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Urban chic for a clean, sleek appearance.

This awning incorporates an urban lifestyle with confidence. The neat and slim appearance of the markilux 970 makes the ideal model for those who love the simplicity of elegance. This svelte designer awning wraps your patio in comforting light and makes it a stylish place of retreat where your guests, too will completely feel at home. The numerous styling options and variable designs of the front panel lend that individual something to the markilux 970. All in all, because of its clean and straightforward design this awning is an all round performer.

LED spotlights under the cassette During the twilight and evening hours they ensure a stylish ambience.

markilux Shadeplus For more protection from prying eyes and glare: The optional vertical blind in the front profile will captivate you.

markilux 970 with LED-Line in the cassette and front panel in anodised colours

Light which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the form of a dimmable LED­Line integratedinto the cassette. Restrained and unobtrusive during the day. Beautiful and cosy in theevening. And in addition, the panel creates new, anodised styling possibilities in silver,bronze or black. 


max. 600 x 300 cm

max. 500 x 350 cm

Folding arm

Bionic tendon


LED spotlights under the cassette, selectable colour combination, coloured front profiles, Shadeplus

Awards for the markilux 970

Auszeichnungen für die markilux 970:  2017: German Design Award - Winner. Vergeben wird der German Design Award seit 2012 vom Rat für Formgebung in Frankfurt am Main. Er zählt zu den anerkanntesten Design-Wettbewerben weltweit. Auf Initiative des Deutschen Bundestages 1953 gegründet, geht es bei diesem Preis darum, deutsches Design zu prämieren und seinen Markenmehrwert für Unternehmen auf diese Weise zu präsentieren.  2017: iF Design Award. Der iF product design award ist einer der renomiertesten Designpreise weltweit. Er wird in Hannover und Shanghai (iF China) ausgelobt. Eine international besetzte Jury aus Experten gibt eine professionelle Einschätzung zur Designqualität von Produkten. Mit dem iF product design award werden jährlich Produkte ausgezeichnet, die Funktionalität, Komfort und Ästhetik in besonderer Weise in sich vereinen und den Anforderungen an Innovation gerecht werden.  2017: Plus X Award - Bestes Produkt. Der Innovationspreis Plus X Award zeichnet Hersteller aus, die in Technologie, Sport und Lifestyle zukunftsfähige Produkte mit qualitativem Vorsprung und Mehrwert herstellen.  2017: Plus X Award - Innovation, High Quality, Design, Bedienkomfort, Funktionalität. Der Innovationspreis Plus X Award zeichnet Hersteller aus, die in Technologie, Sport und Lifestyle zuk

2017: German Design Award - Winner. The German Design Award has been presented since 2012 by the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main. It is one of the most recognised design competitions worldwide. Founded at the initiative of the German Bundestag in 1953, this award is intended to distinguish German design and thus to present its added brand value for companies.

2017: iF Design Award. The iF product design award is one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. It is offered in Hanover and Shanghai (iF China). An international jury of experts gives a professional assessment of the design quality of products. The iF product design award is presented annually to products that combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics in a special way and meet the requirements of innovation.

2017: Plus X Award - best product. The Innovation Award Plus X honours manufacturers who manufacture sustainable products with a qualitative lead and added value in technology, sport and lifestyle.

2017: Plus X Award - Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of use, Functionality. The Innovation Award Plus X honours manufacturers who manufacture sustainable products with a qualitative lead and added value in technology, sport and lifestyle.

The markilux awning fabric collection

The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth

Among the more than 250 patterns in thematically coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. Learn all the technical details about your favourite awning cover, filterable by collection and application.

view the markilux collection

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markilux 990

Cassette awning

Small and compact. Perfect to fit at wall or at ceiling. Minimizing size and weight due to u-shaped front profile that encompasses elegantly both folding arms and roller tube: the markilux 990 is an ideal friend for balcony and patio.

markilux 990

markilux MX-3 | The curvy one

The awning with bothelegant curves and clean lines.

Shapely curves, clean lines, a fascinating colour spectrum – these are the defining featuresof the new markilux MX-3. 

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What can an awning do for me?

Creating new opportunities to enjoy life.

From protection on hot days to a perfect ambience, even when the sun has set, markilux awnings allow you to relax outdoors at any time of day.

UV-protection you can count on.

Australians love being outdoors whether it’s a barbeque with the family or watching sports with your best friends. Markilux can provide you with UV-protection all year round. Protect your skin with care, all markilux awning covers made from sunsilk or sunvas offer a UPF of 50+.

More space for the summer.

Redefining the summer residence. Extending the house – adding sunny rooms and making space for shade, preferrably outside. Inventing islands for recreation and relaxation: perfect with markilux.