Awnings for open spaces

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Perfect large-scale shade for both private and professional purpose: markilux pergola is an awning system with additional supporting posts – so that the building´s façade will not get overused. markilux syncra is a free-standing awning stystem that can be placed independently of any architectural connection, only a foundation is required.

  • markilux pergola

    Here’s to getting together, whatever the weather.

    The awning system on slender posts and with lateral guide tracks provides generous shade with an extension of up to 6 metres and for areas up to 30 m² with a single unit. Thanks to the tracfix cover-guidance system, the sophisticated tensioning technology and the stable construction, the system can be used up to Beaufort 6 (wind resistance class 3).

  • markilux syncra

    Awning system

    The ideal awning frame system with the minimum of space requirements – stylish sun and wet weather protection for large areas.

  • markilux construct

    Modular frame system

    Free-standing, modular frame system made of aluminium offering almost unlimited possibilities for sun and weather protection over large areas

  • markilux markant

    Makes the sun and rain take a detour.

    The free-standing textile sun and wet weather protection system in a puristic design

  • markilux planet

    parasol and awning in one

    Powder-coated, free-standing, aluminium awning stand system with a round support post and a square crossbeam allowing the fixture of one markilux folding-arm awning. Also available in a flex version which can be rotated

Designer awnings for both patio and balcony

The Most Seductive Shade in the World.

Whether you’re simply relaxing or having a gathering with family and friends, these are always valuable moments. markilux designer awnings not only provide shade, they also help create new opportunities to enjoy life. From protection on hot days to a perfect ambience, even when the sun has set, markilux awnings allow you to relax outdoors any time of day. Choosing a markilux designer awning is a decision, to opt for the best available quality and design.

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markilux 3D APP

The markilux Augmented Reality App powered by Apple®'s ARKit gives clients the possibility to view the entire product portfolio, assemble it in the 3D-configurator and view it the own environment.

The app features shadow simulation, showing whether the model chosen spends the amount of shade desired - any day, any time.

See you future awning mounted to your walls as if it were there forever.

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