How can I change my awning cover?

Your markilux awning is still in a good state, but the cover no longer appeals to you?The awning cover is completely out of date or it no longer conforms to the colour scheme on your patio?  No problem, we, as awning fabric manufacturer, can offer you a broad range of fabric patterns in the most varied colours and with the most extensive of applications. Particular characteristics are, for example, the self-cleaning nano effect,  the heat-reflecting aluminium pigmentation with which some of our fabrics have been coated or the finely perforated version which offers a clear view outside.

Why not use our awning fabric selector to wander through the markilux collection.If you would like to get your own personal impression of our collection, then please visit one of our markilux showrooms or go to an authorized markilux dealer near you.

Generally speaking, the awning cover of any markilux awning, young or old, can be changed.

If we have intrigued you and you would now like to give your awning a new, up-to-date look, then please go to one of our qualified authorized dealers.They will assist you in changing the cover on your awning.

P.S.: We are serious when we say: No awning is like your  awning - Awnings made to measure. For this reason your awning, too, is unique. This is evident when you look at the awning production number ("BA number"), which, since 2002, can be found on the reverse of the cover label in every awning on the right-hand side of the front profile.This number makes it possible to find out which company fitted the awning and which precise model it is, incl. dimensions, specification and accessories.