Enjoy happy hour, 24 hours a day.

The markilux 5010 effortlessly extends to provide one of the most unequaled shading areas available in the markilux range. The cocoon is elegantly designed and robust, this fully enclosed cassette is stylishly contoured with the retracted awning fitting neatly into the cassette profile. On top of that, this awning is supremely strong and stable and is ideally suited to both residential and commercial applications. All the screws and fittings are manufactured out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This multi-talent encourages relaxed get togethers and turns any hour spent outdoors into a happy hour.

markilux Shadeplus Enjoy relaxing on the patio even when the sun is low.

Polished chrome fittings Optionally available as an eye-catcher – and without surcharge, it’s so friendly
to your wallet: the chrome-look end caps fitted to the front profile.


max. 700 x 400 cm

Folding arm

double chain-link arms, optional: Bionic tendon


polished chrome fittings, Shadeplus, valance, coupled unit

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markilux 6000

Cassette awning

Multiple design options for one awning model. Development of an entirely unique technology. Extras that embellish every day, prolong the evening quality time outside and make all seasons patio-proof – all this is the markilux 6000. Design series standard and lounge make it easy to find the perfect cassette and arms – matching style and colour – for every type of house.

markilux 6000

What can an awning do for me?

Creating new opportunities to enjoy life.

From protection on hot days to a perfect ambience, even when the sun has set, markilux awnings allow you to relax outdoors at any time of day.

UV-protection you can count on.

Australians love being outdoors whether it’s a barbeque with the family or watching sports with your best friends. Markilux can provide you with UV-protection all year round. Protect your skin with care, all markilux awning covers made from sunsilk or sunvas offer a UPF of 50+.

More space for the summer.

Redefining the summer residence. Extending the house – adding sunny rooms and making space for shade, preferrably outside. Inventing islands for recreation and relaxation: perfect with markilux.