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"Being fully involved, open to new ideas, thinking freely. Making technological advances, consolidating material awareness, fully utilising shape and colour. Treading new ground, creating a vision, making a statement. These are our goals. This is what motivates us."

Annette Busch | Head of markilux Textile Design

Our Basic: sun colors

Colour becomes personality

Select your own favourite pattern from seven contrasting colour families, in the qualities sunsilk, sunvas or sunbow.

sunsilk | Brilliant luminescence. Silky smooth surface. Awning covers in sunsilk impress with their unique luminosity.

sunvas | Softly glowing. Textile-like to the touch. sunvas awning fabrics score with their textile character and natural appearance.

sunbow | Impressive effect. Tangible texture. sunbow awning fabrics* are characterised by unique patterns in classic shades of colour.

Yellow | open for change

Orange | invigorating, creative

Red | aexciting, lively

Green | natural harmony

Blue | relaxed, calming

Beige | homely, warm

White/Black | Classic Elegance

Exclusive: visutex

For the highest demands

Inspiration drawn from fashion, architecture, colour and naturally occurring special effects. 50 innovative fabrics conjure up your personal awning heaven in the tried-and-tested qualities sunsilk and sunvas – available exclusively from markilux.

architecture | The wider field of architecture served as a source of inspiration for the development of our visutex collection. Its shapes, textures, colours and basic principles of good design are reflected in our exclusive fabric patterns.

fashion | For the second theme in our visutex collection, we allowed ourselves to be inspired by the classics in fashion. At the same time, we were constantly aware that tastes in fashion can change very quickly. However, we also know that while fashion may go out of date, style never does.

colour | Colour is life. Colour is lifestyle. It is for this reason that we have set aside an inordinate amount of room for the subject of colour in our collection. Our expertise in this field even enables you to choose precisely the colour that makes you feel good from an extremely broad range and to fulfil the realisation of your own personal awning cover. colour on demand. My colour. My style.

special-effects | As a pioneer in innovative awning fabric design, we have dedicated the fourth theme in our collection to special effects. Extraordinary “glowing” visual effects come into being as a result of the use of exceptional colours. That is unique.

specials: sunspecials

Form follows function

Semi-transparent, heat-reflecting, air-permeable, highly water-resistant and flame-retardant awning fabrics for special applications.



Solar protection with a view

This sunvas fabric with special perforation technique stands for impressive transparency as well as good light and air permeability.



Ideal for conservatories.

Gaps in the warp, woven into the fabric, make this sunsilk fabric permeable to both air and water. The aluminium coating* applied to the series 332 .. further reduces solar gain.

perla FR

perla FR

This highly flame-retardant and waterproof (for purpose) fabric with a transparent coating on the underside should be used wherever special fire safety regulations are to be observed and where protection from both rain and sun as well as a decorative effect are required.

The best under the sun.  Create the most alluring shade in the world.


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