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markilux Design awnings. Made to measure. Made in Germany.
Developing sun protection for the perfect feel-good atmosphere. To optimize and individualize the play of light and shadow in the human environment. Recognizing the big picture and implementing it perfectly down to the last detail - that is the claim, motivation and source for innovations in 50 years of sun protection from markilux.

The best under the sun - in your garden, at your house or on your terrace and balcony - for the most beautiful shade in the world.

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markilux awning quality
High-quality materials and comprehensive quality management ensure that every markilux design awning is durable. As a company, markilux is certified according to EN ISO 9001.

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markilux Bionic sehne im Gelenkarm Detailaufnahme

markilux durable and sustainable
In the design and production of our awnings, we focus on high quality from the very beginning. The goal is to create a product that will function flawlessly for decades. The bionic tendon developed by markilux is an example of the continuous development of our products. Modeled on nature, the chord made of high tech fibres ensures optimum power transmission as well as low-friction and low-noise flexion of the folding arms. The functionality has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and has proven to be robust and safe even after more than 50,000 arm flexions.

Some markilux awning models were also tested in the wind tunnel for their behavior at different wind speeds. Even in strong winds, the awnings proved to be safe and stable, withstanding even higher wind resistance classes than intended.

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in form and function.

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markilux awarded
Our markilux design awnings are award-winning. The symbiosis of first-class functionality and a high degree of aesthetics makes a markilux what it is: a high-quality sun protection system that visually outshines conventional awnings.

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markilux awning function
markilux combines innovative technologies and smart solutions into top products. With a wide range of equipment and operating options, you can expand your markilux designer awning according to your personal wishes.

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Exquisite fabrics
 in the most beautiful of shades.


markilux awning covers.
The colour and quality of the awning fabric are what help make the ambience on your patio something special.All awning fabrics made of sunvas and sunsilk quality also offer the highest possible sun protection with UPF 50+. Discover your very own, most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth among the more than 250  dessins.

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markilux awning service
The combination of a brand product with competent consultation and professional installation on site makes your solution perfect. Qualified markilux specialist partners offer comprehensive service and personal contacts in your area.

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markilux additional equipment
Every customer has different ideas about their dream awning, which are strongly linked to personal needs. Whether it is pure sun protection, additional protection from wind and the eyes of the neighbours or the desire for warmth and lighting in the evening - the requirements for a markilux awning are as individual as its users.

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Smart Home integration

for maximum convenience

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markilux automated
The days of manual cranking are in most cases a thing of the past. Thanks to motor drive - optionally with manual switch or remote control - operating the awning is already much more convenient than before. It becomes even more convenient by integrating it into your smart home. Control your awning via smartphone or voice assistant.

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