markilux folding arm awnings.

Classic. Elegant
. Whether for the patio or the balcony, when it comes to shading your favourite place, folding arm awnings are indispensable.

Thereby the folding-arm awnings belong to the absolute classics among the awnings and most people automatically associate a folding-arm awning under the broad term of awnings. the folding-arm awning owes its name to its intelligent mechanical folding technology, in which the awning cover is rolled out and tensioned by two or more folding arms.

Based on the design, a distinction is made between open folding-arm awnings, semi-cassette and cassette awnings.

Cassette awnings

When the awning is retracted, the cassette completely encloses the awning cover and the technology and protects them perfectly from wind and weather. Our premium cassette awnings are produced in Germany - and are in demand worldwide. As a premium manufacturer, we offer you awnings of the best possible quality, with sophisticated technology and an inimitable design.


Complete protection for fabric cover and technology

Modern, shapely design

Many equipment options

markilux mx-2 in gray with white cloth on a white house
markilux mx-2 in gray with white cloth over a terrace at a white house
  • markilux MX-1 compact

  • markilux MX-2

  • markilux MX-3

  • markilux 6000

  • markilux 5010

  • markilux 970

  • markilux 3300

  • markilux 990

Semi-cassette awnings

Semi-cassette awnings open downwards and are therefore suitable for installation locations that make all-round protection by a full cassette superfluous. With semi-cassette awnings from markilux, clever details provide stylish accents. For example, the markilux 1600 can be upgraded with glossy chrome elements.


Protected fabric cover

Visible folding arms in closed state

Timeless design

Half cassette markilux 1600 close-up in gray with chrome elements and green cloth
Single family house with wide window front and extended green mx 1600 awning
  • markilux 1600

  • markilux 1710

Open folding-arm awning

Open awning completely eliminates the need for a cassette. Mechanics and roller tube are openly visible. With its modern and functional design, the open awnings bring new verve and style to your balcony or patio.


Slim design

Perfect also for smaller locations

Optionally combinable with shapely protective roof

markilux 1300 in white with blue cloth on a white house wall
markilux 1300 in white with blue fabric over a balcony on a white house wall
  • markilux 930

  • markilux 1300

  • markilux 1700

Clamp awning

The markilux 900 clamp awning is particularly suitable for shading balconies in urban areas. Due to the uncomplicated installation with clamping columns, which only need to be fixed with a few screws, the awning can often also be used on balconies in rented apartments. This is because, unlike classic folding-arm awnings, the fixing only has a minimal impact on the building structure. This means that the awning can be easily removed if you move house.


Easy installation thanks to clamping mechanism

Ideal for shading rented and owner-occupied apartments

Unobstructed view with full shading

Alternative mounting via top fixture bracket possible

Side view from the inside of a modern, large balcony on which a markilux 900 clamp awning is clamped between the floor and ceiling in front of the balcony parapet. The awning with green fabric cover is extended. In the background you can see apartment buildings and a town in the distance.
View from inside onto a modern, large balcony on which a markilux 900 clamp awning is clamped between the floor and ceiling in front of the balcony parapet. The awning with green fabric cover is extended and provides an unobstructed view of trees in the foreground and a city in the background.
Side view of a modern apartment building with several balconies, each equipped with a markilux 900 clamp awning. The awnings are visually uniform with green fabric cover. The inclination angle of the awning differs depending on the balcony.
Detailed view of the half-opened full cassette of the clamp awning markilux 900. The stone-grey metallic-colored awning is attached with clamping columns between the balcony ceiling and the floor.

on the subject of folding arm awnings

A folding-arm awning is a sun protection system that is attached to the building. It consists of a frame with extendable folding arms that stretch the awning cover. The awning can be extended or retracted as required to provide shade or block out direct sunlight.

A cassette awning is a type of folding-arm awning in which the fabric cover and folding arms are completely protected in a cassette when closed.

In the area of folding-arm awnings, a distinction can be made between full, semi-cassette awnings and open awnings. In the case of full and semi-cassette awnings, the technology and fabric cover are fully or partially protected by a cassette. Open folding-arm awnings do not have a cassette, leaving the folding arms and awning cover exposed.

Folding-arm awnings are typically mounted on the wall, under the ceiling or on rafters. Alternatively, with the markilux 900 clamping awning, it is now possible for the first time to attach a full cassette awning with proven markilux folding arm technology between the balcony floor and ceiling using clamping columns.

Since markilux produces individual designer awnings on demand and the various awning models are specialized for a wide range of applications, it is impossible to define exactly which is the best folding-arm awning.

To find the best folding-arm awning for your individual needs, feel free to use our markilux awning finder!

A folding-arm awning has two or more folding arms, a roller tube and a front profile. A fabric cover is stretched between the roller tube and the front profile with the help of the folding arms. These can be retracted and extended by means of an electric drive or winding handle.

Folding-arm awnings offer effective protection from the sun and UV rays. Depending on requirements, small and large outdoor areas can be covered. Mounting on the building allows the full area of the patio to be used. The folding-arm awning can be operated either manually using a winding handle or electrically.

Our folding-arm awnings are available in various designs and colors and thus contribute to the beautification of the outdoor area. Configure your desired model just the way you like it.

Yes, our folding-arm awnings are weather-resistant and designed for outdoor use. They are equipped with weather-resistant fabrics and have a robust construction that can withstand rain, wind and UV radiation. Nevertheless, it is advisable to retract the awnings in strong winds or heavy rain to avoid damage.

Cleaning and maintaining a folding-arm awning is important to extend its operating life. The awning fabrics have a self-cleaning effect, so that dirt particles are absorbed by raindrops and roll off. Nevertheless, you should regularly remove dust and dirt from the fabric, treat stains immediately and occasionally clean the awning with a mild detergent and water. Maintenance should be carried out by a professional to ensure that all components are working properly.

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