Awnings in Melbourne

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Awnings in Melbourne

Melbourne is the city of four seasons in one day. While many people think we’re exaggerating when they hear this, once they’ve visited the city they quickly realise how true the statement is. From cloudy overcast to glaring sunshine, Melbourne likes to keep everyone on their toes.

Whether rain or shine, outdoor awnings are a necessity in Melbourne. Like other Australians, Melbournians love nothing more than to sit outside in the sun as soon as it peeks out from behind a cloud. But we don’t like to risk being outside for too long without some shade nearby. All you need to do is take a walk around the city and you’ll see awnings of all kinds, providing shaded places for people to sit outside and enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Melbourne is a mix of old and new architecture, there a plenty of old and new homes that already having some form of shading, but some of them need updating and there are a few Melbourne homes that don’t have any shading at all. So whether you are looking to update an existing shading system or wanting something new entirely, markilux has you covered, literally, with all your outdoor awning needs.

Keep cool with outdoor awnings as Melbourne warms up

While Melbourne is known for unpredictable weather, when summer rolls around the days become hot, hot, hot! External blinds are perfect for keeping out the harsh glare, and keeping the temperatures cooler inside. Plenty of Melbourne homes don’t have air conditioning, so having shade blinds are a necessity to ensure your home doesn’t completely overheat. They’ll also save you money on internal cooling in the long run, as your indoor cooling system won’t have to work so hard.

In many of the suburbs closer to the CBD, houses don’t have as much outdoor space, so you’ll more likely need a smaller awning to fit into the space you have, or even external blinds might be the best option for your shading solution. Exterior blinds are a great choice for homes that have less outdoor space. You can get a straight drop cassette awning that is fitted perfectly to your window, giving you sun protection as well as privacy, then there are also drop-arm awnings which incline at just the right angle to provide shade while also allowing for light and airflow.

There are a lot of rentals in Melbourne, so you may need to find out if your landlord is happy for the addition of an outdoor awning. Most will be more than happy for the instalment of exterior blinds, as the long term benefits will far outweigh the initial cost.

Enjoy the Melbourne lifestyle with markilux awnings

If you live in Melbourne outdoor awnings are going to enable you to keep cool in the scorching summer, as well as give you a shaded space to entertain family and friends, both in the summer and when the weather gets cooler. Having an external awning in winter means you can still enjoy a barbeque outside no matter the weather.

markilux have a great selection of high quality external awnings in Melbourne, big and small to suit any outdoor space. Melbournians love nothing more than to spend time outside with friends and family as soon as the weather allows, and an outdoor awning means you don’t have to worry about sitting directly in the sun.

We can get quite strong winds in Melbourne, so something else worth considering is whether you want to invest in retractable awnings. Folding arm awnings are a good option if you have less space, then you can store it away when it’s not in use but storing them away can also help prevent your Melbourne awnings from getting damaged when the weather gets wild.

markilux offer a range of different folding arm awnings to choose from, depending on the style you’re after, each has their own unique characteristics and benefits.

Cassette awnings

Cassette awnings have a fully concealed, stylishly contoured cassette housing that provides all year round protection to the awnings mechanism, arms and fabric, to help ensure years of trouble free use.

» markilux cassette awnings

Semi-cassette awnings

The unique rotation of the headbox during extension and retraction, allows an integrated brush to sweep the semi-cassette awning fabric cover clean.

» markilux semi-cassette awnings

Open style awnings

Open style awnings are considered an entry level awning, as they can easily be installed under an overhang to provide a shaded outdoor space.

» markilux open-style awnings

Stretch awnings

Perfect for covering a narrow courtyard space that requires a long projection, stretch awnings are great for smaller spaces.

» markilux 1710 classic cassette stretch

Outdoor awnings: A lifetime investment

Melbourne awnings need to be multifunctional in a way that can deal with all the different weather conditions we deal with throughout the year. An awning is lifetime investment and markilux offers products that are designed to endure for years to a lasting quality.

There are multiple benefits to investing in an outdoor awning, and besides providing shade and sun protection for you and your family, awnings can also protect your indoor furniture. When the sun gets really strong, often your furniture isn’t even safe from the glare and can be prone to fading. By installing high quality outdoor blinds, you can protect your furniture from fading in the sunlight, and ensure it lasts longer.

markilux awnings are built to last and become a permanent part of your home’s architectural structure. The fabric can be chosen to suit the aesthetic of the rest of your home, so that it fits in seamlessly with the overall design. There are so many fabric designs to choose from, that you’re not as limited in choice as you used to be. markilux have a great range of different styles and coloured fabrics to choose from, as well as a selection of frame finishes, so there will be something to suit any style and any home.

Your Melbourne awning can complement your home and add value to it. They are no longer a clunky add on to your home, but can become a stylish feature, something that gives your home a fresh update, and will provide the perfect shading solution for you and your family for years to come.