markilux 770 tracfix Exceptionally compact at only 125 × 125 mm, the square full cassette completely protects the awning cover.

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markilux 870 tracfix With a diameter of just 130 mm, the round cassette harmoniously nestles against the conservatory and provides all-round protection to the retracted cover.


Square. Practical. Unobtrusive.  Both the square markilux 770 tracfix awning for installation on top of a glass surface and its round counterpart are very quiet.Noise-reducing closing guides ensure the awning retracts with the minimum of noise.

White house with orange on-glass awning markilux 870 on the adjacent conservatory. In addition, a vertical blind markilux 876 with white fabric cover is mounted on the side of the conservatory.

A round matter Using the markilux 770 tracfix or 870 tracfix you can shade up to 450 × 400 cm in a stylish manner and enjoy the comfort and quality of markilux for many years to come.

  • The graceful full cassette of the markilux 770 / 870 tracfix provides all-round protection for the awning fabric when retracted. It comes with either a round or square cassette.

  • 1. The square full cassette of the markilux 770 tracfix measures 125 x 125 mm.

  • 2. The markilux 870 tracfix is its round counterpart with a full cassette diameter of just 130 mm.

  • Maximum size of the markilux 770 / 870 tracfix : up to 450 × 400 cm (awning width × projection)

  • This above-glass awning for small conservatories is a system fitted with guide tracks and the markilux tracfix system as standard. Thanks to the lateral cover guidance system without a gap between the cover and the guide tracks, the sophisticated system creates a harmonious look on your glass roof and its outstanding wind resistance statistics are very reassuring.

  • The sturdy markilux 770 / 870 tracfix can withstand winds up to wind resistance class 3, which corresponds to Beaufort force 6 (38 - 48 km/h).

  • Optimum cover tension in the above-glass awning on your compact conservatory is guaranteed by a closed tensioning system with two gas pistons working independently of one another. The two gas pistons are integrated into the front profile of your markilux 770 / 870 tracfix and are thus not visible or exposed.

  • The markilux 770 / 870 tracfix is particularly quiet: it has noise-optimised closing guides which ensure the awning retracts with a minimum of noise.

  • Enjoy flexible control of the motor-driven above-glass awning for small conservatories with radio remote control. Would you like to be able to operate the markilux 770 / 870 tracfix conveniently with your smartphone or tablet? If so, choose the Somfy TaHoma Switch® as Smart Home solution.

  • Or do you prefer smart control? Equip the awning for your conservatory with a light and wind sensor. This ensures automatic retraction and extension of your markilux 770 / 870 whenever the sun comes out or the wind becomes too fierce.

Crystal clear: the markilux 770 / 870 tracfix is the perfect sun and heat protection. It is installed on the roof of your conservatory, curbs the summer heat as far as possible and creates a cosy atmosphere. With its sleek design, this above-glass awning will make an impression on any glass roof. The markilux 770 / 870 tracfix can be customised to create a uniform appearance.

Choosing the right awning cover for your above-glass awning is extremely important. After all, you will see it every day for many years to come. The markilux awning covers are manufactured in compliance with strict quality standards and give the awning a particularly long service life. The self-cleaning effect of the fabric as well as the resistance to heat, light and even light rain make the product particularly impressive.

Trust your instinct and choose the cover pattern you like best from the unique awning cover collection for your markilux 770 / 870 tracfix.

Create an ideal connection to the architecture: markilux awning frame colours always strike the right note. Once you have decided on the square markilux 770 tracfix or the round markilux 870 tracfix, choose the colour of the awning frame of your above-glass awning to match your conservatory. The wide range of colours leaves nothing to be desired. Even a special colour chosen from the RAL range can be realised.

Use our online Awning Configurator to design the model of your choice: try out different colours and combinations and make the above-glass awning on your conservatory a real eye-catcher!

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