Patio and balcony awnings

  • markilux pergola

    Here’s to getting together, whatever the weather.

    The awning system on slender posts and with lateral guide tracks provides generous shade with an extension of up to 6 metres and for areas up to 30 m² with a single unit. Thanks to the tracfix cover-guidance system, the sophisticated tensioning technology and the stable construction, the system can be used up to Beaufort 6 (wind resistance class 3).

  • markilux pergola compact

    A certainty. Everywhere. For everyone.

    The compact, space-saving awning system on slender support posts and with lateral guide tracks, which always keep the cover taut, is ideal for smaller patios.

  • markilux MX-3

    The awning with both elegant curves and clean lines.

    If you like shapely curves in combination with a straight­ forward design, you will love the new MX-3 and you can set the tone yourself when it comes to the colour scheme: fully in line with your own preferences, you can achieve minimal architectural impact or be stylishly distinctive.

  • markilux MX-1 compact

    Delivering beautiful protection, any time of year.

    Full cassette awning with harmoniously crafted features and a multitude of accessory options that provide both
    light and shade.

  • markilux 6000

    A designer awning with many faces – each one more beautiful than the next.

    A designer cassette awning that is individually modifiable in both colour and specification. The enormous variety of combinations of both the visual and technical aspects makes this awning unique.

  • markilux 5010

    Enjoy happy hour, 24 hours a day.

    Ovally shaped cassette awning in a slender design - extremely robust construction, ideally suited for shading large areas.

  • markilux 970

    Urban chic for a clean, sleek appearance.

    Aesthetics and technology perfectly married – the compact cassette awning in a timeless, purist design.

  • markilux 990

    Create a carefree ambience.

    The most compact markilux with folding arms – svelte, attractive and functional.

  • markilux 3300

    High Impact. Low Maintenance.

    Extremely robust, angular cassette, ideally suited for installation in niches and reveals, under overhangs and to
    business premises.

  • markilux 1710

    Slim, compact shading all year round.

    The classic torque bar awning with a designer look. The droplet-shaped cover cassette lends it a harmonious appearance.

  • markilux 1600

    Perfect functionality meets award winning design.

    The folding-arm awning with exceptional, organic design characteristics and pivoting coverboard ideally suited for shading large areas.

  • markilux 930

    Perfect for balconies or eaves.

    Finely finished, open style awning with excellent design characteristics. Ideally suited to top fixture or installation under overhanging roofs, balconies etc..

  • markilux 1700

    Open your mind to life outdoors.

    The classic torque bar awning with a designer look. Technology laid bare with an award-winning appearance.

  • markilux 1300

    This is how attractive simple can be.

    Robust, reliable, straightforward and fulfils all the basic requirements of a good quality awning.

  • markilux 790

    Always by your side.

    Ideal, lateral protection against low-lying sun, light wind and inquisitive glances.

  • markilux format, format slide + format lift

    There are innumerable attractive sides to life. And now your patio has those too.

    Modular wind protection and extra privacy with a textile character.

  • markilux pergola stretch

    Truly immense and with impressive prospects

    Unassuming awning system used for both sun and wet weather protection in which the folded cover is tensioned above track-guided support profiles making it extremely wind resistant and stable. 

Be outside? Live outside.

Directing the sun. Setting light. Fading out rain. Awnings by markilux create: they open new space. And they accompany through the seasons. Materials are of highest quality and offer a broad variety of use; they are extremely weather resistant, robust, versatile. Just the best quality – homemade by markilux. Intelligent features extend all functions. The manufacturing quality is unique; the installation is exclusively handled by specialist partners. Those who own a markilux will always enjoy it: life outside in totally new dimensions.

The numerous markilux options available set new standards for the stylish shading of your favourite spot in the garden.

markilux Shadeplus

Simply block out the glare from a low-lying sun and the glances of inquisitive neighbours and capture the warmth of the day in the evening. The additional awning cover is lowered vertically downwards from the front profile to create a wonderfully private room outdoors. Depending on the model, it is also available with a hard-wired motor or with remote control.

» markilux pergola

» markilux MX-1 compact

» markilux 6000

» markilux 5010

» markilux 970

» markilux 1600

» markilux 1300 basic

» markilux 779 / 879

LED lighting

Suspended from the cassette, on the wall or in the front profile: LED spotlights that can be pivoted and dimmed create a lovely atmosphere on your patio in the evening.

» markilux MX-1 compact

» markilux 6000

» markilux 970

» markilux 1600


The perfect solution for narrow patios, recesses or balconies: thanks to the two crossover arms even awnings with a narrow width can extend further.

» markilux 1710

» markilux 1700

» markilux 1600


The short, decorative piece of fabric suspended from the front profile lends your awning a classic look. Different valance shapes are available.

» markilux 1710

» markilux 1700

» markilux 1300 basic

» markilux 930 swing

Wall sealing profile

The slim aluminium profile in the awning colour closes the gap between the awning and the wall, allowing the rain to be discreetly drained off the awning.

Polished chrome fittings

Stylish end caps and fittings in a polished chrome finish add a noble look to your awning.

Colour variants and combinations

Cassettes and front profile panels are available in attractive colours and can be combined at will.

