture will be protected from the elements and the awning itself can be a feature of the outdoor space.

There are plenty of different awning fabrics to choose from, so you needn’t be stuck with something unflattering or plain. markilux’s collection of sunsilk snc awning fabric alone is available in over 100 different colours and patterns, whether you’re looking for something classic, or a bright and colourful design. With a self-cleaning effect the material for your outdoor awning will looks stylish for years to come.

Outdoor blinds in Sydney enable you to make the most of a beautiful location. They place the control back in your hands and allow you to adjust the level of sunlight and breeze entering your home or outdoor entertaining area. By installing folding arm awnings in Sydney, markilux gives you the flexibility to enjoy your outdoor area all year round.

Choose the right awning for your Sydney home

When you protect your windows and outdoor areas properly you find that your reliance on heating and cooling inside your home is reduced – you may even find that you don’t have a need for internal curtains or blinds, which makes for a lovely streamlined finish. You will also find that you extend the useable areas of your home hence maximising the use of outdoor entertainment areas you have invested in.

Choosing the right external awning for your home has never been easier, at markilux we’re dedicated to helping you get the right awning for your family and your home. Markilux awnings are built to last, and in order to withstand the Sydney sunshine that’s something you want to be able to rely on.