The best 

under the sun. 

Dependable. Anywhere. 

For anyone. 

A pergola awning for small patios and balconies: the markilux pergola compact 

The pergola compact unites the graceful shape of the classic pergola with the latest in product design and the most advanced technology. The compact, space-saving awning system on slender support posts and with lateral guide tracks, which always keep the cover taut, is ideal for smaller patios. The markilux pergola compact invites you to lounge and take it easy. Attractive and functional solar protection. Anywhere. For anyone. 

Options for this free-standing awning system 


markilux shadeplus 

The vertical protection against sun and prying eyes. 


An “all-round” achievement 

The square, compact cassette protects the awning cover all round. 


Always in the best light 

Highlighted with LED Spots attached to the cassette or LED Line in the cassette, on the guide tracks and/or in the light bar guarantee endless hours of pleasure outdoors – even long after the sun has set. 

Further options for the markilux pergola and markilux pergola compact 


markilux sundrive 

An integrated solar module can drive the shadeplus motor in the markilux pergola. When the awning is extended, the front profile and the guide tracks finish perfectly flush with one another. 


Telescopic post 

For better water drainage, the front post of the markilux pergola can be lowered in a flash between 20 and 40 cm depending on the size. Can be operated by motor on request. 



Light for reading or informal get-togethers, optionally in the guide tracks and/or in the cover support tube, turns your night into day. 


Square posts 

As an alternative to round posts, square ones fulfil the desire for clean straight lines. 


Ballast boxes 

Give your markilux pergola reliable stability, when fitting the front posts to foundations is not possible or desired. 


Stainless steel crank 

Bring the adjustable posts to the desired height in no time at all. Optionally operatd by motor. 


LED-Spots attached to the light bar 

The spotlights provide perfect contrast lighting in the evening hours. And they can be pivoted and dimmed, of course!