» markilux MX-1 compact

» markilux 970

Coupled units

Connecting two or more awníngs together and operating them simultaneously offers even more shade. In folding-arm awnings a special roller blind in the centre covers the gap between the two awnings.

Small encyclopedia of awnings

Here you will find a synopsis of the construction of an awning and the various options available to you.

1. Valance

The valance is attached to the front profile of the awning and is - as a rule - an extension of the fabric used to make the awning cover. markilux offers you the choice of four different valance shapes; the one you choose is  completely up to you. Here you can get a preview of our different valance shapes.

2. Front profile

The front profile can normally be found right at the front of an awning. The outer end of the cover is attached to it and it is connected to the rest of the awning by the folding arms. In full cassette awnings, the front profile also neatly closes the cassette and in so doing protects the awning cover from the elements.

3. Awning cover 

The awning cover is the most conspicuous component of an awning. The awning cover influences the atmosphere under an awning even more than the cassette and front profile do. There are markilux awning covers in a multitude of different qualities, which all have their own individual characteristics: water-repellent, self-cleaning or highly flame-retardant.And also as far as the choice of colours and patterns is concerned, markilux is just about unbeatable. Find out here about the different fabric qualities and here about the extensive choice of colours and patterns. On top of that we give you the option as well of having the cover printed according to your wishes.

4. Folding arms

The folding arms lie under the awning cover between the cassette and the front profile and do the job of keeping the awning cover taut at all times. We at markilux use twin steel-link chains or our patented Bionic tendon in our folding arms. And in the stainless steel awning we use gas pistons.

5. Cassette

In cassette awnings we differentiate between full cassette and semi-cassette awnings. In a full cassette awning, the cassette encloses the roller tube with the cover rolled up on it, houses the gearbox or motor and any lighting components that may be integrated into the awning. When closed the front profile closes tightly against the cassette and in so doing protects both the cover and the mechanical components from the elements. Semi-cassette awnings on the other hand are open to the bottom. In addition, there are also open style awnings which have no cassette at all. Just as with the fabrics, at markilux you have the choice of numerous different models.

6. End caps

In some markilux models, it is possible to select your own personal style of end cap for the cassette or front profile. These are available in various colours and materials. An impressive example is the stainless steel mesh that is an optional extra for the markilux 6000.

7. Roller tube

Roller tubes are the rotating, supported tubes, usually at the end of the awning closest to the wall, around which the awning cover is rolled up. It is sometimes also known as the barrel. The more a roller tube sags, the more the cover itself will sag. The objective therefore when designing a costly and complex awning is to incorporate a roller tube that is as stiff as possible. This is usually achieved by increasing its diameter. markilux uses roller tubes with a diameter of "85" mm as standard in its folding-arm awnings.But roller tubes with diameters of 78 mm and 63 mm can also be found in the market.

8. Operation

In the meantime, awnings can be operated in ever more varied ways: apart from the traditional crank handle, a motor with wall switch, radio-controlled motors and operation via Smartphone are also available. Naturally, they can also be integrated into a home automation system. Here you can become acquainted with the various operation options.

9. Brackets

As varied as house styles can be, so the range of fixture brackets available is just as varied too! Whether you need face, top or reveal fixture or are fitting to tiles, wood or external insulation, we can install our awning on your house. This is one of the reasons why markilux only allows qualified specialist dealers to install its awnings. When fitting an awning there is considerably more to take into consideration than just the gauge of the bolts.

Old for New - Change your awning cover!

Exchange your old awning cover for a new high-quality solar protection cover from markilux and adorn your favourite outdoor spot with one of the more than 250 fabric patterns  in the new markilux collection.High-tech material, breathtaking colours and distinctive patterns that complement the architecture of your house and give voice to your own personal style.

But, what if you don't own an original markilux designer awning? No problem!

Allow yourself to be inspired, enthused and advised by your markilux specialist dealer.

A sunny outlook with the best possible protection With a new, original markilux awning cover you will create an impressive feel-good atmosphere with the highest possible UV protection factor, self-cleaning snc effect, unequalled colour fastness and long service life.

So, you'd also like to see the result in advance? In that case, configure your own personal dream awning and visualize it on the walls of your own home and get to know many of the details and options in a virtual setting. Just download the App free of charge from your App store (iOS & Google Play).

markilux 3D App

The ideal way to configure your own dream awning.Live on the wall of your own house using the latest Augmented Reality Technology.

Your markilux awning will be as unique as you want it to be. From a wide range of of different models and more than 250 timeless fabrics, you can create the awning that is perfect for you. Install your precisely dimensioned and configured dream awning in virtual form on the wall of your house - You can extend and retract it, examine it in detail and even sit down under it. Oh, you'd like another fabric pattern or a completely different model, after all? No problem! Just change the configuration instantly, live on the screen.

Whether at the breakfast table or after work - the shadow thrown by your virtual, dream awning will be shown - true to date and time - on the basis of actual geographical and sun elevation data.

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Designer awnings for both patio and balcony

Whether you’re simply relaxing or having a gathering with family and friends, these are always valuable moments. markilux designer awnings not only provide shade, they also help create new opportunities to enjoy life. From protection on hot days to a perfect ambience, even when the sun has set, markilux awnings allow you to relax outdoors any time of day. Choosing a markilux designer awning is a decision, to opt for the best available quality and design.

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