The Garden City

The Garden City – how Adelaide is making the most of outdoor awnings

Outdoor awnings and blinds in Adelaide are frequently cited as a growth area in the market, with many homeowners in the beautiful South Australian capital – renowned for being ‘The Garden City’ – are investing in ways to optimise the outdoor potential of their abodes. Adelaide’s inhabitants are typically fiercely house proud and happy to invest significantly in-home improvements, particularly in shading solutions.

In terms of outdoor awnings and blinds in Adelaide, prices are proportionate to those in most major Australian cities, with a wide range of options including folding arm awnings and retractable awnings to suit a wide range of budgets. According to one market expert, “When it comes to a major investment such as an outdoor blind or awning, Adelaide customers aren’t afraid to make significant outlays in order to attain quality and durability.”

A green and leafy gem of a town, which has managed to escape the warp speed growth and breakneck pace of life that are the hallmarks of Australia’s larger state capitals, Adelaide is less well known for its swanky bars, eateries and restaurants than it is for its inhabitants’ passion for entertaining. Put simply, Adelaide residents are homebodies who love nothing better than welcoming people into their private space to enjoy quality time. In Adelaide, staying in is the new going out.

Add to this the fact that Adelaide’s tranquil suburbs and cruise-controlled lifestyle are perfectly complemented by its dry, almost Mediterranean summer climate, and the result is that outdoor living is the default setting for many Adelaide households. Outdoor lounges complete with barbeques, exterior seating areas and even in some cases kitchens and bars, are a growing trend in Adelaide’s suburbs, with homeowners relishing the chance to enjoy long summers and even the cooler months with the help of slick outdoor heating solutions, in their outside spaces.

The result is that if you’re in the market for exterior settings showcasing the best in outdoor awnings, Adelaide has some of the best examples. If you’re hoping to find great outdoor living complete with cool accessories, from water features to fairy lights Adelaide is the place for you.

“For examples of the wide range of outdoor shading solutions such as retractable awnings, Adelaide is a really burgeoning market,” says our expert. “And it doesn’t stop there; in terms of outdoor pool areas, the sleekest lounges and furnishings complete with outdoor cushions. Adelaide homeowners are really maxing out their investments in this area.”

Fabrics, Frames and Finishes

“When it comes to fabrics, frames and finishes, the sky’s the limit in Adelaide,” says our expert. “While beach side dwellers have always opted for extra corrosion resistant (ECR) coating, we’re increasingly noticing that many homeowners, even those not located near the beach, are opting for this finish. They’re also investing extras like bonded seams for added awning strength to the nano self-cleaning effect that is available on awning frames and fabrics. Adelaide homeowners tend to view their property as a long-haul investment, so they’re happy to optimise its value this way.” 

“To bring out the best of awning frames, many Adelaide homeowners opt for classic powder-coated frame colours in semi-gloss or metallic finishes. Meanwhile for those eco-outdoor Adelaide types, the existence of fabrics that are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and are covered by a five-year guarantee is a huge plus. Awareness of the environment is increasingly important in the Adelaide market, with customers happy to invest in the knowledge that they’re doing the right thing.”


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