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High quality sun protection and patio roofing.

markilux cassette awnings - durable sun protection for garden, patio and balcony

If you are looking for a high-quality cassette awning, markilux is the right place for you. Our premium cassette awnings are produced in Germany - and are in demand worldwide. As a premium manufacturer, we offer you awnings of the best possible quality, with sophisticated technology and an inimitable design.



What are the advantages
of cassette awnings?

When the awning is retracted, the cassette completely encloses the awning cover and the technology and protects them perfectly from wind and weather.

The biggest advantage of markilux cassette awnings is their design versatility with consistently high quality. Whether wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or rafter-mounted - no matter which mounting is suitable for you, the markilux patio and balcony awnings adapt to the architecture of your home.

Of course, you can - in addition to the ideal bracket for you - also individually determine the size of your awning. Different widths and draws are possible. Larger sun protection solutions can also be realized with coupled cassette awnings.

of cassette awnings

markilux cassette awnings were designed for use as sun protection. They provide shade on patios, balconies, roof patios or open spaces. In light rain, cassette awnings are suitable for use as patio covers. A protected space is created under the stretched awning cover. In addition to UV and rain protection, the extended awning cover also stores the heat of the day in the evening.

In addition to the original function of sun protection, cassette awnings can be expanded with various options that bring positive benefits to the user.

of cassette awnings

Different types of buildings and locations require different mounting options for cassette awnings. For this reason, you have a choice of how your awning is mounted. Have your sunshade mounted on the wall. This way, the shade provider becomes an eye-catcher on the facade. Do you prefer it discreet? Then let the awning disappear in a niche when retracted. The awning fits perfectly into the architectural ambience of the house.

Some awning models do not connect directly to the facade due to their special shape. To close the gap between the wall and the awning, we offer the possibility of placing a wall sealing profile above the cassette. In this way, the rain is drained through the awning and prevents water from dripping through the gap onto your patio.

If the house has a roof projection, ceiling mounting is also an option. Furthermore, cassette awnings can be mounted on rafters. Your markilux specialist partner will be happy to advise you on finding the right model for your personal installation situation. In addition, your specialist partner will take care of the professional and safe installation of your markilux sun shading system.

In some cases, installation on the building is structurally impossible or undesirable. For such cases and for sun protection on free areas away from the house, we offer options for mounting your cassette awning on awning stand systems.

about markilux cassette awnings

When talking about a cassette awning, this term is usually understood as a full cassette awning. A full cassette awning is especially the right choice if your shade provider is mounted on the wall, for example, and does not enjoy the further protection of a roof. This is because with this type of awning, the fabric cover and the entire folding arm mechanism are stored retracted in a cassette that is closed all around. This means that the awning fabric and mechanism are optimally protected from rain and dust when you are not using your awning.

In addition to full cassette awnings, there are semi-cassette awnings. This type of cassette awning has a partially closed cassette, but open from the bottom. Thus, the awning is protected from above, so that direct rain, snow, dirt and similar environmental influences are intercepted from above.

A semi-cassette awning is a subtype of cassette awnings. While the housing of a full-cassette awning is completely closed from each side when retracted, a semi-cassette awning is open from below. With a full-cassette awning, you can then only see the housing, while with a semi-cassette awning, you can also see the folding arms and the rolled-up awning cover from a certain perspective. If your semi-cassette awning has a valance on the front profile, it will visually cover the awning components underneath when the awning is retracted. Unlike full cassette awnings with a fully enclosing cassette, the mechanics and fabric cover of a semi-cassette awning are consequently not protected all around by a cassette.

The term folding-arm awning indicates that it is a patio or balcony awning in which the awning fabric is held under tension by folding arms when extended. When the awning is retracted, the folding arms fold together.

Folding-arm awnings, but also rail-guided systems and window awnings without guide tracks, can have a cassette. In this case, we are talking about a cassette awning. The folding arms (if any) as well as the rolled up awning cover including technology disappear when the awning is retracted - depending on the model completely or partially - in the cassette.

Folding-arm awnings are available with and without cassette. Depending on the installation location and structural conditions, the amount of protection required varies. For example, if the building has a roof projection, an open awning is also sufficiently protected. However, if the awning is installed directly on the house wall - without any further protection from above - we recommend cassette awnings. In this way, the mechanism and fabric cover are optimally protected from external influences.

Which cassette awning is right for you depends on various factors. In addition to the place of use and structural conditions, your personal preferences with regard to design and additional features also play an important role. Since a markilux cassette awning not only acts as sun protection, but is also a design highlight on your building, our product portfolio includes cassette awnings in various shapes and styles. In addition, you can customize your cassette awning: Choose your favorite fabric from our collection one. You can also choose the frame color so that your awning blends in with the architecture of the building or deliberately stands out from it.

Get inspiration and advice in a markilux showroom or at a markilux specialist partner near you. You can also configure your cassette awning online according to your ideas or simulate it live on your house wall using the markilux AR App.

Individualize your markilux sun protection with the accessories for cassette awnings. To extend the day and create a cozy atmosphere in the evening, choose from a variety of different lighting options: LED-Line for cassette and front profile, LED-Spots, classic white or colorful light - the lighting design options are vast. For additional shade, choose the markilux shadeplus option. A vertical awning in the front profile proves to be a practical sunshade for low sun and also serves as a privacy screen for more privacy. If you prefer a classic look, you cannot do without a valance as an ornament on the front profile.

The installation of cassette awnings is carried out by our markilux specialist partners, through whom you purchase the awning. The specialist dealer will take care of the entire sales process - from consultation and preparation of a quotation to delivery and installation of your cassette awning.

The question "How much does a cassette awning cost?" cannot be answered in a general way, because the price depends on many factors. In addition to the individual configuration from model, size, additional equipment, if necessary special colours and much more, the final price also results from the installation costs. If you are interested in a markilux cassette awning, you are welcome to contact a markilux specialist partner, who will provide you with an offer tailored to your wishes on the basis of a personal consultation. In addition, you can put together your desired awning in our awning configurator. The finished configuration will be forwarded to a markilux specialist partner, who will finally contact you with an offer.

Depending on the model, you can operate your cassette awning electrically or manually. Even awnings that are delivered as manual cassette awnings in the standard version are available with a motors on request. If you would like to retrofit your sun protection electrically, this is also feasible. To do so, it is best to contact your markilux specialist dealer through whom you purchased your manual cassette awning. They will be happy to convert your awning into an electric cassette awning.

Yes, markilux cassette awnings can be integrated into your smart home using a radio-controlled motor. This allows you to conveniently operate the awning via smartphone or voice assistant.

To get to know the models and their special features, visit a markilux showroom or a showroom of a markilux specialist partner near you. Here you will receive comprehensive and professional advice on cassette awnings as sun protection for your outdoor area.

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