The best under the sun.

One of the most beautiful. Far and wide.

A semi-cassette awning that meets the highest demands: the markilux 1600 This awning won the IF product design award for its harmonious, semi-circular design. And it looks unique when it’s fully extended, too. As a semi-cassette awning, the markilux 1600 is open underneath. The top cover profile adapts itself to the angle of pitch of the awning and closes completely flush with the front profile when retracted, which protects the cover safely from rain. Take a look around your neighbourhood: your awning is probably the most beautiful far and wide.

Options for this semi-cassette awning.

Semi-cassette awning markilux 1600

Polished chrome fittings Underline the visual impact of your markilux 1600 in spectacular fashion – fitted to the front profile and torque bar.

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1600 Schattenplus 202103

markilux shadeplus The additional blind cover in the front profile of the markilux 1600 makes it possible to shut out low-lying sun and prying eyes.

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1600 LED-Line Gelenkarm 202103

Lighting options LED Lines in the folding arms guarantee evenings full of atmosphere.


Successful implementations

markilux 1600 Bregenz 15 2011
markilux 1600 Albachten 14 2021
markilux 1600 stretch Capstan House London 19 2021
markilux 1600 Bregenz 14 2011
markilux 1600 stretch Münster 6
markilux 1600 stretch Capstan House London 27 2021
1600 Ref Spanien 006
markilux planet 1600 Wals Österreich 32_2017

markilux semi-cassette / open style folding-arm awnings

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