Outdoor blinds and awnings Brisbane

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Outdoor blinds and awnings Brisbane

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a balcony overlooking the city meets beach scenery, one thing cannot be denied: if you live in Brisbane you’re going to need some really good shade. Living in a city with such hot weather requires constant vigilance in sun protection for you and your family.

Installing an awning in your Brisbane home will not only benefit you in regards to the protection it offers from the elements, but it can also be economically beneficial.

With markilux you can customize your awning so that it is guaranteed to be your perfect shading solution. Awnings are not a one size fits all product so make sure you end up with the right awning for you and your home by talking with markilux about your outdoor shading needs and looking at our awnings and outdoor blinds online.

The Brisbane way of life

Brisbane isn’t in the sunshine state for nothing. It’s a top choice for those looking for a warm weather getaway within Australia, and for those who live there, the warm weather is just the norm.

With the amount of heat and sun hitting your home almost year round, having an awning if you live in Brisbane is crucial. Quality awnings and outdoor blinds will help protect your home and family from the highly changeable weather in Brisbane.

Awnings and outdoor blinds are the perfect addition to a Brisbane home, as they provide the protection needed from the harsh rays of the sun, so that you can sit outside and enjoy your outdoor entertaining area in comfort. Entertaining and spending time outdoors is a big part of the relaxed Brisbane culture. To help you make the most of the Queensland climate, you can choose an awning system with the added feature of light controls, so you can keep entertaining into the evening.

Bringing together the beach and sun, as well as providing a pretty cool music scene Brisbane has a lot to offer. The locals already know this and those who visit are quick to get in on the secret. Brisbane has become very well known for its music and theatre scene, offering a wide variety of events and shows.

Sport is also another big part of Brisbane’s culture that the locals get very passionate about. During the various sports season, coming together to watch the game and have a barbeque is a popular pastime for many locals, so you want to make sure you have the perfect outdoor room ready for those long sunny days.

Awning to suit the Brisbane climate

With its signature warm weather Brisbane is a city where an awning is a necessity if you ever want to sit outside without getting blasted by the sun. With hot, humid summers and fairly dry warm winters you’re going to need a cool shaded area if you want to make it through the day. While you’ll still get rain in Brisbane you’re much more likely to experience a hot day so you’ll need an awning more suited to keeping you protected from the sun than anything else. Brisbane is known to have winter days still reaching the 30s so the likelihood that you’ll still be having barbeques or outdoor entertaining is still high. It is not as likely to ever get cold enough for you to need in-built heaters in your awning so that might not be a top priority for you when choosing the style you want.

One of the main benefits with installing an awning or outdoor blinds to your home is that it can help you with environmental savings. It will help to cool down your home, which means you won’t have to rely so heavily on air-conditioning to survive the heat and can potentially help reduce your power usage during summer.

Different awnings styles available

Different types of awnings cater to different purposes, whether for patios and balconies, windows and skylights, or pergolas. Awnings come in a variety of styles and are designed to provide shade outdoors while protecting indoor spaces from the sun. Choose an awning that will be a stylish feature of your home and create an outdoor space that you are proud to invite your friends and family over to, will only add value to your home.

Some of the most popular awning styles in Brisbane:

Folding arm awnings

Retractable awnings are a great choice if you don’t have as much space, as they conveniently pack away when you don’t need them.

» markilux folding arm awnings

Conservatory awnings

Make sure you’re providing protection for your conservatory with its own awning.

» markilux conservatory awnings

Free standing awning systems

If you have a large backyard that needs some shade, a free standing awning is a great option

» markilux free standing awnings

Top priority when shopping for awnings in Brisbane:

Weather resistant/protection

You want to make sure your awning will give you and your family maximum protection from Brisbane’s weather.

» markilux awnings

Durable materials

Ensure the awning you choose is of a high quality that will last for years.

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From folding arm awnings to pergola awnings, there are outdoor awnings to suit any outdoor space and fit in with the style of your home. Awnings are a great addition, which can be enjoyed by the whole family through all seasons.

With a collection of more than 30 awning styles that are all customised to your need, you can be assured that markilux will create the ultimate shade solution for your home. All designed, engineered and fabricated in Germany, markilux awnings are the strongest on the market and ideal for tough Australian conditions –whether your home is on the coast or highly exposed to the natural environment. With a national network of distributors, markilux is at the ready to find the best awning solution for your home - take a look through our collection of awnings and get inspired.

Brisbane awnings for Brisbane homes

There are a few things to consider when looking at outdoor awnings, you need to always keep in mind that this is a long term purchase. Think of them as something that can become a feature of your outdoor area. You can choose something that is stylish and adds to outdoor ambiance.

Queenslander architecture, as it’s called in Queensland, makes Brisbane homes unique and distinct from the other main cities in Australia. They are commonly made of timber construction and often have outdoor rooms as a characteristic to accommodate for the climate. You needn’t worry that an awning will clash with this Brisbane style of home, because we have many different styles that can be customised to ensure they suit the aesthetic of your home.

Plenty of homes in Brisbane boast a large outdoor space, as during summer that’s likely where the family will be spending most of their time. There are a few different options when looking to cover a large area, you can look at using a few smaller awnings to cover different spaces, or choose one big awning that can cover the whole area.

Not only can you enjoy the ongoing benefits of adding an awning and outdoor blinds to your home, they will also add lasting value to your home if you ever decide to sell.

Exterior blinds for your Brisbane home

If you don’t have the need for an awning or maybe you just don’t have the space for one, then what you’ll want instead are exterior window blinds to give your home added protection and shading. External blinds are perfect for helping to keep you home cool as the temperatures rise, as they nearly always do in Brisbane.

Brisbane locals spend a lot of money on air conditioning when it heats up, so outdoor shade blinds are worth considering if it can help with the cooling of your home, particularly if awnings are not an option.

If you live somewhere that’s facing the water, maybe on the beachfront, you probably have to deal with the glare that bounces off the water and your typical blinds and curtains may not be enough to cut it. External blinds provide the best answer to this problem as they are more high performing.

Whether it’s exterior blinds or outdoor awnings you’re after, there is something to suit every Brisbane home and markilux are here to help and make sure you find the perfect shading option for your home.