markilux 770
markilux 770
On-glass awning markilux 770 with white fabric cover and dark gray frame. The winter garden is located in front of a modern house and surrounding is a large garden.
On-glass awning markilux 770 on a conservatory roof with white frame and cream fabric cover. In the background you can see a large garden.

Straight glass top awning.

For small to medium sized areas.

Minimalist design.

On-glass awning with compact cubic design.

On-glass awning markilux 770

Enjoy your conservatory even on hot days. Equipped with a markilux on-glass awning, your conservatory or patio roof remains a welcome retreat even in bright sunshine and high temperatures. Thanks to the awning cover, the sun's rays do not penetrate the glass roof. This means that you are neither dazzled nor does the heat accumulate inside.

Your advantages

For small formats

Square full cassette for full protection of the awning cover

Noise optimized

Areas up to 18 m²

Detail view of the cassette of the on-glass awning markilux 770 in profile, color anthracite metallic.

of the markilux 770

Big impact. For small formats.

The markilux 770 creates a big impact with its slim format: The on-glass awning for small conservatories offers you stylish shading. The premium quality and comfort ensure years of enjoyment. As a top-mounted glass awning for small conservatories, the markilux 770 is particularly compact, quiet and wind and weather resistant.

Do without fans or air conditioners: shade your conservatory with the markilux 770 and protect yourself from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Learn more now.

Technical information
markilux 770

Awning type

Above glass awning

Maximum width x projection

450 x 400 cm


guide tracks (tracfix) (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

area to be shaded

18 qm

Cassette depth x height

125 x 125 mm


hardwired motor

radio-controlled motor

smart home

Cover guide system

guide tracks (tracfix) (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

Available fabric covers




smart art



perla FR

Fixture type

above glass

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

3 | 6 → 38 – 48 km/h; 24 – 30 mph

frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

metallic aluminium, RAL 9006

grey brown, similar to RAL 8019

off-white textured finish, 5233

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

havana brown textured finish, 5229

non-standard RAL colours


German Design Award Winner 2018

German Design Award Winner 2017

markilux 770 reference gallery.
Successful implementations at customers.

  • Covering of a hotel terrace by the markilux 770 top glass awning with black fabric cover.
  • Covering of a hotel terrace by the top glass awning markilux 770 with black fabric cover next to the pool.
  • Terrace roof equipped with a markilux 770 on-glass awning with yellow fabric and 776 vertical blind with anthracite fabric cover and panoramic window.
  • Terrace roof equipped with a markilux 770 on-glass awning with yellow fabric and 776 vertical blind with anthracite fabric cover and panoramic window.
  • Wooden terrace roof equipped with a markilux 770 on-glass awning with orange fabric cover.
  • Detail view of the gray cassette of the markilux 770 on-glass awning with orange fabric cover, mounted on a wooden patio roof.

markilux awning tools.
Use our various markilux awning tools to make the right decision.

Through our years of experience as awning experts, we have developed many useful tools over the years that should make choosing the right awning as easy as possible for you:

  • With the markilux awning comparison you can easily & quickly compare all awning models and find the right one for you.
  • With the markilux awning configurator you individualize the awning, according to your very own wishes and can request it directly from the specialist partner.
  • With the markilux Augmented Reality App you can individualize your desired awning and visualize it live on your house wall using the latest AR technology.
  • With our markilux awning fabric finder you can overview our entire awning fabric range and order fabric samples directly to your home.

about markilux 770

The markilux 770 is a model in the family of on-glass awnings for conservatories and patio roofs - ideal for shading small to medium-sized areas.

The markilux 770 and 870 models differ only in the shape of the cassette. The cassette of the markilux 770 has a square shape, whereas the markilux 870 can convince with a round design.

The following options are available for the control of the markilux 770: Remote control, app/home automation, and sensors for weather-dependent operation of the awning. The sensors react to the current weather conditions so that the awning retracts or extends as needed.

If you own a conservatory or a patio roof, you have certainly noticed in summer that it can quickly become very hot in direct sunlight. To prevent heating up under the glass roof and to be able to use the conservatory protected from the blinding sun and UV rays, we recommend that you use on-glass awnings. This way, the sun's rays are already intercepted by the awning cover before they can even enter the conservatory. This can reduce the amount of heat generated. If an on-glass awning is statically out of the question, you can also use an under-glass awning. However, this keeps the heat out to a slightly lesser extent compared to the rooftop awnings.

The markilux 770 can shade an area of up to 18 square meters with maximum dimensions of 450 x 400 cm (width x draw).

The markliux 770 has the wind resistance class 3. Accordingly, you can safely use the on-glass awning up to a wind strength of 6 (38-48 km/h).

markilux tracfix (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide tracks) is a type of fabric guidance system. This not only ensures better wind stability, but also a more beautiful overall appearance.

The markilux specials perfotex, transolair and vuscreen ALU are ideal for conservatories and patio roofs. The fabric perfotex is made of sunsilk fabric with woven-in reed gaps, making the fabric particularly permeable to water and air. As a result, accumulated heat can be reduced in the event of strong sunlight. The perforated fabric transolair has similar properties. With vuscreen ALU you get both sun and climate protection. Thanks to the aluminium particles on the high-tech fabric, sun rays are reflected particularly effectively. Since the fabric cover is slightly transparent, the conservatory is bathed in natural light.

For comprehensive sun protection, vertical blinds are suitable as a supplement to the markilux 770. Vertical blinds offer various advantages: protection from low-lying sun, wind protection and privacy.

The markilux showrooms give you a good overview of the different models and show the specific features and differences of the awnings. In addition to our showrooms in Emsdetten, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Lörrach and Salzburg, there are local exhibitions of our specialist partners. You can find a specialist partner near you in the specialist partner search.

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