Motor drives and remote controls for your Motorised awning system

Electric Awnings

Electric awnings very simply are retractable or folding-arm awnings with a motor in the fabric roller tube which allows the awning to be extended and retracted at the push of a button. The motor is situated within the awning itself so there is no external attachment or increased size of the unit. The difference will be the lack of an eye for a winding handle and instead, there is a power lead exiting the left or to the right corner of the awning. You can choose whether to have the motor on the left or on the right-hand side. Motorisation of your awning dramatically increases the ease of use of the product. Whereas previously you had to stand outside in the hot sun and manually turn a winding handle, now the awnings can extend and retract at the push of a button. The limits are set on the awnings motor so they will extend to the same point every time. If you don’t want the awning to be fully extended a simple push of the button will stop it wherever you wish.

The two types of electric motors.

There are two different types of motor in an electric awning. The first is a radio-controlled motor which is connected to a power source (general power outlet) and operated using a wand similar to the remote to use to switch on your TV.

The other type is a hard-wired motor which is wired-in to a switch on the wall, this may be perfect for houses or businesses where remotes might be lost or where a home automation system will be used to run the awning.

Radio-controlled motors

Markilux uses Somfy radio-controlled motors in its awnings. These radio-controlled motors are wired-in to the mains power supply of a house. This means that an installer will arrange for a licenced electrician to join them on-site during the installation of your awning to ensure that the motor is connected in compliance with building regulations. Your installer will then ensure that a remote is connected to the motor and limits and personal preferences are set. You will not have to set anything yourself as this is all done for you by our trained installers. Radio-controlled motors can also be connected to a home automation system or controlled via an app if connected to a Somfy device. Please ask your local distributor for more information regarding this.

Hard-wired motors and home automation

Generally speaking, when working with a home automation system the best motor to choose is a hard-wired motor. Similarly to the radio-controlled motors, these are wired-in to the mains power supply but the difference is that these motors have an extra wire in the motor cable to operate them. They come with a 4 core cable with 2 active wires.  This allows them to be attached to any c-bus or other home automation system. This in turn can be connected to smart devices or apps on your mobile phones. For more information regarding hard-wired motors please speak to your local distributor.

What sensors can I use with electric awnings?

Naturally, the motors in markilux electric awnings can be connected to a suite of sensors. The most common is the vibrabox wind sensor. This device is a remote-sized sensor which can be attached to the awning in a position which is hidden away within the front profile of your folding-arm awning. When the wind moves the awning up and down this movement triggers the sensor to retract the awning. The vibrabox wind sensor can only be used with folding arm awnings, for conservatory awnings and screens there is another type of wind sensor available which measures the wind speed. These sensors look like a little windmill and need to be attached to a structure close to the unit that would be exposed to the prevailing winds. Apart from wind sensors, other sensors which are available are sun sensors which extend the unit when the sun comes out and rain sensors which protect your awning from rainy weather.

For more information on sensors please contact your local distributors.

Motor drives and remote controls for your Motorised awning system

markilux hand-held remote controls allow you to operate your electric automatic awning comfortably, at the touch of a button. They are available in two different versions: as a 1 channel and 4 channel version in 433 MHz technology. The attractive shape and ergonomic design characterise these elegant and easily operated hand-held remote controls. Allow yourself the extra comfort you should enjoy with markilux's electric awnings.

For the motor drive, you only need a power connection outdoors. There is the possibility to control the motor via a switch from the inside - this means the electric awning gets wired into the switch by an electrician. If you have a home automation system, there are a few different possibilities available with markilux motorised awnings. Ask your installer for all the options available.

Why choose a motorised electric awning?

  • A motor automatically extends and retracts an awning efficiently and quietly.

  • Guaranteed closure every time, prevent fabric deterioration when it’s protected by the cassette.

  • Avoid fabric stretching by limiting the stress on the fabric.

  • Have your perfect extension set to your specifications, always extend to the same position.

  • Optionally available with a wind sensor, a rain sensor and a sun sensor.

  • Remove any ugly manual winder connectors.

  • Eliminate manual labour and operate your awning automatically with the touch of a button.

Radio Controlled options, 433 MHz

1. markilux hand-held remote control (1 channel) allows you to operate your motorisedawning in comfort and style with an elegant and easy to operate controller.

2. markilux hand-held remote control (4 channel) allows you to operate your automaticelectric awning and selected special equipment with ease which gives you the control toenhance your environment no matter the weather!

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