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Above-glass awning markilux 8800 

Once on top. Always on top. 

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An above-glass conservatory awning: the markilux 8800 

Your markilux awning fitted above the glass reflects glaring sunlight, ultraviolet light as well as a considerable proportion of heat radiation and at the same time immerses your conservatory in diffuse natural daylight. Heat remains outside while you can properly enjoy being inside. Whether small or large glass areas, classic or hipped roofs – enjoy pleasant temperatures and create your very own dream conservatory. 

Features and options 

of the markilux 8800 above-glass awning 

Elegant cassette 

Elegant cassette 


Elegant and functional. The fully closed cassettes of the markilux 8800 and 8850 protect the awning cover from wind and any weather. 

Flush front profile 

Flush front profile 


Fully extended, the drop profile is flush with the guide rails. 

Cover tension 

Cover tension 


High cover tension is ensured by two invisible gas pressure springs in the front profile acting independently. 

markilux tracfix 

markilux tracfix 


One of the many sophisticated features offered by markilux: There is no gap between the awning/blind cover and the guide track, which gives an overall better appearance and improves stability. 

in combination with markilux vertical cassette roller blinds 

in combination with markilux vertical cassette roller blinds 


An extensive range of brackets allows several units to be installed next to each other– for extra-large shading solutions. 



Successful installation of the markilux 8800 

above-glass awning. 

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8800 Ref Nordhorn 004 201808
Ref 8800 Vechta 016
8800 Ref Cuxhaven 021
8800 Ref Nordhorn2 006
8800 Ref Nordhorn 002 201808
Ref 8800 Den Haag 025
8800 Ref Cuxhaven 006
8800 Ref Nordhorn2 001
Ref 8800 Vechta 021
Ref 8800 Den Haag 016

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